Animal Care

Cat Napoleon( Menet)

Cat Napoleon, also known as Menet, was developed by crossing the manchkins with Persian cats. The miniature look of Napoleon makes it look like Pekingese or Corgi in the world of cats.

The breed has a round face with large eyes and vertical ears,

fluffy coat and tail, as well as short paws. Napoleons are known for their modest behavior and can be a constant source of joy and laughter for their masters.

History of the

breed For the first time, Napoleon was brought to the US by Joseph Smith, a breeder of basset-hounds. One of Joseph's favorite breeds of cats was a manchkin, but he decided that the short-breed breed was practically no different from many others. As a result, in the mid-90s, Joseph decided to create a new breed that would have its own unique features, distinct from all other cats, long-sleeved, and short-haired.

As an additional breed Smith picked up a Persian cat, because it has a rather exotic appearance and an unusual shape. As a result, as planned, Napoleon got a unique wool coupled with short paws.

In January 2015, after voting in the International Cats Association, Napoleon's name was changed to Menet. However, the breed is still regarded as Napoleon in many other international organizations.

The nature of Napoleon

Like the Persians, Napoleons or minutes have a pleasant and obedient character. They are oriented towards the person and his family, love caresses and hugs, therefore they are in many respects the ideal home pets. The

Napoleons also have high intelligence and can easily understand the needs of their owner. They quickly adapt to any home environment. The breed does not require too much attention, so it is quite quiet and rarely nyjak.

Napoleons with their developed mental faculties are quite interesting, they often welcome members of their family of doors and follow them all over the house. These cats are virtually devoid of aggression, so they are safe for other pets and children. With all his goodwill, Napoleon will remain committed to his owner throughout his life.

Care and Maintenance

There are two varieties of Napoleons - short-haired and long-haired, and the latter, of course, requires careful care of the hair. Napoleons melt relatively weakly, but to maintain a good look, they should be scratched once or twice a week to avoid dandruff. Also, make sure that the claws of the animal do not grow too long, you can trim them once a month.