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Aviaries for dogs: photo, own hands, price, quality, building materials

Aviaries for dogs: photo, own hands, price, quality, building materials

Every happy owner of a country house or villa, often is no less a happy possessor of a true four-legged friend. As a rule, these are dogs of large breeds, which by a combination "fake" the watchman.

  • Qualities to be occupied by the
  • Aperture Select the building materials for the manufacture of the aisle
  • The design of the enclosure for an independent building
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  • Construction work and construction stages
  • Construction of the booth and place for feeding
  • Mini-carriers for domestic pupils

First of all, the dog needs his ownthe territory and the sleeping place, and secondly, you need to take care of the safety of the guests and the plot of land that is planted. There are aviaries for this. They will let your four-door watch feel comfortable during isolation. With minimal building skills, you can make an enclosure with your own hands. He will be more quality purchased, made, so to speak, with love. It is necessary, for starters, to thoroughly study the photo of the cages for dogs.

The construction of the aviary - the case is quite responsible and approach it is worth all seriously. Be sure to take into account a number of factors:

  • size and breed pet;
  • age and gender of the dog;
  • spatial location of the yard;
  • compass rose.

Prices and photo hangers for dogs can be specified from flatbeds or welders that offer similar services.

When choosing a site for construction, try to place an enclosure in the front area of ​​the yard. This will be the best option, because with such a schedule, the dog will be located near the entrance to the yard and from the path to the house. So your four-body guard will open a maximum inspection, but at the same time he will be securely isolated in his "house".

It is not rational to place an enclosure in the most remote part of the courtyard - the dog will be bored without communication, to worry and may bite bulging. Also, it is not necessary to build an enclosure near the fence - the dog will constantly lose vigilance, watching what is happening outside. There is still a high probability that with the slightest possibility( for example, winter zamek), the dog can jump over the fence and make nonsense.

The qualities that an

should own as an enclosure Now you need to think about the very construction of the smallest detail. After all, your pet needs decent living conditions. The main rule in the cage, as in any house - the animal needs maximum comfort, comfort and calm. It should be dry and warm, there are no drafts."Citizen" should be equipped a place for rest, food and games.

In order for the petter to have enough space for this, it is necessary to take into account the norms to the design area, depending on the size of the dog:

  • for middle-breed dogs( height at the withers is about 50 cm);
  • for dogs of large breeds( height at the withers 50-65 cm) -;
  • for very large dogs( height at the shoulder more than 65 cm).

Length is the main parameter for caches, it can exceed declared, but should not be less. If the plans of the content of two dogs, or in the bitch is expected to grow, the length should be increased by one and a half times. The height should be sufficient to allow the dog to rest all the height at his hind legs calmly.

It is worth considering dog's gender. After all, the needs of girls and boys differ. For bitch it is desirable to make the cage as long as possible, it is necessary to foresee in the cage a tent and tambour. Puppies can not sit in place, for normal development they need to play and play. It is necessary to provide children comfort and protection against weather conditions. The cable needs more free space inside to build a booth there. The structure should be strong enough. A young healthy cable can break the lock or the aviary.

Select building materials for the manufacture of the

Aviary If it is planned that the animal in the cage will live all year round, then it is necessary to protect it from drafts. To do this, one side and back walls make "deaf".They are usually constructed of improvised materials, such as:

  • slate;
  • metal profile;
  • brick;
  • wooden boards;
  • enclosed shield;
  • monolithic concrete, etc.

The best solution for animal health is the board, as it is a natural material. When purchasing construction materials for the cage, one must look good at the quality of their processing. Inappropriate cracks, knots, sharp edges, holes, chips.

Purpose of Open Walls - Provide a dog with a complete overview of the territory. Therefore, they should be in the form of a grid. Ideally it will be welded from metal pipes or rods, but not zinc, as they are harmful. Also, it is not recommended to drag them to the grid. The net is not the most durable material, so the dog will try to screw her up in every possible way, which can spoil her teeth. It is better if the open walls will "look" to the south( south-east, south-west).

The wicket is made in an open wall, which "looks" at the front. It is made of metal frame and rods. It should open inside, and the constipation should be closed from the outside. You can also make two constipation - from the outside and inside( in case one breaks).Locks should be quite reliable, as some dogs, without much effort, open the primitive latches. All metal elements should not have a bolt, be cleaned of rust.

When laying floors, keep in mind that it must be dry and warm at all times of the year. As with walls, the best option is a tree. Often, floor mats are made from concrete, because it is easier to do it yourself. But it is too cool in the cold season, which can cause trouble with the health of the pet. Therefore, it is necessary to cover the concrete floor planks with ventilation or at first make it wooden. The tree has a good service life, as well as protect the dog from drafts and cold.

Before putting it in, it should be treated with antiseptic. You can also arrange the floor in the form of a panel board. It consists of a frame made of profile tubes and boards( thickness 4 cm).To ensure that the wood flooring does not condense the moisture and does not rot, it should be opened from below. Therefore it is better to insulate it with ruberoid. An important nuance: the floor should be tilted to the facade, so the precipitation will drain, and not become stagnant puddles.

The roof should be under such an inclination that the moisture does not stagnate, but flows into the water supply. Roofing can be chosen at your discretion. If there is something suitable in the household - use it safely. The main thing is that the trunk system was reliable. Plus, there will be a large visor. A good roof should protect from rain, and from extraneous noise. It should be treated internally with a soundproofing material.

In the installation of the enclosure an integral attribute is the booth. The house should be of appropriate size. Too much will "steal" a place for a walk, to keep the heat in cold weather bad. Little will not allow a dog to rest, stretching for the full height. It is worth doing it from well-dried coniferous wood and warming up from drafts.

There should be enough places for walking to allow the dog to cuddle and cope. For a bitch next to the booth is a maternity for puppys. Also, a tambour is often placed near the booth. He serves as a kind of compound for the pet's things. Here they store various equipment: bowls, toys, clothes.

The project of the cage for an independent building

So, you have already decided on the location and size of the cage, it's time to begin to create a drawing. You can draw it by the template, or by yourself.

Aviaries for dogs: photo, own hands, price, quality, building materials

If you have a welding machine, this will greatly simplify your work. But, if it is not, do not worry, you can do the usual punch.

To build an enclosure, you will need:

  • booth for pet;
  • roofing material;
  • boards for processing;
  • metal rods or lattice;
  • iron corners.

Useful Video by Theme

Construction Work and Construction Stages

Drawings are formed, the materials are purchased, it is time to proceed directly to the construction of the cage. It is necessary to begin with the installation of corners around the perimeter of the future design. The first transverse corner is welded horizontally, then the vertical corners are already there. At this stage, it is also necessary to think about the location of the gate and leave an empty space under it. There are situations when a dog needs to be fed to outsiders. Not all dogs adequately respond to strangers.

After this, you have to do the construction of the floor. Probably, by this time you have already determined what exactly it will be from your four-legged friend. The only thing I want to note: earthly it is not worth leaving, otherwise the dog will easily dig up.

Now the turn of the walls. We cover the closed walls. Above discussed the theme of the material for the walls. The tree remains the best option, but if you choose something else, it's not scary. The main thing is for the material to be safe and not injurious to the dog. In the frame there should be no cracks, because you need to protect the pet from drafts. On the open walls we install metal rods or a grid of them.

Photos of the cages for dogs with your own hands:
Aviaries for dogs: photo, own hands, price, quality, building materials
If you decide to make a roof around the perimeter of the cage, avoid gaps with the walls. You can also make a roof over the pupil's booth. And do not forget about a visitor. This is the shield for our roof from rain.

When deciding to place an enclosure in the corner of the fence, you can exploit the walls of the fence as the closed walls of the cage. Enough to weld the grid to the fence. If you do not have welding equipment, it will be a great solution to kill the rods in the ground, fastening them with wooden beams and a corner. The net, made in this way, is in no way inferior to the reliability of the welded.

We fix the wicket on bolts or hinges. Do not forget about reliable locks. They are still worth two. Let one be on the hinges. If the latch fails, you can temporarily hang a hinged castle.

Construction of the booth and place for feeding

The most important moment in the construction of the cage is the construction of the booth. It is a shelter and a "quiet haven" of your dog.

When constructing a booth, it is necessary to take into account some nuances:

  • the size of the booth should be up to the nurse;The
  • in the middle should be free space for rest in the elongated state and reversal;
  • in optimal zone of hay climate is doubled by laying a layer of heater between them;The
  • roof is preferably made removable( if the dog gets ill, it will be easier for you to get to it, it also helps clean up);
  • roof rational to make flat with a slope, it will allow the dog to use the booth as an observation post, sitting on top;The
  • from the inside is desirable to make the ceiling, it will keep the heat inside.

It is advisable to place the feeding area closer to the fence. The feeder should be fastened on a closed wall, as dogs love to jump on them and can be injured. If it is possible, it is better to buy or build a special bowl feeding bowl table.

Aviaries for dogs: photo, own hands, price, quality, building materials

Miniature musicians for home schoolchildren

Some owners of "apartment" dogs are better at limiting their freedom with the help of the aviary.

A minivan will be an indispensable attribute, and in a situation where the bitch is expected to grow, and the puppys will live in the house. This design will protect your things from toddler teeth. In no case do you use the cage as a place for punishment of the pet, here the dog should feel in complete safety.

If you decide to make a minivan with your own hands, you need to consider the same factors as when constructing a large cage: size, location, materials for manufacturing.

  • for puppies - area, height 40 cm;
  • for small dog species - area, height up to 80 cm;

It's not less worthwhile to make an apple for a pet, since the animal needs free space for games, as well as a bowl for feeding and water, toys, bedding, a toilet.

The soft metal grid is often used to make home cutaways. First you need to make a frame of the desired shape of the rods, then tighten it with a grid. Connect the mesh and rods with welding( wire).One wall will be a wicket, it needs to be put on the air hinges. Cover the floor with a warm, durable cloth.

Aviators made by the hands of a loving owner will surely become a real home for your four-legged friend.