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How to choose a bath sink for a bedside table?

The sink is an integral part of every bathroom. It has an important practical and functional purpose. This subject plays an important role in the interior of the room. That is why it is necessary to approach the choice of a sink seriously and responsibly. Today there is a large variety of sanitary ware that will meet all the necessary criteria and requirements. Among its variety, the sink with a curb for the bathroom plays a special role. It has a lot of advantages, the main of which is the rational use of space. Moreover, it looks organic and compact in any room. Such a shell can be of different shapes, colors, materials, etc. The curb for the bathroom should fit well into the room.

Sink with a cupboard production Russia

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Types of shells with a curb

There are several main types of shells, complete with a curb. The first and most common type is flooring. They are a fairly simple design, durable and reliable. In addition, they are easy to install, and will hold on for a long time. The shape and design of these products are diverse. For any interior you can fit the most appropriate device.

Second view - wall sinks. Such products are compact and comfortable. The trunk under them is made with a reinforced construction. Here it is taken into account that there can be weighty things in it. The peculiarity of the data of the stands with a sink is a system of their fastening. It is necessary to install it only on strong walls. Otherwise, the appliance may fall off at the most inappropriate time. Taking into account that not only the sink will be attached to the wall, but also the pedestal with the things, then their weight is quite large. When choosing this product, you should consider the fixing elements. You need to select them with great care. They must be strong and reliable. The number of them is selected more than usual.

Suspended washbasins with a curb, fasten firmly on a solid wall.

Any types of pedestals under the sink in the bath should accommodate and conceal the belongings that will be kept there. That is why the most common under-sink closet with comfortable double doors. In it the space can be divided into functional compartments.

Features of the shells in the bathroom with the

curbstones Before you go to the store behind the sink with the bathroom curtain, you should take into account some of the features of these products. So, at first it is necessary to carefully measure the room and directly the place where the item will be installed. Sometimes it happens that there is not enough free space and then you will have to completely abandon the bedside table. The sink in this case can be mounted on the leg-tulip.

How to choose a bath sink for a bedside table?

There is another feature that should be considered in advance. Despite the fact that the sink will be installed on a cupboard, it should be fixed on the wall with special fasteners. This will add additional stiffness to the design. But there are also products that do not have the necessary holes. Here you should apply glue or modern silicone to carefully stick the sink and the cupboard to the wall. Otherwise, it can fall if you grab it with your hands.

Before choosing a place for a pedestal under a sink in a bath, consider the location of pipes and drains in the fan tube. Here it is necessary to provide pipes for hot and cold water. They should not interfere with the location of plumbing. If the fan tube is going directly under the pedestal and there is no other place to place it, then you should choose a high-rise wardrobe.

How to choose a washbasin with a curb for a bathroom?

When choosing a cabinet under the sink, it is necessary to consider its parameters, sizes, shape, external characteristics and design. It is easy to determine the size, but then you should follow your wishes, preferences and design of the bathroom. In the first place, the closet together with the sink should be functional and convenient to use. There should be enough space for storing bathroom accessories. If it is a small and compact product, then it is desirable that it has several shelves of different sizes. In large curbstones there can be such attributes as pull-out shelves, linen baskets, several departments, etc.

How to choose a bath sink for a bedside table?

An important role in choosing the role of strength indicators. Always look at the stability of the design and fittings. Materials must be high-quality, without marriage. All pens, legs and hinges must be reliable. It is desirable that they are made of chrome steel and their appearance remained original for many years. If there are colored elements on the chair, then you should pay attention to the absence of leaks. All this must be taken into account in order to avoid further problems.

Selection of a sink with a curb according to the style of

An important role in choosing the usual appearance of the products is played. It is important here that the bowl of the shell and the bedside table are combined with it, that is, they were executed in the same style. In addition, the closet closet must fit into the overall design of the room in order not to stand out among other things. Today there are many similar sanitary ware created in such styles and directions that can be applied to any design.

With the diversity of such plumbing fixtures, as a sink with a bedside table for the bathroom, the most demanded. There are 2 design trends that are popular in the first place. The first of these is the classic style and the second modern. Each of them has its own peculiarities.

Yes, a classic-style cabinet will fit more for small spaces. It has such features as decorative elements. In addition, such plumbing has streamlined shapes and smooth features. Characteristic colors for this style: blue, blue, white and all and shades. For most designs, this product is best suited.

The modern style of such products characterizes furniture of unusual shape, with sharp and sharp corners. It can be made entirely of stack, steel, plastic, etc. The curb can be completed with a mirror, several doors and interesting elements of decor. If the room itself is decorated in some unusual style, then it is exactly this plumbing to buy.

Materials for a sink with a curb

An important role in choosing a product such as a sink cabinet is played by manufacturing materials. They should be not only strong, but also resistant to moisture, high and low temperatures, and also meet their purpose. Another indicator, which should correspond materials - is immunity to chemical influence. Here it should be borne in mind that the sink will be constantly subjected to processing by various means. They should not spoil it.

The most popular and popular materials, from which shells are made with a curb, are: ceramics, glass, faience, marble, etc. The case itself can be made of particleboard, wood, glass or plastic. It is selected in conjunction with the material from which the shell itself is made.

If the funds for the purchase of such plumbing equipment are limited, then faience items should be preferred. This is the most economical option. The more expensive option is the shells made of porcelain. They are stronger, their surface is more solid and smooth. If you want to make expensive repairs with prestigious furniture and plumbing, then you can buy a product made of natural marble. Looks like this sink is beautiful and elegant. However, her choice should be taken into account that she requires care and careful care.

Glass washbasins are becoming increasingly popular. They look very beautiful and fit into any interior. Despite the fact that they look light and fragile, they are very sturdy and safe. Due to the fact that when they are used special components, it is difficult to break such a glass. The curb in this case can also be made of glass. Appropriate here is also a metal or a natural tree.

Setting a sink with a bedside table

Setting a sink with a bedside table in your bathroom is not difficult. For this you may not have special skills in plumbing, but only to be able to handle the tools. When installing a sink with a bedside table, first you need to mark the place where it will be. If this is a corner cabinet, then it is necessary to consider where the projections will be located in the shell. Here it is necessary to foresee that the door open normally. After checking all the pipe lining and their location, you can unpack the set. It must first include all the necessary screws, nuts, handles for doors, etc. If the cabinet under the sink has a complicated structure, then use the enclosed instruction.

How to choose a bath sink for a bedside table?

First, the bathroom closet is going to be done. It should immediately fasten all the screws, otherwise, then it will be quite difficult. Then you can go to the sink. It needs to tighten the mixer well. He should not rotate. To it also screw plumbing pipes. If in the complete set with plumbing go metal pipes, it is better not to use them. For the product to last longer, it is necessary to purchase separately the modern metal-plastic pipes. Now you can tighten the siphon to the drain hole.

A sink with all accessories must be installed on the nightstand in the bathroom and move up close to the wall where they will be located. After that, on the wall, you need to draw a pencil point where the fixing elements will be located. Typically, bolt holes are located on the back wall of the shell. Now that everything is marked, you can move the bedside table with the washbasin and drill holes in the wall. The curb moves back to the wall in the bathroom and firmly screwed in. Then sewage and water are connected. This plumbing can be used.

Due to the large variety of types of shells, cubicles, their various shapes and color scheme, anyone can install in itself exactly what he needs.

If desired, it can be a bedside table with a mirror, expensive materials, with interesting decor, etc. All this will help make the bathroom cozy and beautiful.