Face care: price, feedback, results and contraindications

In our time, youthful skin and slim figure are the most important values ​​for a woman. Oldies do not want anyone, besides the youthful look gives a lot of advantages in work and personal life. Modern cosmetology offers many ways to save youth and beauty - from

plastic surgery to various injections. However, recently, a tendency towards a gradual transition from operational interventions to effective non-invasive techniques has emerged and is constantly evolving. It is very popular to use a laser, various massages and hardware techniques. One of the latest discoveries in this area is the heat treatment process, which allows you to quickly and without rejuvenation rejuvenate and tighten your face.

Face care: price, feedback, results and contraindications

What is the

Thermase? In essence, Thermage is a non-surgical skin tightening on the face. This is a special modern technique, based on the effect on the skin of an alternating high-frequency electromagnetic field. In this case, the manipulation is metered heating on a strictly fixed time of a certain area of ​​facial tissue, which causes the reaction of skin collagen. As a result of this effect, the body reacts to the renewal of connective tissue, enhanced by the development of collagen and elastin. It strengthens the natural skeleton, which holds the skin, and the face looks much younger. Straightening skin folds, wrinkles disappear, age-related sagging of the skin, it stretches, becomes more elastic and dense. Externally, this manifests itself in significant changes in the appearance, and the woman looks a few years younger than his real age.

At the moment, TEMAZH is considered one of the most effective and fastest methods of rejuvenation, practically has no side effects and contraindications. Analogues of thermo has not yet existed, it is better than other fast methods gives a pronounced rejuvenation of the skin and the effect of lifting. This procedure has already been recognized in 72 countries and has been in use since 2002, so that cosmetologists have a great deal of experience and know all the subtleties of working with this technique.

Thermazh has numerous advantages over other ways of carrying out of lifting:

  • Almost has no contraindications.
  • Does not provoke allergic reactions.
  • Does not leave traces on the face and does not require rehabilitation measures. After performing the procedure, you can continue to live an ordinary life - go to work, walk, relax and so on.
  • Can be carried out at any time of the year and does not impose restrictions on other manipulations with appearance. You can apply decorative cosmetics, use the usual means of care, swim, including in the sea, and so on.
  • The effect after the procedure is visible immediately, and then increases for half a year.

Results of the procedure and its value in the salon

It is recommended to carry out the thermolifting procedure in a salon environment with a well-trained specialist. Despite the lack of many contraindications, to achieve a qualitative and lasting effect requires a serious experience and accurate knowledge of the correct sequence of actions. Performed by a good cosmetologist, Thermage is able to give a quick effect of rejuvenation without negatively affecting the appearance and health of the patient.

Face care: price, feedback, results and contraindications

Before and After

When It is Recommended to Perform

Therapy This procedure is prescribed for the following skin problems and conditions:

  • Age-related skin changes.
  • Presence of lingering and dull skin on the face, neck and neck area.
  • A false oval of a person that violates clear contours and adds no extra years.
  • Double chin.
  • Deformation of the skin and deeper tissues in the area of ​​the sciatica and nose.
  • In-depth, well-visible nasolabial folds.
  • Expressed wrinkles around the mouth.
  • After the procedure, the effect of rejuvenation comes immediately and becomes noticeable in a few minutes after the end of manipulation. Over time, the effect is only aggravated by the strengthening of the subcutaneous framework of collagen and elastin fibers. It is believed that the full effect of the procedure is manifested 5 months after it.

    With proper and regular care, the effect of the heat treatment can be stored for 5 years.

    Patient may experience pain at different intensities while healing. Their level depends on individual sensitivity, but in any case is tolerant and does not deliver any special discomfort.

    The cost of the procedure depends on where it is performed and which area of ​​person and body is processed.

    Currently, Thermage is successfully used to correct age-related deformations of body tissues. After the procedure, there is visible tightening of the skin, the disappearance of deep folds and deformations caused by the influence of age. Also, Thermage is recommended after a rapid weight loss, when the skin sags due to loss of hypodermic fatty tissue. After heating, the situation is greatly improved, as the effect of the waves helps to strengthen the connective tissue and reduce fading. However, with too rapid and significant weight loss, this method will not be particularly effective, since it will not be able to reduce a very large excess of the skin. With such a situation can only be managed by surgical removal of excess skin, and this is a complete operational intervention.

    Face care: price, feedback, results and contraindications

    Before and After


    There is a minimum number of contraindications to perform the heat treatment:

    • The presence of silicone implants in the treated area of ​​the face and body.
    • Skin defects in the area of ​​exposure( rashes, inflammation, injuries).
    • Lesion of connective tissue, which undesirable wave and thermal effects.
    • Diabetes mellitus.
    • Pregnancy and lactation.

    Despite the minimum contraindications, the heat treatment procedure requires careful consideration. Experienced specialist must be convinced that heat treatment will not cause a negative reaction, checking its effect before using on the skin of the face. Recall that a good result can be obtained only by using the services of an experienced and competent cosmetologist who has undergone a special training and knows all the details of the procedure. It is also very important to follow all the recommendations that he will give after the heating.

    Face care: price, feedback, results and contraindications

    Reviews about the

    • treatment Maryana, 29 years old

    I do not have bright age-related changes, but after other births I quickly became thin and on the face sharply became noticeable nasolabial folds, a little "swam" oval face. I ceased to like myself in the mirror, but I was not ready for radical measures, and I did not see any special needs. The friend advised Thermage, she did the procedure, and I liked that after it there are no traces. I can not say that I did not hurt at all, but nothing was too serious, rather unpleasant enough. But! Immediately after my cosmetologist gave me a mirror. I certainly did not expect this. I looked as if all the 8 months after childbirth had been resting and scattered in full, and not panicking with two children. Nasogubki almost disappeared, and the doctor says that in six months it will be even better. I am immensely satisfied with the result and I'm glad that I went to Theresa, and not to another procedure.

    • Tatiana, 34 years old

    I went to thermase, because I am panicked for injections. I have fairly soft, flat cheeks and they look a little bitched up. It's ugly and adds me age. We found information on the Internet at the time when we were looking for a way to make the most harmless possible remedy for our shortcomings. After heating the effect noticed immediately to say that something changed radically, I can not, but from the outside I began to look clearly younger. It's been three months now, and the effect is only getting worse. Of course, I did not get my frizzy cheeses, but my loose pillows somehow got stuck and became more accurate, more dense, or something. Good effect and it did not hurt at all, just not very nice.

    • Galina, 48 years old

    I came to my age with good skin, but with close consideration you can see age changes. There were wrinkles near the eyes, shallow, but rather noticeable, ugly folds around the lips, which began to swallow lipstick, nasolabial folds and changed oval face. On the recommendation of his beautician, I went to the heat treatment, which is why I'm very glad! The face has changed imperceptibly, but very substantially. The skin seemed to become much stronger and tighter, stretching out the lower jaw, smoothing nasolabial folds, and fine wrinkles simply disappeared. Especially pleased with the disappearance of disgusting wrinkles near the lips - the lipstick now does not spread even without a contour pencil. The cosmetologist advises to make a philler in the contour of the lips, since with age he became less clear, and the volume of lips diminished. Filler will give you the necessary tumult and I'll look younger and more fresh.