Beer increases or decreases pressure? Find out the answer!

Alcohol drinks in large quantities are harmful to health and constitute the main cause of high blood pressure. Hypertonics are highly contraindicated in the use of strong liquors in any quantity, even beer.

Gives beer the benefit of the body?

Beer is a low-alcoholic

drink, but only a quality and natural product contains natural ingredients cooked in a special recipe without chemical additives. And everyone should know that cheap beer on store shelves negatively affects not only the vessels, but also the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

What happens when you are constantly using beer? A high-quality beverage contains a minimal percentage of alcohol, therefore it does not have a significant effect on the vessels. A healthy person can drink 0.5 liters of beer no more than one or two times a week without harm to his body. A woman is better off drinking no more than 0.33 liters. With an increase in this norm and abuse of the beverage every day there is a marked weakening of the function of the heart muscle and the development of dependence. There are supporters of a categorical attitude towards beer. They are sure that any alcohol has a detrimental effect on the whole body.

It's fun! In the Middle Ages, believed that beer has a lot of useful properties. The drink was given to people who have mental or physical exhaustion, and rubbed their feet with beer during fatigue. The fact is that a good beverage contains beer yeast, which does not contain preservatives, synthetic additives. Beer yeast itself is saturated with potassium, which contributes to the work of the heart muscle.

How does beer affect blood pressure?

There are cases where beer consumption contributes to lowering blood pressure due to its strong diuretic properties. In moderate amounts, this low-alcohol beverage stabilizes blood pressure due to the sodium and potassium content, but after excessive use of it during the intoxication of the body, the vessel is narrowed again sharply. No alcohol is a drug or stimulant. There is no exception to beer, so it can contribute to an increase in blood pressure, and in some cases acts as aspirin.

At high pressure it is necessary to find out the reason for its occurrence. But only doctor, not alcoholic beverages can help. Therefore, there is no exact answer to the question that beer reduces or raises pressure.