Review of Losuba Diseases for Pigeons: Instructions and Photos

Loseval is one of the most renowned modern veterinary products used to destroy a number of known bacteria and all possible fungi. In addition, it increases the immunity of animals and birds. Let's consider the preparation Lozeval instruction for pigeons more

in detail.


  • 1 What is Lozuvall?
    • 1.1 When Used?
  • 2 Instructions for use for pigeons
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What is Lozewal?

Lozual, if considered, is a compound of the hetero-cyclic type of triazole, which also contains morpholine acetate, polylone oxide and some other antibiotic components. Issued as a light yellow or orange liquid. The mass fraction of morpholine acetate can vary from 2.8 to 3.3%.In veterinary pharmacies, Lozuval can be found in packaging from 10 g to 10 liters in bottles, glasses or special buckets.

Review of Losuba Diseases for Pigeons: Instructions and Photos

The main purpose of the drug is an antiviral and bactericidal action in relation to all possible birds and animals, microorganisms and bacteria. At the same time, Lozeval acts due to slowdown and termination of intracellular reproduction of viruses. Unlike other known antibiotics, this agent also promotes the synthesis of mononuclears in the body of animals and birds. It stimulates local cellular and general immunity, thereby increasing the natural resistance of the organism.

When applied to external affected areas or when taken internally, this drug is rapidly absorbed into the mucous membranes, as a result, rapidly gaining strength. First, the components of the drug block the protein of the viral cells, as well as their DNA and RNA, reducing reproduction. Then additional components enhance the synthesis of immunoglobulins, increase the level of lysozyme. At the same time, Lozuval is good for use even by the fact that it does not accumulate in tissues and organs, but quickly excreted from the body.

When Used?

Review of Losuba Diseases for Pigeons: Instructions and Photos

So, Lozewal has a very wide range of effects. It is assigned by:

  • of microviruses and herpesviruses;
  • birds enteroviruses;
  • smallpox virus;
  • Marek disease;
  • Newcastle disease;
  • bronchopneumonia;
  • infectious laryngotracheitis;
  • pasteurse;
  • mycoplasmosis and chlamydia;
  • Candidiasis;
  • aspergillosis and some other diseases of birds and animals.

Instructions for use for pigeons

So, as far as pigeons are concerned, Lozuval is used for the prevention and treatment of a number of viral diseases and infections. Very often it is used by owners to increase general and local bird immunity. The dose and method of use depend on the precise purpose of the remedy. For example, in the treatment of a number of diseases, such as Newcastle disease, rhinotracheitis and adenovirus infection, the product is added to feed or water at the rate of 5-6 drops per pigeon or 10 ml per 150 individuals. Give the drug 1-2 times a day for 5-7 days.

Review of Losuba Diseases for Pigeons: Instructions and Photos

If you need to re-enter Lozweil, a three-day break is made. To prevent a number of viruses and diseases of pigeons, the remedy is given in the same doses, but only two days at a time. In bacterial infections such as streptococcosis, pasterelosis pigeons give Lozevul also in such a dose once a day for 5-7 days. At respiratory diseases birds are digested into a nose diluted preparation in a 5 percent solution of glucose in a ratio of 1: 1.

Lozeval specialists recommend spraying aerosol in a dove as a prevention and enhancement of the immunity of young birds. For this, the drug is diluted with water at 0.5 ml per m3 in a ratio of 1: 2 or 1: 5.It is important to remember that aqueous solutions should be prepared before the application itself, as they quickly lose their properties.

Review of Losuba Diseases for Pigeons: Instructions and Photos

In skin diseases of pigeons, for example, dermatitis, eczema, purulent wounds, Lozuval is applied externally. To do this, the affected areas are lubricated twice a day with the drug.

Lozual is in high demand today. This drug is non-toxic, does not lose its therapeutic properties, even at a minus temperature( up to -10) and at elevated( to +50).In the doses indicated in the instructions does not cause side effects, therefore, and has no contraindications. This applies to the use of the preparation for pigeons, and for other poultry and animals.

Video "Newcastle disease: what may be"

This video will show the result of what may be in the dwarf if all birds are not vaccinated on time from various ailments. Hopefully, this video will help you understand the importance of complying with all the necessary rules and rules for keeping the birds.

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