Disease Of The Skin

Candidiasis of the skin of the inguinal folds - causes, symptoms, treatment, photos

Candidiasis of the skin in the inguinal folds is a disease caused by fungi belonging to the genus Candida. Defeat of the skin is expressed by redness, the formation of vesicles, papules and erosions.

Important! Develop a skin form of candidiasis at any age. The

is found in newborns, as one of the varieties of diaper dermatitis, and in adults of all ages.

Doctors recently noted an increase in the incidence of skin candidiasis. It should be noted that Candida fungi belong to the group of conditionally pathogenic flora, that is, these microorganisms are normally present on mucous healthy people. The development of skin form of candidiasis is a sign that the body is not all right.


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Causes of

Candidiasis of the skin of the inguinal folds cause, symptoms, treatment, photo

Candida mushrooms are the cause of the disease.

In most people, Candida fungi are present in the body from an early age. In this case, the presence of microorganisms in normal does not cause a person of no concern.

However, under certain conditions, pathogenic reproduction of fungi may begin, which also causes the development of candidiasis.

Causes that may contribute to the development of skin candidiasis can be divided into external and internal.

For internal( endogenous) causes of skin candidiasis, the following should be attributed:

  • metabolic disturbances, including diabetes, obesity;
  • imbalance of natural microflora - dysbiosis;
  • reduce the protective functions of the skin against the background of infectious and inflammatory diseases;
  • avitaminosis( for example, Pelagra is one of the forms of avitaminosis).

The external factors that lead to increased fungal growth and the development of candidiasis are:

  • High humidity. Candidiasis often develops in people with high sweating( hyperhidrosis), as well as those who, by virtue of the profession, often come in contact with water - workers of baths, laundries, etc.,
  • The effect on the skin of chemicals.
  • Work in rooms where the high concentration of fungi in the air is in vegetable stores, canned or confectionery factories, etc.
  • Receiving antibiotics. Treatment with the use of antibacterial agents can lead to the death of a part of the natural microflora, which contributes to the increase in the number of fungi.
  • Insufficient hygiene. Candidiasis of the skin of the inguinal folds often develops in children or non-existent patients, who rarely change diapers.
  • Clinical manifestations of

    The disease begins with reddening of the skin and the appearance of a slight swelling in the area of ​​the skin folds in the groin. As the disease develops, rashes appear on the skin - bubbles, pustules or papules.

    When exposed, rashes form wrinkles on the skin of eroded surfaces. The organs of skin lesions in candidiasis, as a rule, have clear borders and festonchatye edges. A characteristic symptom of candidiasis is the presence of a whitish plaque on the surface of erosion.

    Depending on the symptoms, the vesicle and erythematous forms of candidiasis, striking inguinal folds will be isolated. In the first case, patients with skin develop multiple blister rash, located on the background of edema and inflamed skin. For erythematous forms the formation of areas of swollen and reddened skin characterized by erosion after some time is characteristic.

    Important! Candidiasis, struck the skin in the inguinal folds, can be purchased with a stubborn course with frequent relapses. Sometimes candidiasis passes into a generalized form with a defeat not only of the skin, but also of the mucous membranes, including the mucous membranes of the internal organs.

    What are the health risks of candidiasis? Here you will find out more about it here.

    Diagnostic Methods

    Candidiasis of the skin of the inguinal folds cause, symptoms, treatment, photo

    Bacteriological analysis is carried out in order to find out what pathogen has become the cause of the disease.

    Diagnosis of skin form of candidiasis is carried out on the basis of external examination, which allows to evaluate the symptoms of the disease.

    In order to clarify the type of agent that provoked inflammatory reactions on the skin, a bacteriological analysis is performed. This analysis is carried out by sowing the material taken from the affected skin onto the nutrient medium.

    It is possible to carry out blood tests to detect the presence of antibodies to the fungal infection.

    Additionally, a patient with a suspicion of candidiasis is recommended to be sent to a survey that can detect concomitant illness. First of all, you need to make a sugar analysis to exclude diabetes. Also, HIV testing is mandatory. Adult patients with candidiasis in the inguinal folds should be screened for STDs. In addition, skin candidiasis of the inguinal folds often occurs in combination with fungal vulvovaginitis and vaginal candidiasis in women or balanoposthitis in men, therefore patients need consultation with a gynecologist or urologist.

    Occasionally, differential diagnosis is required to distinguish candidiasis from the inguinal folds psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, erythematous lupus, genital herpes.

    Treatment of

    For the treatment of skin form of candidiasis, antifungal agents are used for external use. In the case of a severe course of candidiasis, the administration of systemic drugs is prescribed.
    Candidiasis of the skin of the inguinal folds cause, symptoms, treatment, photo

    Antifungal agents are used for treatment.

    The main purpose of treatment for candidiasis is to remove the fungus from the area of ​​the lesion or to significantly reduce its amount. However, to hope that after the course of taking antifungal agents, the fungus will be completely removed from the body is not worth it. Treatment only leads to the containment of reproduction of microorganisms. And during pregnancy is prescribed a special course of treatment. You will learn about how to treat candidiasis during pregnancy here.

    One of the conditions for recovery is the timely detection and elimination of the factors that have contributed to the development and progression of candidiasis. If this is a chronic disease, treatment should be prescribed for the correction of the condition. In the event that candidiasis is caused by external influences, it is necessary to take measures for their leveling.

    It is obligatory to prescribe the drugs of restoration action - vitamins, immunostimulants, and also need to eat properly with candidiasis.

    The main treatment of candidiasis in the skin is the use of antimycotic drugs.

    Today, to get rid of mucosal forms of candidiasis, use

  • Triazol. This group includes drugs in which fluconazole or itraconazole is used as an active ingredient.
  • polished. This family of drugs includes agents based on nystatin and levorin.
  • Imidazoles. These are based on clotrimazole, ketoconazole, oxyconazole, econazole.
  • Echinocandins are drugs that include caspofungin.
  • In mild form of candidiasis, which struck the skin in the inguinal folds, it is recommended to use these preparations in the form of ointments, sprays, solutions or creams. In addition, iodine tincture can be used for external skin treatment.

    In the event that the candidosis is strongly expressed or the local treatment does not produce results, systemic action drugs for oral use( capsules, tablets) or for injections are prescribed. Can candidiasis go alone without special treatment you can learn from this article.


    Candidiasis of the skin of the inguinal folds cause, symptoms, treatment, photo

    In candidiasis of the skin of the inguinal folds, it is also important to eat well.

    In the process of treatment of candidiasis, patients are advised to limit sweetening, bread and other starchy foods in the diet. The diet should have enough protein and vegetables. You may need an additional method of probiotics to restore normal intestinal microflora. Since skin candidiasis often occurs on the background of dysbiosis.

    Treatment of folk remedies

    In the fight against candidiasis can help and folk remedies. The use of traditional medicine recipes is recommended for mild forms of candidiasis and as an adjunct to the main treatment:

  • A broth for intravenous use in the treatment of skin candidiasis is recommended to be prepared from a mixture of such herbs: St. John's Wort( 20 g.), Cowberry leaf, chamomile flowers( 15 g), leavesEucalyptus, wood( 10 g.).Take a tablespoon of the mixture to brew 250 ml of boiling water. The precipitated infusion is strain and divided into three portions. Drink during the day. Treatment of candidiasis with this decoction should last 21 days.
  • It is very useful to drink with a candidiasis infusion of a tea mushroom and a real "live" kvass. Also, it is recommended to eat more raw garlic, you can add it to salads or just eat one small dentist every day.
  • For the preparation of healing skin lotions for inguinal folds, you can use a number of flaxseeds, wood, oak bark. You can cook an infusion from a mixture of these plants or use them separately. For lotions use a warm infusion, keep compress for 15 minutes.
  • Will help in the treatment of candidiasis drinking soda. You need to take enough soda and add a little water to it, so that the mass resembles the consistency of paste. The skin of folds affected by candidiasis should be thoroughly applied to soda and let it dry. Then gently remove the soda and powder the skin in the folds of baby powder.
  • In the summer, candidiasis in the inguinal folds can be treated with celandine. Need to shred the plant, steal it on gauze and apply it to the inflamed skin.
  • Forecast and prevention of

    Prevention of the development of skin candidiasis is as follows:

    • timely treatment of diseases, including chronic;
    • fight against sweating;
    • suffices from hygiene( read in more detail here);
    • refuses self-treatment with antibiotics. Antibacterial agents should be used only on the appointment of a physician and in combination with probiotics and antimycotics.

    Prognosis of Candidiasis, which affects the skin of the inguinal folds, is generally good. However, in the absence of treatment or inappropriate therapy, the skin form of candidiasis can turn into a chronic form.

    With a low immune status, fungal infection can spread throughout the body, affecting the internal organs, which is quite dangerous. Therefore, in case of any suspicion of skin candidiasis, it is necessary to visit a dermatologist, to undergo a prescribed examination and a course of treatment.


    Candidiasis of the skin of the inguinal folds cause, symptoms, treatment, photo Candidiasis of the skin of the inguinal folds cause, symptoms, treatment, photo Candidiasis of the skin of the inguinal folds cause, symptoms, treatment, photo Candidiasis of the skin of the inguinal folds cause, symptoms, treatment, photo Candidiasis of the skin of the inguinal folds cause, symptoms, treatment, photo Candidiasis of the skin of the inguinal folds cause, symptoms, treatment, photo