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Overview of the TeXet X-maxi TM-5072

Overview of TeXet X maxi TM 5072

TeXet X-maxi TM-5072 is for the manufacturer, perhaps the largest smartphone with decent features. In this device, it was decided to combine all the modern features that will really be needed by the user. What actually did the TeXet X-maxi TM-5072 come out?

Overview of the TeXet X-maxi TM-5072.Exterior


has become a habit that TeXet devices do not differ in original and unusual design. Here everything is simple and concise. This also applies to the TeXet X-maxi TM-5072, which has a front-facing display with navigation buttons below and a speaker on the top with the front camera, and the back side with a multimedia speaker and a main flash unit. It is worth noting that the camera is a little forward, so on any surface of the smartphone will lie not to the end exactly. Dimensions TeXet X-maxi TM-5072: height - 144 mm, width - 72 mm, thickness - 8 mm, weight - 165 rub. TeXet X-maxi TM-5072 color: black.

Also, we can not forget that the TeXet X-maxi TM-5072 is a Dual SIM smartphone. And here is one feature. The first SIM card is normal and the other is a micro SIM.In addition to the usual accessories, the delivery includes a convenient cover book, as well as an additional back panel of bright color, which allows you to change the color of the body if desired at any time.

Overview of the TeXet X-maxi TM-5072.

Display As already noted, the TeXet X-maxi TM-5072 has a fairly large 5 "diagonal touch screen. Of course, it's hard to surprise a modern user with such sizes, but for TeXet this display is one of the most significant. That's just got a resolution that is 854 by 480 pixels. Therefore, the number of pixels per inch is small - 196 ppi. It turns out, the manufacturer chased the size of the screen, but for some reason did not manage to provide a high-resolution display. As a result, the screen was contrasting and bright, but with noticeable pixels and low clarity.

Overview of the TeXet X-maxi TM-5072.Processor

Inside the TeXet X-maxi TM-5072 is a dual-core Chinese processor MediaTek MT6572.The clock frequency of this chip is 1200 MHz. As a graphics accelerator, the Mali-400 MP stands for. Though the processor is not the most powerful, but with the interface and other functions cope normally. For games, it does not fit, and in all other cases, acts as a good "working horse".

Overview of the TeXet X-maxi TM-5072.Memory

For the modern mobile phone in the TeXet X-maxi TM-5072 is very small. The amount of RAM is only 512 MB.This means that simultaneously opening more than one or two programs is unlikely to turn out. And many applications will also fail to install. User memory is very limited - 4 GB.But by purchasing a microSD card, you can expand the internal memory to 32 GB.

Overview of the TeXet X-maxi TM-5072.The

TeXet X-maxi TM-5072 camera has two cameras at once. The first one is a 0.3-megapixel front-facing camera. But the second is more interesting, since it is 5 megapixel and is equipped with flash, as well as auto focus. Photos are of acceptable quality both during the day and in the evening. Nokia, Samsung, Apple or Sony leaders do not have such a camera, but this is no longer a budget option.

Overview of the TeXet X-maxi TM-5072.Operating system

Works TeXet X-maxi TM-5072 operating system under the name Android 4.2.2.The speed and functionality of such a system are impressive. This version of the operating system allows you to quickly operate even a device with very simple technical characteristics.

Overview of the TeXet X-maxi TM-5072.Battery

The TeXet X-maxi TM-5072 smartphone features a battery pack of 1800 mAh. The battery is variable, so it can be replaced. With an average use of the device, the charge lasts for one and a half days.

Overview of the TeXet X-maxi TM-5072.Other

Other features and interesting features include the availability of Bluetooth 4.0, 3G, GPS, G-Sensor, microphone, WiFi 802.11 b /g/ n, microUSB, light sensors and proximity sensors.

Overview of TeXet X maxi TM 5072

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