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Interesting Gift Ideas for New Year 2018 |The original, the unusual, the cool

Original gifts for the New Year do not necessarily have to be expensive. It is clear that exclusive presentations are not the cheapest option, moreover, it may not be the most interesting.

Where more exciting, come up with and make gifts for yourself or buy simple, but the

is a symbolic one. It is they who can create the necessary New Year's mood, bring joy and anticipation of New Year's magic.

And yet, everyone has their own interests, and for a fisherman it is unlikely to become an interesting gift for a parachute jump. Therefore, we will offer interesting ideas, but when choosing a gift, still, focus on what the gifted and what can bring him genuine joy and pleasure.

Simple Ideas

Some variants can be borrowed from the traditions of different peoples of the world. So many have already borrowed, and they are quite interesting and funny.

The Predictive Cookie is a great Christmas New Year gift. It does not require a lot of expenses, but it is possible to congratulate all relatives, friends and colleagues. The recipes of such cookies on the Internet are dark darkness, we choose and do. And inside hide the best and optimistic predictions.

You can diversify the variations and, for example, arrange the cake for each individual, wrapping in the original package and adding to the forecast your wish.

Interesting Gift Ideas for New Year 2018 |The original, the unusual, the cool

Ginger Men - Unlike the previous Chinese version, these cookies as a gift are relevant in most European countries. This is a very symbolic gift for Christmas and New Year holidays. It is also not expensive and will deliver enormous pleasure not only to the person you are giving, but also to yourself, as long as you do it.

In addition to men, you can make Christmas bells, which will decorate a Christmas tree and fill the house with warm ginger-cinnamon aroma.

Stuffed fruit or sweets is a simple but interesting gift, because every fruit symbolizes something. Oranges and tangerines - riches, apple - wisdom, figs - sweet joyful life.

And in general, it is possible to collect any fruit in a bag and to think up their meaning themselves. Wrap each one in a separate wrapper and sign: "Wisdom", "Wealth", "Success", "Joy", etc. In general, imagine and you will probably have a wonderful charming bag.

The same can be done with candy. Turn them into different wrappers of colored paper and sign: Love, Health, Happiness, etc.

Soap - and why not? It is quite an interesting idea if you submit it correctly. You can cook yourself soap and pour in the form of a tree, snowman, New Year's ball or any characters that are a symbol of the holiday.

And you can buy ready-made gifts and gifts, so that the new 2018 is clean, light, fragrant, or something in this spirit.

Candles - too, you can do it yourself, but you can buy ready. Simply, when you cook unusual gifts yourself, you literally seep through the spirit of the holiday, the appropriate mood is born. And in the gifts made by your hands, there is a piece of your soul, which is also important.

Candles to New Year's Eve is very symbolic. And the options on the Internet and the instructions are enough, so that nothing complicated would be a desire and a little bit of time.

The crayon masks of the are a super gift and they are made not difficult. But in this version one can show all his imagination, for example, to imagine the one who is supposed to have a gift in the form of some animal, which of them can be associated with a fairy tale character. And to expose a mask, listing the best qualities of this animal.

Trinkets - by the way, you can also do it yourself: weave beads or poured from gypsum. The dog is ideally suited - it is a symbol of 2018.It is better to make it in yellow colors or its shades, as the year of the Yellow Eagle Dog comes.

Magnets - an inexpensive cute gift that you can endow all the many friends, friends, colleagues and even your loved ones. And you can do it yourself too.

Gypsum, magnets, shapes - everything you need can be found in specialized stores. And do not have to run to search them all over the city, just open the browser, find the necessary site and make an order.

The original Christmas tree is a great idea! Look online. Did you see a Christmas tree from latex gloves? This is a miracle! It is interesting, unusual and exactly like everyone who will become a happy possessor. And in general there are many options, choose the one you like and the one to whom the gift is assigned.

Personal Horoscope for 2018 is a great idea. Make a collage of events that will take place in the coming year. Just do not need anything bad, only positive, fun, happy.

For example, we cut a picture with a smart car if a person wants to buy it, for loved ones - beautiful pictures of a magnificent wedding, etc.

The charms are a cool idea. That's only if you knit them yourself, you need to do it in advance, in order to have time to put the necessary amount on the holiday. And again, for the gift to be more symbolic, you can sew as a logo of the Lord of the year - the Dog.

Interesting ideas - "car and small cart", and to list all, will have to write a five-volume. But it is easier to register in the browser "handeade" to the holiday and choose the idea that you like.

More costly gift options

Above were described by little cost options that are suitable for making nice gifts for a large number of people. And in this section we will narrow the range of gifted ones, as we offer variants of more expensive gifts that are best to give to close people or good friends.

Interesting Gift Ideas for New Year 2018 |The original, the unusual, the cool

Presents-Impressions. This "know-how" appeared not so long ago. But in every city there are companies offering similar gifts. Open the Internet and understand what is going on if you have not yet encountered such interesting suggestions.

Thus, relying on the capture of the gifted, you can pick up a gift of interest. For example, for those who love mysticism, secrets, riddles, you can give a mystical New Year tour or night in the museum. Those who like to sing and are regular karaoke - record their own single.

For fans of extreme sports - skiing from a steep mountain or anything in this spirit. Those who like to learn something new - a master class. There are a lot of gifts, and you will surely find interesting for those who want to hand it.

Gift Certificate is an interesting idea. For example, a person works a lot, but for some reason can not afford to spend on pleasure. So the day in the beauty salon or in the sauna with friends - will be for him an amazing gift.

Almost all shops and salons offer such certificates for different amounts, so choose an interesting one for your wallet and the joy of the person to whom it is assigned will not make any difficulty.


Such gifts are for the families and relatives themselves, as they require no small expenses. The

Travel is a great idea, and one of the most interesting, especially if you do not often pamper home long distances. But if possible, do not say in advance, so it will be more interesting( provided, of course, that all have the necessary documents).

Collect everything you need, so that you just have to collect your personal belongings and report a trip a couple of days before it. But even better that day, though, if you are sure that none of yours had any significant plans.

Interesting Gift Ideas for New Year 2018 |The original, the unusual, the cool

In general, manifest fantasy and try to beat so that all participants of the trip were in joyous excitement and foreboding.

And let the New 2018 be filled with interesting ideas, events and fantastic gifts!

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