Afobazol is a cure for stress

Table of Contents

  • Indications for use
  • Method of administration and doses
  • Side effects
  • Contraindications
  • Interaction with other drugs
  • Overdose
  • Price for Afobazol
  • Reviews

One of the best drugs is afofasol in stresses, anxiety and depression. A distinctive feature of

is that it does not have a pronounced sedation effect, does not affect the active functions of the brain. Even with prolonged exposure, afobazol does not cause dependence, relieves anxiety and stress, and also has a stimulating effect on the body.

Afobazol, in the first place, is soothing and not pain-relieving, therefore, with headache, dizziness it helps only if they are caused by strong stress, constant anxiety, emotional stress, panic attacks. In all other cases, when the cause of pain or discomfort in trauma, inflammation, spasm and so on, it is completely useless.

However, doctors often appoint afofasol with other drugs when the patient has an objective cause of pain, as well as severe stressful situations - family or work problems, anxiety predisposition, panic attacks as a complication of vegetative-vascular dystoniaand other unpleasant moments that can prevent treatment and exacerbate headaches.

From dizziness, Afobazol only helps when it is linked to the nervous system - the patient is afraid of something that he does not like, but dizziness is a psychosomatic response to this stress.

Afofasol is a medicine for stress

Afofasol helps with headaches and dizziness only when they are associated with fears, stress, anxiety and strong nervous tension.

The effect of afobazole reduces discomfort and irritation, eliminates the effects of stress and regular nervous tension. The result of the course is to improve the psycho-emotional and physical condition.

The normalization of the psyche reduces somatic and cognitive impairment, including muscular, respiratory and cardiac cramps.

The course of drug administration significantly reduces the incidence of various disorders of the autonomic system, including mucosal dryness, excessive sweating and headache.

Afofasol is recommended to be used to improve memory during student sessions and exams. It is better to take the medication in advance, which will increase its effect. Optimal start of medication - 4 weeks before the exam. The effect is preserved approximately two weeks after the end of the course.

Often, aphobazole is prescribed astenikov who suffers from mistrust and emotional instability.

It has the minimum number of side effects, but it is admissible for admission only from 18 years. Pregnant women and women during lactation most drugs based on afobazole are contraindicated.

The drug is available exclusively in the form of tablets, well absorbed and quickly enough completely removed from the body, which makes it almost impossible to overdose medications. Afobazol is excreted approximately 45 minutes after complete resorption.

Afofazol is available in tablets of 10 or 25 units in blister packs, and also in 30, 50 or 100 pills in a polymeric jar.

Indications for use

  • Attacks of unclear anxiety and stress, attacks of neurasthenia and nervous disorders.
  • Somatic disorders: asthma, lupus erythematosus, hypertension and arrhythmia.
  • For various skin diseases and oncology in the early stages.
  • Insomnia, sleep disturbances and stress associated with excessive nervous tension.
  • Premenstrual syndrome, irritability, tearfulness.
  • In the treatment of hangover syndrome and in case of refusal of smoking.

Method of administration and doses of

Afofazol is taken orally, after ingestion. Dosage should be selected depending on the physiological and psychoemotional state of the patient by his physician.

The daily dose of the drug should not exceed 30 mg. However, in severe violations of the nervous system, the dose may be increased to 60 mg per day.

The course of treatment can range from 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on the patient's condition. Similarly, the doctor may prescribe a re-course 1-2 months after the last medication.


Afofasol is a medicine for stress
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Side effects of

Afofazol may cause allergic reactions, including urticaria.

Nausea and vomiting may occur, as well as digestive disorders. In rare cases diarrhea, constipation or diarrhea develops.


The intolerance of the main components of the pills, including lactose.

Medicines contraindicated for children and adolescents under the age of 18 years, pregnant women and nursing mothers. In pregnancy, afobazol is not prescribed even in the most severe cases of nerve disorder, as its components adversely affect the development of the fetus, especially in the early and late terms.

Afofasol is a medicine for stress

Afofasol is not intended for underage children, the future and nursing mothers, since it is quite harmful for the weak nervous and urinary excretory system. The only exception is a nursing mother who refuses breastfeeding for a course of treatment.

And since afobazole is excreted with mother's milk, when prescribing a nursing drug, it is supposed to stop breastfeeding during breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is possible only after 2 weeks after the course is stopped.

Interaction with other drugs

Afofazol has the most pronounced effect when administered concomitantly with nootropics and tranquilizers, for example with diazepam. Prescribe a course and pick up the dosage should be a doctor.

In addition, the drug enhances the anticonvulsant effect of the drug and does not affect the effects of ethanol. However, it is highly recommended to refrain from taking alcohol during the course of treatment with aphobazole.

Overdose of

A significant overdose of this drug is practically impossible, but precedents should take place. With excessive use of afobazole there is an increased drowsiness, there is an inhibition of thought and speech. Possible fainting.

Preparation for the withdrawal of afobazol from the body is not developed, as admission, caffeine sodium benzoate is allowed in a 20% solution of 1 ml twice daily for subcutaneous use.

Price for Afobazol

Regardless of the effectiveness of Afobazol, the price for soothing is not very cheap. For a pack of tablets of 60, you will have to give at least 350 rubles, and smaller packages contain less than necessary for the course, and cost from 200 rubles.


"Generally, afobazole is not soothing but anti-anxiety. So for those who want to calm down, it is better to drink valerian or pomace. By the way, it is a great help to VSD-shniks, it simply cries for a lot of unpleasant symptoms. And he helps to forget about stress and nerves. That's only when he is seriously depressed he is not an assistant, so here is only a doctor and will help. In general, I think that this is a great drug, especially since the price for Afobazol is normal. "

" During sessions, it is it. Really perfectly improves memory, and drowsiness, eternal companion of tests and exams, as a hand removes. And the main thing is that it is quite a cheap tool: 200 rubles for 50 tablets - this is almost a gift! And enough for the whole session, and not addictive. I would definitely recommend all students! ยป

" There are no side effects, no anxiety, and I forgot about stress. Became calm and confident, stopped worrying over trifles. The best part is that the eternal bags disappeared under the eyes! I look 10 years younger. So all ladies strongly advise to drink afobazol, unless, of course, you need it. "

" So much advertisement, and the effect. .. very funny. Sawed tablets, as written in the instructions, lasted only three days. Some kind of inexplicable sense of euphoria, and then the head is heavy, like a cast-iron. As if the narcotic effect. Want to calm down - it's better to drink or drink newly pumped milk. I do not recommend this chemistry. "