Tips for Losing Weight - Useful Tips for Women.

Contents of the article "Tips for Losing Weight": How to calculate normal weight? How to eat well to lose weight? How to reduce appetite? Slimming in a climax. Hormones and overweight. Slowdown metabolism. More to move! The issue of weight loss. How are the stars worse? How to lose weight in the summer. Easy way to lose weight. Frequent meal.

Wanting to get rid of overweight, all women are looking for quick ways to lose weight. But it should be remembered that slimming is a hard work both in physical and moral. To facilitate this difficult process, helpful tips for slimming women can be found, following which you can get an effective result.

Tips for Losing Weight - Useful Tips for Women. HOW TO CALCULATE NORMAL WEIGHT?

Before you start to lose weight, a woman needs to know exactly how many kilograms she has overweight, and then have an individual weight loss program for her.

What should a normal weight be in an adult? How to calculate normal weight? There are several ways to determine it. The easiest way:

at an increase of 155-165cm minus 100
at an increase of 165-175cm minus 105
with growth above 175cm minus 110. This formula is convenient but approximate.

A more complete picture of what the normal weight should be of an adult, gives another formula that takes into account the addition of a human body:

Growth in centimeters is multiplied by the volume of the chest in centimeters and divided by 240. For example: female growth 162cm, volumechest - 92cm( 162 x 92: 240 = 62.1 kg).The normal weight should be - 62.1 kg for your height of 162cm.
If your weight is higher than normal( 62.1 kg) by 10-30%, then you have obesity 1 degree, higher 30-50% - obesity 2 degrees, higher 50-100% - obesity 3 degrees, and even higher- 4 steps.

Tips for Losing Weight - Useful Tips for Women. HOW TO CORRECTLY FUNNY TO REDUCE?

Depending on how a woman feeds, her appearance varies. Improper nutrition leads to premature wilting. Many people think that the body itself determines what it needs and needs to eat. However, the completeness of most women refutes this assertion.

Overweight appears very simply when, for a long time, a person eats more than the body needs. You are really surprised: "I almost do not eat anything, but everything is fat." Your breakfast, lunch and dinner are the same as your lucky girlfriends. But keep yourself in the intervals between meals.

Usually eats so much that it exceeds the daily allowance almost twice. For sweets go candies, cookies, jam with tea, a pack of pistachios, 100g which are 700 kcal / cal.

How does a woman eat properly to lose weight and maintain normal weight? It is recommended to use in the daytime 100-120g of carbohydrates and 50-60g of fat, thus reducing the caloric content of food to 1750-1800 kcal.

How to eat well to lose weight? Tips that you can eat when you lose weight:

High-calorie products include flour products, sweets, cereals and fats. Therefore, in order to lose weight, it is necessary to significantly reduce the diet of cakes, pies, pies, macaroni, pancakes, porridges, fatty foods, beers in the diet.

Beginners want to stop women from over-consumption of sugar and sweets. Sugar is needed for the body, but only in moderate amounts, no more than 70-80 g per day, taking into account its content in all types of food. Try not to use sugar and candy, but better honey and jam.

How to eat well to lose weight? Tips that you can eat when you lose weight:

Women who are prone to fullness need to eat black bread, milk, sour milk, cheese. Also, eggs, lean meat, fish. Greens, vegetables, sour fruits, berries, vegetable soups, you need to eat more to create a sense of satiety.

It is useful vegetable oil unrefined. It contains phosphates and vitamin E, normalizes fat metabolism. But you do not need to use too much of this product, otherwise vegetable oil will contribute to the recruitment of excess weight. Norm per day - 1-1.5 hours.spoons

Instead of sugar, eat honey and jam. Honey is rich in micronutrients, ascorbic acid and vitamins of the group B. It is useful to make jam from various berries, especially from black currant.

How to eat well to lose weight? Low-calorie slimming foods:

Salads. They are made from different vegetables and fruits. For example: grated carrots with garlic, cabbage with carrots and apples, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes with onions and greens and others.

The first is cooked: vegetarian borsch and borsch, vegetarian soup, carrot soup, borsch.

On the second - vegetable rago, carrot and carrot-apple souffle, carrot or beetroot, carrot-cheese casserole, stewed beets with prunes. You can also cabbage stewed, cabbage schnitzel, stuffed pepper, stewed eggplant, eggplant and squash egg, cooked lean meat, chicken or fish, sweat from the bones. Diversify your menu, and it will be easier for you to give up fat products.

How to eat well to lose weight? Tips for Losing Weight:

1 Slimming Tip: Check for the amount of food you eat.

Some full women are decided on a stomach reduction operation. Why are their stomachs very large? The stomach has the ability to stretch: the more food it enters, the more it becomes and naturally, the weight increases. You probably noticed that after the festive gadgets you want more, because during this time the stomach was stretched. But the stomach also has the ability to diminish. Frequent meals( 4-6 times a day in small portions will support the stomach in the normal state.)

2 Slimming advice: Eliminate sweetened and flour from the diet SOVSIM.Only then you will see the result of weight loss very soon.

3 Slimming Tip: Discardfrom snacks between meals and sit on a diet from Galina Vishnevskaya

For the support of the form, go on only soups, a plate for breakfast, for lunch and dinner, and okroshka on skimmed kefir will come in. Stop chewing constantly, especially when you are at work, Eating always sweet and delicious

4 Tip for slimming: Forget about salty, spicy foods, appetizers,

Instead, eat greens: dill, parsley, coriander, peppermint, cumin, etc. Salt is replaced with lemon juice. Use more vegetables and fruits, especially cabbage( white and sea), zucchini, gooseberry, which vegetable fiber creates a feeling of saturation and improves the functioning of the intestine. Eat more often - 5-6 times a day, because vegetarian food is digested faster. Breaks between meals should not exceed 2.5-3 hours.

5 Slimming Tip: Drink a glass of mineral water or a vegetable broth before eating -

will fill the stomach in 30 minutes, and you will eat a smaller amount of food. For this purpose, sweet, sour drinks and strong meat broths do not fit - they excite the appetite.

6 Tip for slimming: Start lunch and dinner not from the main course, but with low-calorie snacks:

steep egg, green salad, grated carrots, cucumber, celery sprig.

7 Tip for slimming: Prepare light food to make the food on the plate seem like a lot.

8 Slimming Tip: Eat Hot Liquid Food.

Pancakes and soups should be eaten hotter, as hot food improves digestion and metabolism. And with normal metabolism and weight will be normal. In the course of experiments, it has been proved that the heat of the viscous food is digested longer than the foods eaten in a dessert. And this means that you will be more stable for a longer time, and no pounds will be added. For slimming, be sure to eat hot soups.

9 Tip for slimming: Eat slowly, do not swallow in haste, wrap up every bit of a piece.

Saliva contains enzymes that slightly break down food bits. Food, well fed and processed with saliva, is better digested and there is a rapid saturation. Make a break between dishes for 10-15 minutes, and you will easily refuse to continue lunch and feel yourself full.

10 Tip for slimming: To eat less and not to starve, add food grade cellulose -

it gives a feeling of a full stomach. It needs to be put in 5-8 pills in each serving( 100-150g) of meat or fish minced meat, mashed potatoes, vegetable chops. Or just take this dose of cellulose 20 minutes before meals 3 times a day, drinking 1/3 cup water, juice, kefir. Drink at least 1.5 liters of liquid per day, including drinks and soups.

11 Slimming tip: Is not a high-calorie ice cream,

but replace it with frozen fruit juice( freshly squeezed).

12 Weight Loss Tips: To prevent carbohydrates from getting into fats in the intestines, use a conventional ridge.

For this, 7 parts of dried berries and 3 parts nettle leaves( or rowan and hips equally) are mixed and 2-3 tablespoons. Spoons of this mixture brew 2 cups boiling water and hold for 10 minutes on a fire. Insist 4 hours, strain. Take 0.5 cups in breaks between meals 2-3 times a day. Infusion cook every day.

13 Slimming Tip: Physical Activity

( fast walking, jogging) burns fat deposits and distracts from the thoughts of food.2-3 times a week, perform the exercise home or visit the gym. Tip: Move more, then lose weight.

14 Tip for slimming: 1-2 times a week to arrange slimming days for weight loss.

15 Weight Loss Tips: Follow the drinking regime.

Drink clean water 2-2.5 liters throughout the day.

16 Slimming tip: Do not start eating right after a nerve tension or exercise -

requires some time to allow the body to release juice.

17 Tip for slimming: Avoid overnight sleep,

as it leads to fat accumulation. If after a meal you slip into your sleep, take a walk in the outdoors. Also, do not start heavy work immediately after a meal.

18 Slimming Tip: Do not finish fruit meal -

fruits digest faster than other foods and get into the full stomach, cause fermentation.

Following these tips for weight loss, you will find a slim figure. But remember that you need to develop the will of will, a sense of moderation and have a great desire to lose weight, otherwise hard diet, physical exercise, or medication will not help.

Tips for Losing Weight - Useful Tips for Women. HOW TO DOWNLOAD APTEIT?

Complete people, as a rule, have a habit of tasty and a lot of food. At the same time, they justify themselves by feeling constantly hungry, leading to excess body weight and deposition of fat. In fact, this is a false sense of hunger.

It is often the case that the appearance of excessive appetite contribute to negative emotions: fear, anger, jealousy, etc. And a woman starts, eat, eat and eat. What to do?

· To reduce appetite, it is recommended that be fed 5-6 times a day in small portions of .Then the appetite becomes moderate and the person does not overeat.

.Include in your menu more products that promote weight loss, which, in addition, reduce appetite and burn fats.

· To get rid of hunger, you can drink a glass of skimmed milk, sour milk, or mineral water.

· Reduce the appetite of before a dream will help a glass of milk.

· Phytotherapy will help reduce appetite. Drink tea or decoctions of medicinal herbs: peppermint, melissa, lime blossom, marmot, dandelion root, dagel, corn stalk.

· Rinse your mouth with mint water several times during the day, the - for some time decreases the appetite.

· Before eating, brush your teeth with mint toothpaste - Mint flavor drops the sensitivity of the taste buds and eating much less.

· Aromatherapy is a good helper in reducing appetite. Aromas of green apples, grapefruit, mint, vanilla, cinnamon reduce appetite, if inhaled during the day. Only permanent use is effective.

· Ginger tea significantly reduces appetite. Preparation: 1 teaspoon crushed ginger root for 400 ml boiling water, insist to cool, then add 1 teaspoon of honey. Drink before eating. Ginger not only reduces appetite, but also accelerates the metabolism.

· Reduce appetite will help dried fruit. To do this, take 1-2 pcs.dried apricots or prunes and a glass of water - you need to slowly and very carefully chew them( literally resorb in the mouth) and drink with water. Soon you will feel that the feeling of hunger has gone, and will not bother you for several hours. This tip is suitable for those women who are on a diet, but can not overcome the constant feeling of hunger.

- A decoction of dried fruits will reduce appetite. Take a handful of dried fruits: apricots, apples, prunes, raisins, pour 1 liter of water, boil for 15 minutes and remove from the fire. Drink a glass a few times a day.

· Sweet before meals reduces appetite. Eat 2-3 chunks a few minutes before eating and appetite disappears.

· In 10 minutes, perform several physical exercises - will retreat a sense of hunger.

How to reduce appetite. Massage:

There are 3 ways of point massage for the normalization of excessive appetite:

1 way. This massage will help to reduce appetite: easy and fast stroking and rubbing the eyeballs. Behind them are active points that regulate the work of the stomach and intestines. This massage should be done in the morning without getting out of bed and before each meal.

2 way. When there is a strong appetite, if it is still time to take food, you need light circular motions, for 30 seconds, massage the point on the shoulder. It is located on the outer side of the arm in the middle between the shoulder joint and the elbow. Massage do on both hands.

3 way to reduce appetite. Massage the point between the nose and lip.

Tips for Losing Weight - Useful Tips for Women. GORMONI AND WEAK THE WEIGHT.CLEANING IN CLIMAKS.

Hormones and overweight - how is it interlinked in the female body? The lower the level of hormones, the more excess weight. Our figure allows us to assess the hormonal balance and the state of metabolism. The main sculptors of the female body are estrogen and progesterone, they will say that the level of female sex hormones begins to decrease when the clothes become narrow.

An indicator of lowering the level of female sex hormones is not only an increase in weight, but also in which places fat is deposited. If surpluses are concentrated on the stomach, then the risk of cardiovascular disease( including hypertension) and diabetes mellitus increases. The conclusion is understandable - rather get rid of fatty ballast.

However, scientists have found that overweight helps women mitigate the symptoms of climacteric. In such women, it is easier to undergo hormonal reorganization of the body. Throughout their lives, female adolescent sex hormones are deposited in adipose tissue, and when their production of ovaries decreases, the old stocks are being saved. Therefore, the feeling of youth and ease of weight loss is due not only to weight loss, but also the removal of estrogens from fat stores.

It is better to get rid of excess weight in advance, when the function of the ovaries is not yet reduced. In women who lose weight before the onset of climax, the skin is tightened naturally, since hormones estrogen has the ability to maintain its elasticity. Who dramatically drops weight after menopause, the skin overwhelms them with beautiful folds on the face, neck, abdomen. Therefore, women, try to correct their figure before the onset of climax!

Tips for Losing Weight - Useful Tips for Women. FIXED MATCH EXCHANGE. HOW TO DETERMINE?

Some full people say they can not lose weight because they have slowed the exchange of substances. This exclusion rarely carries true information. More often than not, they mask their reluctance to make even the slightest effort to lose weight.

In fact, such a disease( slowed metabolism) affects everyone, but only those who have a defective thyroid function. Such a diagnosis can only be done by an endocrinologist, after a special study.

And to understand whether your metabolism is normal or not, analyze your condition for the presence of the following signs of delayed metabolism:

1. If, for no apparent reason( no change in nutrition or lifestyle), you recovered by 2-5kg.
2. The skin has become dense or dry in appearance.
3. The nails become brittle.
4 .Hair is dry and refined.
5 .Torture constipation.
6. Poorly affected by lowered air temperature.
7. Fatigue is sometimes overcome.
8. Delayed.
9. There is often sadness, depression.

If you do not have similar symptoms, then you do not have a sluggish metabolism, but normal, and become slim and tucked in your power! Apply Tips for Losing Weight!

Tips for Losing Weight - Useful Tips for Women. ENERGY!

Wanting to lose weight, it's useful to know that thin-cut people keep shaping at the expense of sedentary, energetic. Scientists have found that lean ones eat more and do not fill up, and full eat much less and at the same time do not lose weight, although the difference in the level of basic metabolism is not detected. What is the matter? It turned out that the whole thing is in the "start-up" of energy costs."Start" is a transition from rest to activity. And here are these "start" periods, in the indomitable people, much more than in the calm.

In the "start" period, which lasts about 15 seconds, it consumes 2 times more power than usual. Thanks to the frequent "start-ups" of mobile people, a great deal of energy is spent. Hence the conclusion: for women who want to lose weight, more "starts", that is, they need a mobile way of life, frequent transitions from rest to activity. The energy of energy is no doubt - be restless and you will be slim!

How to make yourself move more? You must first deliberately force yourself to move. Do not ask that you give a cup, spoon, scissors or something else, and get up and take it all yourself, even if you have to do it too often. To lose weight to women, these are the very ones "start"!
If the nature of the composition is unacceptable, then there are restrictions on food and even physical activity.

Tips for Losing Weight - Useful Tips for Women. QUESTIONS ABOUT CLEANING.

What questions about weight loss occur most often in women?

1 Slimming Problem: How Can You Quickly Lose Weight?
It's not necessary to slow down fast! Who quickly throws off extra pounds, as a rule, quickly they are gaining. And most importantly, a sharp weight loss is not indifferent to the body - there is a change in metabolism, the restructuring of the endocrine system. In young women, because of this often develops amenorrhea( stops menstruation), in older women - cardiac activity is disturbed. Optimal weight loss, safe for health - 1kg per month.

Question about weight loss: Can You Get Rid Of Overweight Surgery?
There is a method - liposculpture, when the surgeon, through small cuts, sucks out excess fat under vacuum. But if after the operation the woman overeats again, the fat accumulates again.

3 Question about slimming : Is it true that dieting for weight loss causes depression?
Delicious food - one of the joys of life, so sitting on a diet, it is sad to stay without favorite delicious dishes. But starving will be easy and even interesting, if you firmly know that by dropping weight, becoming healthier, more attractive, increasing chances of a career, increasing self-esteem, etc.

Tips for losing weight - useful tips for women. HOW DO THE STARS HAD?

A few years ago, Hollywood's "stars" realized that it was not easy to lose weight, even completely abandoning fats. The lack of calories compensates for all kinds of sandwiches without butter and cheese, dried potatoes and other skimmed foods that were used by movie stars.

Some have tested the following diet for weight loss: strictly observes the balance of calories when 40% of calories comes into the body with carbohydrates, 30% calories - with proteins, 30% - with fats. Those who are not lazy to make the necessary calculations - get rid of excess weight for 1 kg weekly.

Other movie stars have found an easier way to lose weight. Try to apply their weight loss tips and you:

Minimize the use of starchy foods.

You should not completely abandon potatoes, rice, macaroni, and turn them on as delicacies once every 2 weeks.

You can afford 1 time a week bread and porridge from whole grains.

Depending on gender, age, and energy expenditure, eat enough protein and fats and you will not feel hunger and therefore do not overeat and gain extra pounds.

Proteins are found in fish, meat, eggs, soy, raw milk and milk.
Fat - in fish and meat, in vegetable oils, raw.

Tips for Losing Weight - Useful Tips for Women. HOW CAN I TAKE THE VOLTAGE?

Scientists claim that in our body, the maximum physical capacity that can and should be used to improve health and reduce weight. And the health care these summer months does not require any cost and effort. There are 8 tips to lose weight in the summer and get healthier in 3 times:

1. Walk barefoot. In the summer, is more likely to walk the barefooted on loose sand, small pebbles, grass. All our organs and systems are projected onto the skin of the foot, and the receptors of the sole responsibly respond to the heat and cold, the touch. The most "sensitive" are the person's vessels, upper respiratory tract and nasopharynx. Who in the summer is barefoot, so do not be afraid of winter colds.

2. Ride a bike. You can train your heart and blood vessels while cycling.
The result of an experiment conducted in Copenhagen shows that those who twist pedals every day during the warm season, the heart and vessels work more efficiently, the risk of myocardial infarction is halved, and extra kilograms go.

3. Do not wear sunglasses if you want to lose weight in the summer by 3-5 kg ​​per month.
To the general public, American scientists advise that at least 2 hours a day you must walk without dark glasses. It's best to do it in the morning or in the evening, when the sun is not very bright. They argue that for 1 session of seasonal therapy in the fresh air, the same amount of calories is lost as in the 1 hour of exercise on the simulators. Believe it or not believe you decide. But the fact that in the summer, weight loss affects other factors - it's for sure. First, the metabolism is activated - the fat is burned more quickly. Secondly, in the heat of the discharge of gastric juice is reduced - so less want to eat. Thirdly, in the summer, people quietly go for a low-calorie diet - vegetables and fruits.

4. Get rid of fine wrinkles by making the facial mask of fresh fruits and vegetables.
In the summer, the skin is renewed more intensively and better treated to treat skin diseases, so the best time to take care of your face. Cosmetics grows on beds! Masks for any skin can be made from cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, carrots, strawberries, croutons, apricots, etc.

5. Blueberry features. Eat half a glass of blueberries each day or 2 cups of blueberry yoghurt. And in 2-3 summer months you get younger for 5 years. Blueberries found antioxidants that are able to turn back the biological time. This miracle berry, on the strength of rejuvenating influence, exceeds the 39 most famous fruits and vegetables. For example, to achieve the same effect, you need to eat 2 cups of strawberries daily, 1 and 1/4 cup orange slices, 2 and 2/3 cups of finely chopped spinach or broccoli cabbage, 2 and 2/3 cups of corn.

6. Bathing at sea or sanatorium at home. Strengthen your nervous system and the whole body while batting in the sea.
Specialists from the University of California came to the conclusion that microcrystalline sea salt is deposited in the upper layers of the skin and produce a health effect that persists for 3 months after the resort.

But if you can not go to the sea in the summer, you can arrange an sanatorium at home. For this, dissolve 2-3kg of sea salt or salt and 2 tables in your own bath.spoons of coniferous extract. Make baths 2-3 times a week for 20 minutes.

7. Air baths. Get off for 10-15 minutes a day, which will allow you to stock up and down all year round. In our climate it is possible only in the summer, so hurry up! Asphalt baths in the nude can be taken in a well-ventilated room or on the balcony. This is not just a hardening procedure. Without clothes the body "breathes", oxygen enters through the skin and enhances metabolic processes both in the subcutaneous fatty tissue and in the muscle tissue. And as a result, you lose weight, you will become slimmer, and muscles and skin - elastic and strong.

8. You need to drink plenty of water. In hot weather, drink 2-3 liters of fluid per day.
Water , secreted with sweat, carries out general flushing and releases the body from slags. With abundant drink, salivary glands and mucous membrane of the digestive tract produce a special protein that improves digestion and prevents colon cancer.

Tips for Losing Weight - Useful Tips for Women. EASY WAY TO DISAPPEAR.

Dr. Amosov gives an easy way to lose weight. He advises women to "learn" to cook badly and lose weight very easily. Do not eat a lot of tasty food and do not naturally thicken.

You need to finish eating when you feel you have not gotten enough to eat. If you do so constantly, then it does not matter how many times a day you eat and what foods to eat. You can skip breakfast or lunch or dinner. This will only benefit - will keep the normal weight permanently.

It should be remembered that the feeling of satiety comes in 20 minutes after the end of the meal. These 20 minutes will last you years. Learn to get up from the table a bit hungry, remember that after 20 minutes you will feel strong. Any normal person may well apply this easy way to lose weight. Help yourself!

Tips for Losing Weight - Useful Tips for Women. PARTICIPATING FOOD.

It is not recommended for women to lose weight dramatically, as the body, accustomed to constant overweight, can react negatively to sudden changes. Slow down slowly. We need to give your body time to rebuild the metabolism. To do this, first, try to reduce the amount of food eaten, and in the first place, carbohydrates and increases appetite, acute and salty foods and fats. Eat often, but in small portions. Also, you need to gradually reduce the amount of liquids. This will help reduce the size of the stomach, and in the future you will get used less.

A frequent meal will allow you not only to feel hunger, but also to receive a satisfaction from food. The main thing is that with frequent nutrition, the body thoroughly recycles food, spends all calories and does not put anything into the stock. Make a diet for you, in which the breaks between meals are no more than 2,5-3 hours and then you will eat less. If the breaks between the food will be 6 hours or more, then sitting down at the table, as a rule, is eaten with great appetite, all that is.

With every meal you need to get enough calories, that will saturate your body, and within 3 hours you will not mention food. How to find out? For example, if you, having breakfast, you do without food for half the day, then breakfast was too caloric. Conversely, if in an hour you want to eat, then breakfast was not enough of a calorie.

The frequency of food needs to be progressed gradually. For the first few weeks, eat 4 times a day, then switch to 5-6 meals.

Sample menu at 6 meals:

8.00 - Breakfast: Salad of fresh carrots and cabbage, with refined vegetable oil and lemon juice.
2 boiled eggs.
1 cup of unsweetened milk with milk.

11.00 - Second breakfast: fruit: apple or 1 orange.

14.00 - Lunch: First, vegetable or cereal soup.
On the second - low-fat meat or fish with stewed vegetables( except for potatoes).
1 cup of milk, kefir or unsweetened tea.

16.30 - Midday: 1 cup of rose hips.
1 apple( pear, orange).

19.00 - Dinner: Salad of fresh vegetables or stew.
Buckwheat porridge( or other cereals) with a small amount of milk or omelet if there were no eggs at breakfast.

22.00 or before going to bed: glass of kefir.

Applying these simple tips for weight loss, you will have good health, a slim figure and a cheerful mood!