Gray giant - Breed rabbits

Nowadays there are more than 90 breeds of rabbits, which are divided into two directions - rabbits of skinned and rabbits of downrocks. Rabbits of skins are in turn divided into normal and short-haired. And skinned and down rabbits provide delicious and nutritious meat. Popular

and rabbits of special meat breeds( New Zealand White, California) and also purely decorative. Let's look at the description of the most common breeds of rabbits, the most common in our country.

Skin Normal Wound Rabbits

Rabbits Gray Giant .This breed of rabbits was invented in 1952 in the Poltava region by crossing the local flocks with breeds of rabbits from the Flanders. The local rabbits are large. Their live weight is from 4.5 to 6.5 kg. The body length is from 56 to 66 cm or more, the breast is 37-39 cm wide. Inside the breed there are rabbits with different colorations of hair.

Rabbits breed Gray giant

The most commonly found rabbits are sero-colored( agouti).The abdomen and the inside of the paws are white while the trunk is reddish-gray. Oat hair has a zonal color: black top, at the base of the light ring, the middle part is yellowish-brown. Feathered hair is also painted zonar: light blue base, yellow ring and dark peak.

With dark gray( kangaroo coloring the body is darker with a rusty shade, the lower abdomen of the tail is smoky gray. The fur hair is uniformly blue, but a bit lighter at the base

In addition, the gray giant breeds are rabbits of glandular gray.specimens with gray-brown, prickly hair, uniformly scattered over the skin and creating an effect of gray hair.

The breed of rabbits, the gray giant , has developed relatively recently, so in some cases, animals can be found in pure black or absols

The females of this breed are fruitful and well-fed with rabbits Young fledglings grow fast and well fed

At the age of two months, rabbits weigh 1.7 kg, and onthree months - 2 kg In four months, the best rabbit reaches 3 kg or more Average weight of adult adult rabbit carcasses 3.0-3.5 kg Salvage output with good fatness reaches 60-61%.The area of ​​the skins of large rabbits is 2500-2700 and even 3000 cm2.It should be noted that the rabbits breed gray giant are highly resistant to diseases.