Effective Means From Homemade Bugs: Choose the Most Powerful and Effective

Effective Means From Homemade Bugs: Choose the Most Powerful and Effective

Competition in the home-based insecticide market has led to the fact that most of the funds from bedbugs today have very high efficiency. This is especially true for chemical preparations. At the same time, manufacturers of such funds in pursuit of the client do everything to ensure that the

product is not only effective, but also simple and safe to use.

It is not surprising that practically every effective means of bedding can be safely used in an apartment where children, pets and plants live. With the observance of the necessary rules, of course. The inhabitants of private and multi-apartment buildings could not dream of such opportunities even a few decades ago.

Rules for choosing the money from the bugs

Effective Means From Homemade Bugs: Choose the Most Powerful and Effective

From the wide variety of drugs on the market, the most effective means of bedding should be selected on several criteria:

  • The presence of its composition has proven to be an insecticide. The composition of each drug can be easily found online, and the effectiveness of key insecticides will necessarily be described in specialized forums.
  • Important!

    If the storage facility is not disclosed in detail, and the seller avoids direct response and indication of the complex name of the chemical connection, there is a risk of buying a fake or a desired mixture.

  • Have reviews. In the ideal case, there are real reviews from friends or people alike. When evaluating reviews online, at least you need to explore several sites to avoid custom opinions. Otherwise, instead of the most effective and safe means of bedbugs, there is the risk of choosing the most advanced.
  • Manufacturer. Not necessarily this should be a European tool: many domestic or, for example, Korean drugs are extremely effective. However, buying a warehouse in a bank with inscriptions in a foreign language and without a strictly written in Russian the instructions for use is not worth it.
  • Security costs. Today, the power of money from bedbugs is fully combined with its full or relative harmlessness for people or home pets, and therefore to use it necessarily overly strong poisons is optional. Need to search not just the most effective means, but combines the optimum level of efficiency, security and price.
  • There are also a few recommendations that came from their practical experience, which work in most cases:

    • To choose a professional bedding tool, you can contact the local insect control service and ask a potential customer as a potential customer. In particular, find out what tool they use. However, professional drugs require a professional approach. It may be harder to work with them than with simple home remedies.
    • If there is a suspicion that the bugs have moved to the apartment from neighbors, you can ask them which tool they used. And then - buy another. An effective remedy for bugs, if properly used, will destroy insects, and if they have remained in the neighbors after treatment, then their medication was ineffective. In addition, even an effective means of bedding at home can cause the emergence of a resistant parasitic population, and reuse it against insects will be meaningless.
    • Do not use ultrasonic scanners that do not affect the activity of the bugs at all.

    At present, a complex of tools has been developed on the Russian market for drugs to combat badges, which in varying degrees combine efficiency, ease of use and security.

    Let's try to evaluate which one will be the best choice.

    Cat Insecticide - The German leader in the fight against the

    Kata bugs is being held today by Russian enterprises under a German license. The active substance of the drug is a solution of fenthion - a substance that has a nerve-paralysis effect on the bugs.

    Effective Means From Homemade Bugs: Choose the Most Powerful and Effective

    In a body of warm-blooded animals and humans, fentin is quickly neutralized by special enzymes, and therefore the danger can only be detected when it enters the body in very large quantities.

    Kat is a very effective tool for bedbugs. If the correct use of the apartment any infection gets rid of the bedbugs with his help in a few hours. Katha is sold in commercial and online stores in small bottles.

    The content of one vial should be dissolved in 0.5 liters of water and with any spray( usually used containers from home chemistry - Mr. Muskul, Sanlin, etc.) to spray on the maximum number of surfaces.

    Review: "Three times summoned to the SES office. Did not help, the week after the treatment of the bugs did not bother, and then everything began first. This is despite the fact that all rooms in the hostel were processed. In the end, they themselves dropped off, bought a few boxes of these bottles( it turned out for 55 rubles per bottle wholesale), each processed its room itself. And what do you think? There were no more bedbugs in the hostel! "

    Dima Kohhanyuk, Kiev

    One bottle is enough to handle a sofa or a part of the baseboards in the room. One-room apartment usually goes 20-25 bottles.

    On average, the price of one vial of Kata today is 70-100 rubles.

    Insolvency - a powerful Russian development of

    From all of the free-selling drugs, Insomnia is among the high-efficiency means. It consists of cypermethrin, permethrin and piperonyl butoxide, so that the 300-milliliter bottle of Clopomore will be sufficient to handle a two-room apartment.

    Effective Means From Homemade Bugs: Choose the Most Powerful and Effective

    However, the effectiveness of Clopomore has been increased due to some reduction of its safety. The drug is quite toxic and should only be used in an empty apartment. After finishing the room in it it is necessary to conduct thorough cleaning and ventilation.

    Review of the remedy of the Insolvency: "Oh and powerful this Insecticide. Already during the processing of the room, the bugs began to crawl out of the picture and blow it away. One could not even wait for a couple of hours after the harassment, they all died yet in the process. True, my hands were itched after him, but the instructions clearly stated that it was necessary to work in gloves, but I ignored it. But overall, the result will be. "

    Andrew, Tomsk

    Combat against the

    bugs The Combat is also a very effective bed linen tool developed and manufactured in Korea.

    Effective Means From Homemade Bugs: Choose the Most Powerful and Effective

    Effective is approximately the same as Kat, but more roads. Its important advantages are:

    • ease of use - it is available in cylinders type air freshener with additional nozzles that allow to handle narrow gaps and holes
    • Unobtrusive application - the tool added flavors of mint or lemon, and therefore when using Combat gives the impression of the air freshener

    Less than Combat has its relatively high cost: to handle the most carefully two-room apartment with furniture, will have to spend about 2000 rubles for cartridges. Approximately the same are the services of disinsection services.

    Review of the Combat tool: "I do not know where, but there were bugs in the apartment. We were told at once that the usual means against them do not work. We bought three Combinat balloons, popped on the baseboard, a mattress on the bed, a crib was treated. On the day they went to their parents, then climbed into the apartment. There were no bugs after that. But the lemon smelled for a long time))) ".

    Anna, Kiev

    Traditional Carbophos

    Used even when Kata and Clophora did not exist even in theory, Carbofos has not lost its relevance today. Despite the fact that in its efficiency, it yields to many new products, the availability and ease of use( especially the ready-made solution in canisters) allows it to be used in rural areas or for the processing of auxiliary premises.

    Effective Means From Homemade Bugs: Choose the Most Powerful and Effective

    Effective Means From Homemade Bugs: Choose the Most Powerful and Effective

    Carbofos is quite easy to use: a solution of its desired concentration with a spray gun or a brush to apply to the maximum number of surfaces, to stand for several hours( optimally - a day) and then rinse with a damp cloth.

    Review: "I'll tell you so - forget about all these newfangled things and corrupt Carbofos. Universal thing. Quickly, efficiently and reliably. We once drove the cottage for four years, and nobody saw them. Probably, all our street after that Карбофосом has bought up ".

    Anton, Mayak

    Of all the effective means against the carbofos, one of the most affordable. To process a one-room apartment will need to spend a powder or liquid solution in the canister for an amount of about 400-500 rubles. At the same time, Carbofos is really a true means of bedbugs, and so far not yet known cases of insects resistant to it.

    Mask Pencil from

    bugs When choosing which effective tool to buy from bugs, one can mention the insecticidal chalk from the usual post-perestroika times. Today, they have somewhat changed their composition, becoming even more dangerous to bugs and less harmful to humans.

    Of them specifically against the bugs is best recommended by Mashenka chalk, since it includes cypermethrin and deltametrin - substances that are most effective against bugs.

    Effective Means From Homemade Bugs: Choose the Most Powerful and Effective

    "And I got rid of bugs with ordinary chalk. Masha is called. The legs of the bed have smeared, the mattress itself is inside, the baseboard. Already in the first days the bites stopped, and then regularly began to find dead bugs in the apartment. Now they do not bother me at all. From that chalk, even a piece has remained, I sometimes eat boxes of the doorway, so that from the neighbors, if that, did not run. "

    Alena Igorevna, Dnipropetrovsk

    The advantage of Mariki is the ability to fight bedbugs without the temporary evacuation of residents from the apartment.

    Use a pencil to smear the baseboard, the wall of the wallpaper leaving the walls, the legs and the frame of the beds. A 3-4 centimeter of chalk is an insurmountable barrier for bedbugs, and because at least with the help of a pencil it is possible to deprive insects of access to food. And if you treat them the places of cluster bugs, then most of the insects die from poisoning.

    Crayon Masha is quite accessible: one pencil costs about 10 rubles and allows you to process most of the surfaces in the apartment.

    Fufanon Foaming Agent

    Fufanon is an effective Dutch remedy designed to fight all insects in the apartment. Available in the form of a 57% emulsion concentrate in the form of ampoules, as well as in canisters.

    Effective Means From Homemade Bugs: Choose the Most Powerful and Effective

    Effective Means From Homemade Bugs: Choose the Most Powerful and Effective

    Specifically, against the bugs it is necessary to dissolve the Fufanon concentrate in water in a ratio of 5 ml of emulsion concentrate to 2 liters of water.50 ml of this solution is enough to handle one square meter of space.

    The room is treated by Fufanone in the same way as Katow. When working with the product it is desirable to use gloves and glasses, to apply the preparation on the surface necessary in the absence of animals and humans. A few hours after treatment it is necessary to carry out a wet cleaning.

    As the note for

    , Fufanon is widely used in disinfection services due to its efficiency and availability.

    Review of Fufanone: "We called the SES.Really guys spec. In two hours the apartment was treated so that no bedbugs, no cockroaches left at all. We asked them what tool they were using. They said that it was Fufanon. "

    Yaroslav Arenin

    Medilis Tsiper

    Medilis Tsiper is a drug developed for the control of insects in agriculture. It has a very wide range of effects, destroying including bed linens.

    Effective Means From Homemade Bugs: Choose the Most Powerful and Effective

    However, its disadvantage is primarily to work in open outdoor spaces, and therefore the use of it in the apartment requires intensive ventilation and cleaning after application.

    A review of Medis Tsiper's use of funds: "We chose the drug for a long time from the bugs, and tried Reid and Tetrix, but the bugs came back. Then mother-in-law advised the remedy she carries tomatoes in the garden. Medilis Tsiper is called. We had them completely treated the apartment and only then the bugs stopped appearing. True, I had to combine treatment with a trip for a week to the sea. For six days, the apartment has been plagued by this tool with closed windows. .. »

    Anna, Gorky

    An effective tool for odorless bugs is Get

    . Many drugs from bugs have an odor that is stored indoors, sometimes for months. However, a number of modern high-tech means of insects devoid of this disadvantage, and an example is the drug from the bugs of Get.

    Effective Means From Homemade Bugs: Choose the Most Powerful and Effective

    The basis of this product is insecticide chlorpyrifos, dispersed in an aqueous medium to the state of microcapsules( which is why the agent is called microcapsule).This form of insecticide, along with practically complete absence of odor, allows long-term maintenance of high efficiency on treated surfaces.


    As soon as I did not get bogged down, it's all in vain. Not only that all was bitten by the walker, so she still did not get sick of these stuffy smells. When Get bought it, I thought I would run into another puddle. Then for a long time could not believe that the bugs really die. Batches! Excellent performance and no smells.

    Dinara, Yekaterinburg

    Today, the market is getting a lot of counterfeits Get money, so it's best to buy it either directly from the manufacturer or in major online stores( for example, here: Bed Bugs Get in the online store "SOK1").

    It is important to remember that even the most effective means of bedbugs will only give a temporary effect if they handle an apartment in a completely infected multifamily house. Already after a couple of weeks after the destruction of bedbugs in the premises will begin to move parasites from neighboring apartments, and the operation will have to repeat over and over again.

    For this reason, in multi-apartment buildings, processing should be carried out jointly by all residents of apartments infected with bedbugs. Only in this case one can achieve the destruction of parasites once and for all.

    How bugs fall into the house and what to do when they are detected

    An example of bedbugs getting into the house along with the mattress