Prisma is an online photo editor

In this article I will tell you that it is for Prism Editor, the Prisma application is available online, describe the history of its creation and features of the functional. The recently appeared online photo editor Prisma has already managed to gain enormous popularity and become a hit Instagram. Hundreds of thousands of photos under the

hashtag #prisma, the huge popularity and desire of leading media projects to invest in the development of the application - all this is the result of a bright and unique concept multiplied by the talent of its developer.

Prisma is an online photo editor

Prism photo editor


  • 1 Russian application Prisma
  • 2 Photo processing technology
  • 3 How to use Prisma
  • 4 When the Prisma online application is available( + alternative)
  • 5 Conclusion

Russian application Prisma

Online photo editor Prysma is a private project of Russian programmer AlexeiMoiseyenko, who previously worked with Mail.ru Group. The author decided to create his own unique application, which combines high speed image processing and the achievement of advanced technology. Prisma Labs, the general manager of which is Moiseenko, has been able to fully achieve its goals by achieving the highest speed of photo processing among its competitors. Moreover, the application does not simply impose a filter on its own photos, but totally transforms the image into a user-selected style.

Prisma is an online photo editor

Photo collage after processing the application

On June 11, 2016, the Russian Prisma application became available on the App Store, and literally in a few days flew up to the top of the world rankings, coming to the top installations of the best "apple" applications, and the version of the program for Android is here.

The market value of Prisma has already grown to several tens of millions of dollars, and Instagram with hashtag #prisma, literally shaken with photos created in the style of great artists.

Secrets of using the program here.

Photo Neural Network Processing Technology

What makes this online Prisma application so popular? Its essence is the application of neural network technologies, which allow using author's styles of famous artists in user photography. Users are available authoring styles of avant-garde and surrealists, abstractionists and anachronists, romantics, impressionists and many others. You can transform the photo taken in the spirit of Picasso and Kandinsky, Van Gogh and Chagall, Levitan, Munch and other famous maestro paintings.

Prisma is an online photo editor

Photo from Instagram D. Medvedev

As a collection of photos processed by Prisma, you can watch the video:

Developers promise to continually improve the application, the list of authoring styles will increase, as well as the release of this application on other platforms. While Prisma is only available for the iOS platform for apple trees, it's expected very soon( in the first half of July) for the Android platform. A complete program interface is also expected to increase ease and accessibility for users.

How to use Prisma

The concept of working with images is similar to other similar editors.

  • You upload( or take pictures) to the online photo editor Prisma a photo, select a filter, and then the image processing takes place, it takes 10-15 seconds.
  • During processing, your photos are sent to the cloud, processed and sent back to you
  • . For the privacy and security of your photos do not worry - they will be removed from the servers in a minimal time.
  • Useful tips for Prisma users:

    • do not need to think that a bad photo will be better with Prism;
    • use as a basis quality photos taken in good lighting;
    • do not reuse the same image, it is unlikely to be better;
    • do not get your acquaintances with the same photo processed by a dozen different Prisma filters. It quickly gets fed up.

      Prisma is an online photo editor

      Photo after

    Filter When the Prisma online application is available( + alternative)

    Prisma, a web-based version of the photo editor, is expected to be available online( PC version here).If someone wants to find out about the web version first - leave comments under the article, you will necessarily be notified of the appearance of the popular Prisma application online.

    Alternative. At the moment I advise you to pay attention to another online service - Deepart.io, working on a similar principle.

    Prisma is an online photo editor

    Online service Deepart.io

  • You simply upload your photo to your resource( the size is at most 500 by 500 pixels).
  • Choose the filter you like.
  • Specify your e-mail - and after processing the photo will be sent to you by e-mail.
  • Unfortunately, Deepart's online resource does not have a high processing speed - because of the huge queue of those who want to handle your photo, it may take several hours. After paying 2 euros, you can speed up the queue, in which case the photo will be delivered within 15 minutes.


    The secret of Prisma's popularity is a vivid and unique idea multiplied by the quick and reliable work of the online photo editor. If you are wondering what your "Mike Creek" or "Go for Baroque" looks like in Liechtenstein, just download an app on your iPhone, and I'm sure you'll appreciate the originality of its functionality.