Why do leaves and what to do with drafts?

Dracoena is a very common domestic plant. Even with the fact that it is distinguished by its reluctance to care for all other home colors, it is important to adhere to a few basic rules for its maintenance. Otherwise, it starts to quench, get sick, and soon

may disappear altogether. In order to prevent such a situation, you need to understand in detail why the drafts fall behind the leaves.


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  • Causes of Asbestos

    All causes for falling drain leaves can be divided into three main categories:

  • , the natural causes of falling. The first and most common cause is the age of the plant.
  • improper care. One of the components of improper care is insufficient or, conversely, excessive watering of the flower.
  • is an inappropriate microclimate. Very often, considering that the plant is enduring, the florists do not pay attention to the conditions of its content. This is a serious mistake.
  • Why do leaves and what to do with drafts?

    Disease or parasites.

    If you are sure of the correct care and the leaves continue to fall, then perhaps the flower is struck by parasites or bacterial diseases. The factors that can provoke the disease are several: too high humidity in the room, constantly moist soil, lack of useful elements in the ground.

    What should I do

    Let's consider in more detail why Dracena resets the leaves and understand what to do with it.

    As already mentioned, the main cause of falling leaves is the age of the plant. Each leaf lives a certain amount of time, and then yells and soon falls off. This is a natural process in nature and should not resist it. But, quite often it happens that even a quite young plant begins to drop their leaves. In this case, carefully review your care of the flower. Maybe you're watering the flower incorrectly. Due to lack of moisture, the lower leaves begin to dry gradually, and then completely fall off. Solving this problem is very simple: do not forget to water the flower in time, and then you save the attractive look of your beauty.

    Why do leaves and what to do with drafts?

    Sometimes it happens that, because of fears do not add water, flower growers pour excessively their dracena. This can not be done, even considering that she likes high humidity and good watering. If the leaves become sluggish and for a fairly short period of opal, then this is a sure sign that rotting roots due to excess water. Another sign that signals irregular watering - a soft, slack barrel. Only the immediate action can save the plant: remove it from the pot, clean it from the ground and allow the roots to dry well, thus removing rotten roots. Then place the flower in a pot with new soil and continue to not abuse the water.

    If you spray a dracaena, make sure that leaves do not leave water in the axils, it can also provoke them to drop.

    Another reason, as mentioned above, may be an inappropriate temperature, namely cold or drafts. In this case, the flowers fall off the leaves, without even having time to yell. The plant is very poorly tolerates the temperature below +15 degrees and its prolonged stay in the cold will lead to imminent death. To rescue the flower immediately transfer it to a warm room. If you surround the dracena with proper care and care, then perhaps it will be able to get away from overcooling, and will again delight you with its exotic beauty.

    Why do leaves and what to do with drafts?

    If everything is fine with the departure and you follow the rules, then perhaps the dracena is ill or affected by parasites. The true sign of the disease is the yellowing between the healthy area and the affected. Specialists recommend not to treat the affected areas, but rather get rid of them and get rid of the causes that cause the disease.

    Having come across the main reasons why the leaves are dying, you now know what to do to prevent such problems. It is always better to avoid the problem than to deal with it, so do not regret your time in the care. In response, she will delight you with his exquisite beauty for a very long time.

    Video "Care for Dracena's"

    The video tells about the conditions under which dracena and how to care for it: temperature regime, placement, watering, feeding.