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How To Give A Cat Pill - The 3 Best Proven Methods

Many inexperienced owners believe that making the cat eat a pill will not make any difficulty, they say, podsyal in food, and the pet eats with pleasure. What is really? Many have panic only when they think that their favorite Mursika or Barsik should be given an

pill. Such hosts are doomed rubbing their hands, remembering sharp claws on their palms.

Why is it important to know how to give a pill to your pet while not hurt yourself? ?The answer is quite simple - once in half a year, each owner needs to de-worry his pet.

To begin with, ask the vet about the possibility of tabling the drops with drops or solution. If this is possible - you can breathe quietly, and if not, get ready. .. There's nothing terrible about it.

Of course, this is a rather difficult lesson that requires skillful hands, but it can be greatly simplified in a number of ways. So, the first way -

How to give a cat a pill is the 3 best tested methods

Use the treat for cats

Here, as if everything is clear: take a huge piece of sausage, slide there a pill and give the cat. But here comes the head of an excerpt from the movie about the adventures of Shurik, where in this way Alexander tried to suck the dog. Remember what happened to him? Yes, just torn pants.

You can also use soft cheese or butter. But this method will not work only if the tablet does not have a strong smell and in addition to the small size. Remember, the cat's smell is times more powerful than human, so if you understand the smell of medicine or not, it will be quite difficult for the owner. Recognizing the stuffing delicacy, the cat just will not become it.

If a cat needs to be given homeopathic pills - this method will work fine.

How to give a cat a pill is the 3 best tested methods

Blanket for help

The second method is suitable for cats creeping. It's a little harder here. To begin with, you need to find a piece of dense cloth, a large towel or blanket. It is necessary to immediately warn that the fabric should be very dense, otherwise someone will still penetrate outside and scratch his hands. The first to rotate the neck under the chin of the cat, go over to the shoulders, and then rotate the entire body. It turns out that the cat, as it were, would have to stick out only an angry head, realized that it would happen now.

Then put the cat on the knees in the package so that the head of the pet looks at the owner. The hardest thing remains - open your mouth and give a pill. The easiest way - to spend a free hand over the head of a cat something delicious, it substitutes for the owner's lower jaw. Now you need to click on her forehead - it will make her pet open the mouth. Quickly put the pill on the root of the tongue and close your mouth. It will be more effective to put the medicine on the side of the tongue rather than on the root. It is from the lateral position of the cat that it is easier to swallow the pill. Closing the toe, you need to move your thumb with your finger moving up and down until the cat does not swallow movement. If this procedure was crocheted by licking the nose and the lips - it turned out, the goal is achieved! To calm down, you need to hold your pet for a few more seconds in a wrapped position. Actually, we use this method now as the fastest, most simple and safe cat.

Grind to powder

This is a rather interesting way to give a cat medicine without much effort and blanket. Nevertheless, it requires that the refrigerator has a dense sour cream. Try to find a cat that does not like sour cream - it's not.

The bottom line is to grind into a pill or squeeze between two spoons of the tablet and crush it very finely. Ideally, a powder should come out. If this is a capsule medicine - you just need to open the capsule.

The powder obtained during the previous manipulations must be mixed with a little amount of sour cream. Mix thoroughly so as not to leave the medicine on the walls of the dishes. Then the resulting mixture should be applied to the cat's spout - it will necessarily smear it. So - the medicine inside, and the favorite was not shocked and was not wrapped in a blanket.

Remember that you can think of your own ways to give the cat an unlucky tablet. Much depends on the nature of the pet: some cats are quietly delivered to the owner that gives them medicine, while others can be upset and just hide from the owner.

But the main thing - let the health of both the owner and the pet always be on the high!