What care do decorative rabbits need?

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  • Ornamental rabbit breeds
  • How to choose a rabbit
  • Boy or girl
  • Care for domestic rabbits

Rabbits decorative - great home-loving ones that appeal to the eye and soul. They will be loved by everyone: both adults and children. Recently, these animals gain

popularity, because they are very affectionate and cozy. Decorative rabbits are unpretentious, well-trained and well-fitted with children. These home-grown-ups can teach a child to take responsibility, display sensitivity, understanding and care for a weak creature.

What care do decorative rabbits need?

Decorative rabbits perfectly fit with people, unpretentious and well-trained.

Such small pupils are extremely easily attached to people who give them attention and love. The weight of positive moments gets a child from playing with this little fluffy animal. And for adults it will be very interesting with them. These fragile creatures are completely dependent on the environment, which makes it possible to show care and affection towards them, which is so lacking in modern people. When the appearance in the house rabbit relations in the family are enriched, they become more harmonious, from the house disappears stress and a sense of loneliness.

Rabbit Decorative Rabbits Now around 200 small breeds of pets are known.

Classification criteria:

  • mass;
  • performance;
  • length of wool.

What care do decorative rabbits need?

Short-haired dwarf rabbits come in different colors and are small in size.

Short-haired dwarf rabbit, or colored dwarf. It looks like a wild rabbit with one difference: size. It is very small and can be of different colors.

Dutch Dwarf Rabbit. Characteristic features: the color of the eyes is clearly distinguished. Also, the back of the body and ears are well marked.

Angora Dwarf Rabbit, or "Lump of Fur".Distinctive feature: very fluffy animal, beautifully folded. The fur is short on the head, and the body is long.

Fox pygmy rabbits, or dwarf foxes. Their body covers a long wool, and the head, on the contrary, is smooth.

"Lion" breed of decorative rabbits. The wool in this breed is much longer than the usual rabbit. Their muzzles resemble a lion.

Expressive rabbits-rams. The main difference is the hanging ears. These checkups are not very insensitive due to bad hearing.

Dwarf Hound. This is a white rabbit with red eyes. All of their body covers spots of various colors.

Firefighter. In this breed are clearly framed limbs.

Dwarf Rex, or aristocrat. Royal rabbits with wool like velvet or plush. They can be learned at birth through undeveloped mustaches.

Germelin, or Polish rabbit. Be the smallest rabbit in the house. Their red or blue eyes combine perfectly with snow-white hair.

Dwarf Butterfly. Rabbits of this breed are very beautiful. Their color resembles the color of the butterfly. The hair of these rabbits must shine. The main color is pure white.

Squirrel. The rabbit is very similar to true protein. Its average weight - up to 4 kg. These rabbits are not very fruitful and not very common in Russia.

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How to choose an

What care do decorative rabbits need?

rabbit The Dutch dwarf rabbits have a lot of eye color.

After making a decision to buy a rabbit, I want to quickly implement all the plans in life. Do not be in a hurry. You need to carefully examine the rabbit. In addition, there are some points you need to know before the review:

  • age should not be less than 45 days;
  • should be vaccinated against myxomatosis and VGHK;
  • worms should be discharged to the vaccine;
  • which procedures have not yet been carried out;
  • is desirable to have a pedigree.

The breeder must provide all this information. If the choice of a rabbit occurs in a pet store, then there is necessarily a veterinary certificate and pedigree.

It is desirable that the rabbit is not afraid of a person, he should not be over-feared. And even more so, he should not express his fears violently, for example, to rush with cries on the cage.

It is necessary to be careful if the baby crashed into the corner of the cage and looks very sad. Most likely, it will mean that he is unhealthy. If everything is in order, then you can proceed to a detailed review.

Decorative rabbits have a woolen coating that should be free from baldness. The wool is bright and brilliant, pure. There should be no morning to the animal.

It's very easy to see a healthy rabbit. His nose and eyes are clean. Eyes do not have to be stained or tight film - these are indicators of health problems, more precisely, with eyesight. From the nose should not flow. Eyes do not have to tear. The fore legs are dry and clean. They should not be damaged.

What care do decorative rabbits need?

Angora dwarf rabbits have long furs on the body and on a short head.

Ears should be healthy, and therefore, neat and clean. No ulcers, scratches, seals and scabies. If the ears are always itchy, then it's impossible to say that the animal is healthy.

In healthy rabbit, trimmed crutches and fingers together. And his abdomen is soft, without wounds and seals.

The skin on the genitals of the animal is clean and dry, without signs of irritation. He also has the right bite.

If the bite is wrong, then you will often need to contact a veterinarian. The back of the healthy rabbit is round, but not lobed or hunchbacked.

To finally make sure the rabbit is healthy, you need to track down how it jumps. His legs should be curved, and the tail should stand upright.

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Boy or Girl

So what's the sex to choose a rabbit for a home? This is a very complicated and important issue. But happy owners of the pet could choose. True, sometimes there are situations when, buying a girl, in a few months man's signs are revealed.

This happens when the purchase takes place at the pet store and because sellers are not professionals and are not sure how to determine the sex of a rabbit.

There is an opinion that boys are more contagious. In fact, having a baby does not affect his contact at all. It all depends on the host's desire to find an approach to his pet.


Both males and females label the territory. This is normal and this is not to be changed. The only boy can be cast, but this is the personal choice of each owner.

About girls rabbits say that they are constantly digging something. This is true, but the rabbits are the same way the boys behave. Kids are not guilty. This is a natural animal. Each of them wants to dig a hole and hide in it.

So who should I choose? In fact, the choice should lie on the rabbit, which fell to the heart, and do not reflect on the question of how to determine the gender. The main thing in a rabbit for a house is mutual understanding with the owner, instead of sex.

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Care for rabbits

What care do decorative rabbits need?

Fox rabbits are representatives of the long-range group.

Rabbit decorative is absolutely not capricious. It does not require special care. The main thing - to pay attention to him, feed him and clean him. Bringing yourself to order is not independent rabbit home. He needs help. Nails and teeth require special care.

For nails you can buy special tweezers and carefully trim them. Do this carefully so as not to injure. To help the rabbit to self-stretch their teeth, it is enough to put a wooden stick in it in a cage.

Desirable for rabbits fed with chalk. It is useful for teeth and for general rabbit condition. Particular attention should be paid to fur rabbit. Combing procedure will help her always stay beautiful and healthy. Small pets are very fond of it.

It is better to buy a cage for life, so that it can move freely. The rabbit often chooses several places for the toilet. These places are equipped with toilets. In order for the pupil to feel well, you must carefully clean the cage at least once a week and wash it. Drinkers and feeders change daily and wash several times a week. Once a week, all things of the rabbit are rinsed with disinfectants.

Bathing for these animals is not desirable. If such a necessity nevertheless arose, it is necessary to do it very carefully. A warm bath is collected without scrubbing and the rabbit falls into it, but not with a head. Next, it should be wiped gently with a dry towel, but necessarily dry.

Then you can leave it in a warm place without drafts. For rabbits bad ventilation. Therefore, if it is necessary to carry out in a ventilation room, the pupil needs to be moved to another place. If you want to give the rabbit the opportunity to go outdoors, then it is done very carefully. It is impossible to get direct rays on the rabbit.

Rabbits - Extremely Flexible Matches. It is therefore advisable to give the rabbit the opportunity to squeeze out their paws and sometimes let it out of the cage. At the same time, we can not forget that the rabbits are very insensitive. It is necessary to make him a shelter in which he will be able to hide at any moment. Or try not to make a noise that will disturb your pet.


https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = D_3t9JgLEHw

Following these simple rules, a decorative rabbit will always be healthy and fun. And most importantly, he will delight everyone around.