Midocalm from headache in cervical osteochondrosis


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Medocalm Medication is a muscle relaxant - a remedy that relaxes muscle. It is carried out in the form of tablets of white or light color, in dosage of 50 and 150 mg of tolperisone hydrochloride. In addition to

, the tablet contains lactose, talc, lemon and stearic acid, microcellulose and dyes. A solution for intramuscular and intravenous injections is also provided.

Best Midokalm struggles with stress headaches - as a means of relaxing muscles, it completely stops the attack for 20 minutes. He is also good and as a remedy for vascular muscle spasm, relaxing them, he effectively struggles with discomfort. Since Midocalm is used in various forms, it is worth choosing the form of the medication, depending on how strong the pain - the solution should be used only with very strong attacks, the tablets will be suitable for less painful situations.

Mostly, Midocalm is prescribed for osteochondrosis and cervical and headaches and dizziness caused by it. Along with medications such as ibuprofen, it qualitatively and quickly stops pain and dizziness, ensuring the normal functioning of the blood circulation system.

Normal dizziness( for other reasons) Midocalm does not help and can not be used without a doctor's recommendation.

Midocalm from headache in cervical osteochondrosis

Medocalm drug relaxes muscle, and therefore effectively combats spasm. Against dizziness, he will not help, but the headache tension or the effects of osteochondrosis will be removed very quickly.

How It Works

It's still not known exactly how the Midokalm works. In addition to its miorelaksiruyuschie properties, it stabilizes intercellular membranes, creates local anesthesia, has an adrenoblocking and antispasmodic effect.

Midokalm is taken immediately after eating, taking pills with water. You do not need to eat it. After taking the pill, it is completely absorbed into the stomach and reaches the peak of action after half an hour. Products of metabolism are excreted from the body together with the liquid.

  • For children 3-6 years of age, the medication is calculated based on weight, at a rate of 5 mg per kilogram of weight, taking into account that the daily dose will be received, which you will need to drink in 3 doses.
  • For children 7-14 years of age, the daily dose is calculated to be 2-4 mg per kilogram of weight, as well as 3 receptions.
  • For children aged 14 years and older, the dose is calculated according to the course - 5 mg 2-3 times a day in the first few days, then the dosage increases and reaches 150 mg with the same frequency.

Prickles need less - intramuscularly administer 200 mg for two doses, intravenously 100 mg per day, in one treatment. By the way, in exceptional cases, Midokalm stabbing children from 3 months after birth, but in an individual dose.

Side Effects and Contraindications

There is still nothing known about cases of overdose of Midokalm. In such a situation it is recommended to rinse the stomach and ask a specialist to fight the symptoms. This is a sad situation and data on the effects of the drug on mother and baby during pregnancy or breastfeeding, so doctors simply recommend refraining from them during this period. Theoretically, the most dangerous name is the period of pregnancy up to 12 weeks, after which the risks for the child are significantly reduced.

There have been cases where the child received up to 600 mg of the drug and did not show toxic poisoning, however, when testing the drug in animals, it was found that the doses of the drug cause ataxia, seizures, breathing paralysis and death.

How to make an

Midocalm from headache in cervical osteochondrosis
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As for the constraints on sharing with other medications, there are no contraindications there yet. The main active component of the medicine has an effect on the nervous system, but it is not sufficient for the sedative effect, so that there are no obstacles to the course of treatment with hypnotics, soothing or ethanol-containing drugs. On the other hand, there are drugs that enhance the effect of tolperisone - for example, clonidine, and other psychotropic drugs, anesthetics, muscle relaxants of peripheral action.

As a side effect, it should be noted a strong effect on the nervous system, which is expressed in the form of headache pain, weakness in the muscles, vessels respond with a sharp decrease in pressure. It also affects the gastrointestinal tract - there may be a feeling of nausea, discomfort, in some cases possible vomiting. Allergic reactions are also not excluded - when taking Medocalm possible rashes, itching, edema, spasm of the bronchi and even anaphylactic shock. All adverse reactions are eliminated by lowering the dose of the medicinal product.

It is categorically contraindicated in the use of the drug for children under three years of age, myasthenics, allergies to any of the components of the drug.


  • Musculoskeletal pain with increased tonus due to damage to the central nervous system( probably as a complication of multiple sclerosis or stroke).
  • Muscle contracture, tone and frequent cramps as a result of complications in the lesion of the organ( arthrosis, spondylosis, lumbar or cervical syndrome).
  • Encephalopathy, complicated by muscular disorders( eg, CTSS).
  • Restoration after vessels of an obliterative nature.
  • Restoration after the loss of vascular innervation.
  • Postoperative recovery.

Despite the fact that Midokalm is dispensed in pharmacies under the prescription of a doctor and requires intensive medical control over admission, it is one of the safest medicines in its class action. He does not interfere with driving a car, does not inject a patient into a sleepy state, allows him to lead that lifestyle as before. At the same time, it does not "spoil" the liver and kidneys, does not affect hematopoiesis, its metabolites are excreted with water, namely, the medicine almost completely decomposes, not accumulating in the "filters" of the organism. Repeated courses of therapy also do not worsen the situation. It facilitates movement and can be intended for children from three years, facilitating hypertonum even in children affected by childhood( spastic) cerebral palsy.

Midocalm from headache in cervical osteochondrosis

Midocalm is often prescribed repeatedly, it is not harmful to the body. It is prescribed by several courses even for children with a diagnosis of STDs( a kind of infantile cerebral palsy).

Price of medicines

The cost of a packet of Midcalma with 30 blister ranges from 200 to 300 rubles per minute, which does not make it extremely affordable for the population. Of course, if we take into account the fact that it can rarely be imposed and its necessity, it is difficult to establish a real price category for this miorelazatora. At the moment, there are no cheaper and more effective drugs that could replace it or provoke price reductions. On the other hand, the ceiling of the cost of drugs in 300 rubles is clearly not the limit drugs for such an action, although to find a similar Mikodalmu in the absence of contraindications, latitude and minimization of health damage is very and very difficult, even if you consider expensive.


"Good medicine, virtually harmless. We are treating them now with the daughter of the CCD, it is much easier to move and almost does not hurt, why we are very happy. So, at a price he is not cheap, but he is worth it. Maybe sometime, then, they come up with the same effective, almost free medicine, or there are now analogues, but we are still better off than we will change the therapy. "

" My doctor appointed Midokalm after an unsuccessful operation on his hands, now the elbow is like boneand practically it's moving. But while the pills are in operation, you can move more or less. Let it not ten rubles in the store, but it can be cured and better to feel. "

" The doctor drank this Midokalm, literally after the first days of application I became ill - red on the skin, it became difficult to breathe, to medriven to the fast. Now I do not drink it myself, and I do not recommend it to others, because there was no such drug before. Already after the doctor found out that this is such an allergy to lidocaine, but still, can not people warn that he can die? "

" Despite the fact that there is no advertising on the streets and on the TV, doctors and patientsMedocalum medications are very praiseworthy. After a couple of days of prophylactic examination, I highly recommended him, but I almost do not feel any changes - even if the hand moves freer, I do not notice a special difference. It feels like they have chalk tablets, but nothing inside them. Yes, they are good ones that do not harm the health, but why they need it, if they still do not help? Three hundred rubles for just giving something you do not want "