Watering of indoor plants. Tips and Tricks

Watering of indoor plants. Tips and Tricks

One of the secrets of the successful cultivation of indoor flowers is the correct irrigation. Beginner amateur florists, due to ignorance, can reduce their efforts to nothing, in case if either overdue with water, or vice versa water is not enough. Therefore, nevertheless having decided to get

indoor plants, it is not superfluous to read a couple or three articles about the proper care of them. Indeed, the correct watering of plants depends on whether the plants will please the eye or die from improper care.

Abrasive watering of is necessary for plants if:

  • These are young shoots of plants
  • Plants with very powerful root system
  • Plants have very large leaves
  • Plants were planted in clay pots and also if the pots are equipped with large drainage holes
  • Flowering plant
  • Summer is very hot, and in the winter, if the air in the apartment is over-dried, and the air temperature exceeds the permissible norm for plant growth

Moderate watering is necessary in the following cases:

  • Plant has meatStingy leaves
  • If it is cacti or
  • susulens Plants that do not have a large amount of leaves
  • Plants planted in plastic pots or metalware
  • Absence in the tank where plant is planted, drainage holes
  • When the plants come to rest period
  • When the gloomy orrainy weather
  • The air temperature in the apartment does not exceed the permissible norm of abundant irrigation and very moist
  • For diseases of the plant
  • Plants that have been weakened by any pest
  • Plants with undeveloped root

Watering of indoor plants. Tips and Tricks

Signs of abundant irrigation are:

  • Plant growth cessation
  • Leaves covered with brown spots
  • Mold formation and rotting
  • Falling leaves

Signs of inadequate irrigation are:

  • Leaf structure becomes softer and sluggish
  • Loss of leaves with a plant with hard leaves
  • Flowering plants cease to bloom, and buds fall down

There is a lot of ways to determine whether to water a plant or not. But the most effective ones are:

  • Knock on the pot. If the original sound is ringing, the plant needs watering.
  • Gently puncture the ground with a finger or a wooden stick. If the earth is wet, then it is necessary to refrain from watering.
  • It is recommended to water the plants more often and moderately, preferably in the first half of the day. Plants are watered as long as the surplus does not pour out on the pallet. It is best to check the moisture content of the soil every three days.

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