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Birthday - Picnic: The secrets of organizing a cultural event on the bosom of wildlife


  • Place of action
  • Feast in its own hands
  • Preliminary calculation of
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  • The word "picnic" is interpreted differently by different cultures: what the Frenchman understands as a romantic or family event in the open air with lying on the lawn and consuming the broughtwith

    ready-made supplies, the Russian man often sees as a holiday by a large company with a breakdown of the temporary camp and cooking at the stake. Birthday - picnic in Russian - it's a hike, barbecue and, in fact, a picnic in one bottle. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

    Birthday - Picnic: The secrets of organizing a cultural event on the bosom of wildlife

    Place of action

    The recreation areas and forest park areas within large Russian cities are increasingly ready to meet the citizens, giving them opportunities for civilized outdoor activities, does not require serious preliminary preparations.

    In these cases, the organizer needs to take care only about the financial side of the issue, the invitation of the guests and their own good mood - everything else will be prepared by representatives of the recreation area and catering company. Specialists will give the customer options menu, have space for the stated number of guests, decorate the territory and may even provide an entertainment program.

    Birthday - Picnic: The secrets of organizing a cultural event on the bosom of wildlife

    Celebrate Your Own Handbook

    How to hold a picnic day and how to prepare for this event, if the venue does not have all the necessary elements for rest and is a wildlife site? In this situation, all the benefits of civilization will need to take care of themselves.

  • The first thing to think about is the availability of space. All guests can get to the cherished forest or lawn? In order to ensure the delivery of all guests and not deprive drivers of the right to deserved rest, you can rent a bus that will bring guests to the festive table in due time, and at the end of the action, the house will be reconstructed.
  • In the forest belt, even if the time of the holiday is limited, you should choose a penumbra in order to make all guests feel comfortable. A grown up or small meadow with trees is ideal for setting up a temporary camp.
  • A garden tent or awning will come in handy in case of not very merciful heat or rain.
  • Folding furniture will save you from sitting on the ground or looking for stumps and logs that will serve as tables and chairs.
  • On disposable tableware( or several kinds) for appetizers and for drinking, napkins, spices and sauces, too, you must not forget.
  • The place for cooking should be at a distance from the dining table. It is necessary to check that the wind does not carry smoke and burning products to the place of food intake.
  • Birthday - Picnic: The secrets of organizing a cultural event on the bosom of wildlife

    Firefighting and cooking on open fire is prohibited throughout the territory of the Russian Federation( both in park areas and in forests) and is punishable by a fine. Indoor barbecue grill, grill grill and fire safety precautions will help comply with the law.

    On consumables you should take care in advance - to purchase charcoal or briquettes for fire, so as not to harm the nature( especially as even in the woods it is not always possible to find dry branches for a fire).

    It is advisable to take with you a means of insects, a set of waterproof and unopened clothes and a first aid kit.

    Birthday - Picnic: The secrets of organizing a cultural event on the bosom of wildlife

    Preliminary calculation of

    One of the most difficult tasks facing an organizer of a collective outing on nature is to calculate how much to buy meat on a barbecue, so that everyone is enough, nothing was missing, and the budget did not burst?

    The average estimated amount when buying raw meat for a picnic in the wild on a birthday is 500 m per person( the rest - on the ability and appetite).It is better to be guided by the principle: the total amount of meat for all guests( including children and the elderly), divided into two, is equal to 50% of pork meat and 50% of sausages or chicken. The amount of food per person in the framework of a holiday of three to six hours should be about a half kilogram( meat, vegetables, snacks, etc.).

    Organizing an adult holiday, alcohol is often one of the topical issues. How much to buy and what?

    Restaurators recommend leaving the rule:

    • if the company consists predominantly of men, then one representative of a strong sex should put in an alcoholic card 750 ml of wine, 700 ml of vodka and 300 ml of champagne;
    • if women prevail among those present, the amount of wine should be calculated 1.2 liters per person, and champagne and vodka - 500 ml

    Birthday - Picnic: The secrets of organizing a cultural event on the bosom of wildlife

    As with the purchase of food and the purchase of alcohol, you can not try to save from the non-drinkers - their number alwayscompensated want to rest on a full reel for themselves and "for that guy".

  • It is not recommended to include exotic drinks in the wine list of picnics.
  • In hot weather, it's best to avoid drinking strong drinks.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages( water and juices) should be presented at a festive table in the amount of 2-2.5 liters per person in summer time or 1.5-2 liters in cool weather.
  • A picnic on the birthday of a baby is formed in about the same way as an outdoor adult banquet, with the only difference being that there is no alcohol in it, but there must be fruits and sweets, and the amount of meat is calculated from the offspring's age norm.

    If the infrastructure at the venue is not sufficiently developed, then the supply of potable water and water for washing hands and vegetables( vegetables) should be taken in advance and put in a reserve for an unforeseen situation.

    Birthday - Picnic: The secrets of organizing a cultural event on the bosom of wildlife

    At the leisure of

    Decoration of the territory - it's an individual thing, because for many citizens, nature in itself is the best decoration.

    You can add a natural "interior":

    • paper balls and flashlights;
    • garlands;
    • fabric and flange ribbons.

    In very warm weather it is desirable to avoid the use of balloons that are sensitive to high temperatures.

    Birthday - Picnic: The secrets of organizing a cultural event on the bosom of wildlife

    The next thing you need to think about when preparing a birthday party is a picnic, a holiday scenario.

  • For an adult company there is no need to heavily load the program with active entertainment, as most guests will want to relax peacefully in nature, do not lie at grass and talk. Several contests and a pair of relay race are all that's required for this form of leisure.
  • The requisite item is desirable to procure the easiest, takes a minimum of space in a backpack or car trunk.
  • Fun for children's activities should be more varied, alternating with each other in terms of activity, and formed from the age-old needs of the audience. It's best not only to prepare contests, but also to bring with you the favorite games and toys of children, which children will use their own application.
  • The last rule of a good rest in nature, if one day's holiday, says: rest should be so much that it does not get tired of it. Returning from the event is more envious, having previously removed the place of the holiday.