How to draw a portfolio for elementary classes

The first time in the first class! How many preschoolers and their parents are now experiencing these exciting months! Ahead is still a graduation in kindergarten, preparation and collection of everything necessary for school, but this is not all. It is very important that, having fallen into the new classroom supervisor, the child

could showcase himself and show his talents.

But often, children are starting to be ashamed, afraid and not always ready to show themselves in a new team in all its glory. That is why it is recommended to make a portfolio for future first-graders, and then for older children of elementary school. We hope that this information will be useful to the parents of future first-graders.

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1. What Does the Student's Portfolio Need for
Elementary Student Portfolio Structure 3.
Writing Recommendations 4. Example of Compiled Portfolio
5. Instead of Conclusion

What Does the

Student's Portfolio Need? Now in schools, each student requires portfolios, but why does this need a child, many parents do not understand. In fact, this document will gather the most useful information about the child for the teacher who will work with him and continue to develop his creative potential.

When sending a child to the first class, many parents do not expect that all the basics of the letter, letters and accounts of his teacher will teach.

Even in pre-school age, children attend development centers, teach tutors, and engage in circles and sections. To the first class they already have a lot of knowledge and skills.

How to draw a portfolio for elementary classes However, due to the peculiarities of temperament, not every child can safely declare himself in a new team. Someone is afraid of ridicule, someone is ashamed to report such information to the teacher, and somebody can "forget" because of inattention, who can paint beautifully or has vocal talent.

When creating a portfolio for their child, parents will put all the information about their time on the shelves( that is, the corresponding sections), and the teacher, having studied this document, will already have an idea with whom and how it will work.

Elementary Student Portfolio Structure The parenting portfolio of the child's first class will then be supplemented with new information, so it is important to maintain a certain structure. This not only facilitates its further filling, but it will allow teachers to more accurately make an opinion about the child.

Because there are no clear requirements and norms for drawing up such a document, the structure of the portfolio may be approximately the following:

  • General Child Data. This section usually provides statistical information about the child, his / her first and last name and place of residence. Data is provided here about the date of birth of the child, a portrait photo of 9x12 or 10x15 size can also be placed here.
    For a child, only goes to the first class and can not write, the section "Autobiography" can be skipped. Beginning with Grade 2, when drawing up a portfolio, the child is already able to write a short story about herself.
  • Section "About me". Here you can include any information about the child, for example, the value of his name, specify how the child wants to be called classmates( for example, the name "Margarita" sounds like "Rita", but some girls do not like, when they are called a shortened name).In this section you can enter data and character, temperament of the child, describe the features, advantages and disadvantages of the baby. Teachers of such information can be very useful when it will look for an approach to your child.
    Family information, its composition can be placed in this section, describe any family traditions. If you wish, you can make a family tree family.
  • Section "My World". Here you can enter information about capture, favorite toys of the child, read books, his friends. There will also be relevant information about the kid's leisure, how he likes to spend time, what places and development activities he has visited. What they liked him and remembered.
  • The "Learning" or "Success" section of the is good not only for students in grades 2-4, but for future first-graders. In addition to the indicators of the dynamics of success in educational subjects, you can also display the skills of the child in the account, reading, writing. Often, kids, going to the first class, already know how to not only merge warehouses, but also to read independently, having enough reading technique. This point can and should be reflected in the portfolio so that the teacher knows which children should be loaded a little more so that they do not lose interest in learning.
  • Section "Creativity". Many children, other than schools, attend different circles and sections. It will be useful for the teacher to learn that some of the students attend ballroom, athletic or pop dance, who attends sports sections of various martial arts, a swimming section, vocal, someone playing musical instruments. Not every high school student can declare his talents, but already children of elementary school and preferences. This information can be useful when the class is going to prepare for any school competition "Hello, we are looking for talent!", An entertainment event or other school concert.
  • Section "Achievements". It may include information relating to school victories, whether it is participation in contests, seminars, thematic contests and quizzes.
  • Section "Public Activities" .Includes information about extracurricular activities of the child( awards, letters and letters of credit for participation in city sports competitions, dance competitions, excellent studies in musical school, etc.).Any hugs for a child can also be displayed in this section( add products in their natural form or in the form of photos).
  • Section "Reviews, Wishes". This section is filled by not the parents and not the student himself. It is better to arrange it in the form of a special envelope or a file in which classmates, friends and teachers will attach the appropriate section of the record.
  • How to draw a portfolio for elementary classes

    Recommendations for the design of

    Recommendations for the design of the portfolio are also approximate. There are no clear requirements, so parents can arrange it to your liking.

    This may be a large notebook in a dense binder. It can be decorated with patterns, drawings, and the child can participate and paint the pages on their own.

    You can buy a special diary for boys or girls and arrange it in the form of a portfolio, entering into it corresponding sections.

    You can arrange all pages on a computer, print white or colored paper( pastel shades) and paste them into sheets in special folders with pasted files. In short, the design of this document is a fantasy of the student and his parents.

    Do not forget about designing the student student portfolio cover sheet. Here it is necessary to indicate what the document is and who owns it.

    Sometimes it is appropriate to place a photo of a child on the title page, which already has personal information about him( that is, surname, name, date of birth).In this case, the information about the place of residence is mono to the section "About me".

    If a child attends extracurricular activities, then it is possible to describe his approximate mode of the day, taking into account the attendance of sports sections, out-of-school development centers and circles. In the sections "Creativity" and "Achievements" you can attach copies of letters, letters of commendation and other awards, provided that they are not bulky.

    For first-year students in the section "Teaching" you can insert prescriptions from the kindergarten, the teacher will see the preparation of the child to the school, how developed his hand. Many kindergartens practice the preparation of a preschooler's hand for writing, and give such a notebook to their parents at the end of the school year before graduation.

    In the section "Achievements" and "Public activity" you can insert copies of successfully written works, results of the current and intermediate attestation, and others. If the child is engaged in any kinds of needlework, his work is voluminous and can not fit into the portfolio format, they can be photographed, collage and add to the relevant section in the form of photos.

    How to draw a portfolio for elementary classes

    Example of an

    Portfolio Portfolio To ensure that parents have no doubts about any portfolio design issues for an elementary student, give an example of such a document. It can be used as a sample.

    Personal Information( or Cover Letter)

    So here is the approximate look of the portfolio:

    Ivanov Andrey

    Date of birth October 25, 2007( 8 years old)
    ( 10x15 children's photo)
    Moscow.streetLobachevsky, 76 sq. M.25


    I, Ivanov Andriy Viktorovich, was born on October 25, 2007 in the city of Moscow.

    I live at the street. Lobachevsky, 76 sq. M.25. I study at secondary school № 1973 in the 3rd form. I have a full family.

    Daddy - Ivanov Viktor Yakovlevich, born in 1981, works as an engineer-technologist at a mechanical plant.

    Mama - Ivan Galina Ivanovna, born in 1985, works as a music teacher at a music school.

    Grandma lives with us. I have a pet's pet, his name is Jack, that's a dog. I play and play with him.

    At school my favorite subject is physical education. Like mathematics and computer science. I like reading and writing, but not so much.

    After school, I visit a section of the Greco-Roman wrestling, choir. Granny says I have a talent. I like to read fantastic literature and play computer at Minecraft.

    Section "About me"

    Ivanov Andrey. The full name is Andrew. Translated from the ancient Greek means "courageous".Andrew - cheerful, talkaukun and wound up. He differs in great patience, sobriety of judgments and calmness.

    It is impossible to name it simply and openly, rather it is a sensible third-party observer. If something offend Andrew, then the owner of this name long remember the image and becomes hostile to the abuser. Andrew

    does not like when he is called a diminutive-caressing name "Andrew".He is an active, moving boy, a little locked up, kind and loyal friend. Disputes prevails in words. Responsible, businesslike. Loves his pet's pet, cares about him.

    The family in Andrew is full. Father - Ivanov Viktor Yakovlevich. Mother - Ivan Galina Ivanovna. There is a grandmother - Sidorova Elena Stepanivna.

    Section "My World"

    Andriy's favorite passions - sport and animals. In 4 years I fell in love with the cartoon "Cars".Collection of coloring, toys and books with the main characters of the cartoon. After being carried away by "Luntik" and "Barbeskin".Now he likes to play computer games, likes to read. Harry Potter's favorite book.
    A family visit is often visited by the Moscow Zoo and the Rope Park "Hight City".

    Section "Training"

    Contributions to preschool books, copies or original of the performance sheet for grades 1, 2, a copy of the grade of grade 3( current).

    Contributing copies of diplomas for participating in school events( in this case, those indicated in the "Achievements" section).

    Section "Creativity"

    Andriy 2 years attends a sports section on football and is engaged in choral singing.

    Section Achievements

    Participated in the school computer science competition.
    Participated in a school workshop on foreign literature for elementary school.

    The section "Public activity"

    In the open tournament in the Moscow region among juniors from the Greco-Roman wrestling took 5th place in 2015.(copy of the letter)
    Participated in the Championship of Moscow among juniors from the Greco-Roman wrestling in 2014.(copy of the diploma for participation)

    Section "Reviews, Wishes"

    Fully completed by teachers and classmates. Parents and students do not fill this section.

    How to draw a portfolio for elementary classes

    Instead of Conclusion

    The following example of a completed or folded portfolio is not a benchmark. Each parent has the right to describe the achievements and successes of his or her child, which, in his opinion, characterize the child in the best way. The main thing is that this information is most useful to teachers, because the main task of portfolio creation for elementary school students is the idea of ​​the student, his own rating, which testifies to his educational and creative potential, which is necessary for further education.