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Nail Injury - Causes, Species, First Aid, Treatment, Photo

Facing such an inconvenience as a nail injury, can anyone. It does not depend on age, nor on the state of health, nor on other characteristics and features of a person.


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    • 2.1 Slaughter
    • 2.2 Pressure
    • 2.3 Breakdown and dissection
    • 2.4 Pedicure Injuries
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BasicThe cause of nail injuries is accidents. Inadequate handling of the door, falling heavy objects, or improperly executed manicure or pedicure are the most private reasons that lead to damage to the nail plates.

In addition, the cause of damage to the nail can even be the desire to follow the fashion. Wearing too narrow, squeezing foot shoes, can lead not only to the appearance of corns, warts and scarring, but also to damage the nail plate. Sometimes the cause of injury to the nail can become a bad habit, for example, the habit of nicks( onychography), which is very difficult to get rid of.

Types of damage and their manifestations

In manifestations of negligence a person may be injured, including injuries with damage to the nail plate. What kind of nail damage occur most often?


Nail injury causes, types, first aid, treatment, photo

Slaughter is the most common nail injury.

Perhaps the most common nail injury is a slaughter. Everyone can get such an injury. For example, when a heavy object falls to the toes or at the negligent handling of the hammer.

A typical manifestation of injury to the nail is the formation of hematoma underneath. The striking nail begins to quickly blink, and when receiving a more serious injury, it becomes black. Of course, this is not the nail plate itself changes the color after the injury, just under it formed podnogtevaya hematoma - a blood clot.

As with all other blows, the slaughter of the nail is accompanied by pain. The severity of the pain syndrome depends on how difficult the injury was. In addition, edema can occur on the damaged finger, the skin becomes hot. When severe nail punches are possible and the overall temperature increase.

Important! The most difficult thing is for those patients who have been slaughtered by the nail on their legs. Because because of the severe pain it becomes difficult for them to wear shoes and walk.

After a nail blow, the nail plate is damaged often, as the injury may cause a power failure, and the nail is already dead, and not a living tissue. On the spot of an anatomical nail begins to grow a new nail plate. At the first stage, she is likely to look unhealthy - wavy and uneven, but will eventually become normal.

However, if the injury to the nail becomes chronic, it is possible that the new nail will not get a healthy look, but will remain distorted, for example, with colonies.


Wearing tight and uncomfortable footwear can cause serious damage to the nails and further nail growth. External signs of injury from squeezing the nail, as a rule, resemble the symptoms of impact. The nail is first blackened, and then begins to flake off. However, the pain and swelling at such an injury, as a rule, are expressed not so intensively.

Breakdown and Cutting

Nail injury causes, types, first aid, treatment, photo

Broken Nail - This is a Serious Damage.

A broken nail is not only a spoiled manicure, but also a very serious damage. Of course, if the fracture fell only on the grown part of the nail, then nothing terrible happened. In this case, there is no pain or other unpleasant sensations.

It is much worse if the nail plastic cracked due to nail injury on the adjacent part of the nail bed. Such damage causes severe pain, possible formation of hematoma.

Injuries in manicure( pedicure)

Damage to the nail and longitudinal splitting of the nail plate may result in improper care. For example, if you use sharp metal objects instead of special tools for cleaning. It is quite easy to damage a delicate skin, which can lead to the addition of infection and cause serious inflammation.

Often, injuries to the nail are interrupted by careless crop circumcision. In rough actions it is easy to damage the nail plate or cut the nail plate. Improper actions in case of nail bedding can cause flakiness of the plate and lead to increased brittleness. Failure to observe the hygiene rules in a manicure can lead to the development of fungal diseases, for example, to onychomycosis.

First Aid

Nail injury causes, types, first aid, treatment, photo

Providing first aid for nail injury, it is necessary to apply a cold to stop the blood.

In the event of a nail injury, first aid should be given immediately. The main task at this stage is to stop the bleeding. Probably everyone knows that heat contributes to accelerating blood flow, and cold, on the contrary, slows the movement of blood. Therefore, before the stuffed finger is necessary, as soon as possible to apply a cold object.

You can simply put your finger under a jet of cold water, but if it is possible, it is better to use ice. Ice, preferably, put in a pure polyethylene or tissue pouch. The use of ice not only reduces the intensity of bleeding, but also relieves pain, so the injured person immediately feels relief.

Important! Ice should not be kept for too long. After 10 minutes of exposure to cold it is necessary to make a small break and, if the pain has not passed, it is possible to repeatedly apply the cold several times.

In case of serious injury to the nail, when the nail plate immediately begins to depart on the sick finger, apply a compression bandage and urgently send the injured person to the doctor.

If the nail plate is dissected or there is a deep breakage, you need to apply a sterile band on your finger and contact the surgeon.

Treatment of

Nail injury causes, types, first aid, treatment, photo

In the first place, it is necessary to remove the hematoma under the plate.

To rescue the injured nail and prevent any further peeling of the nails, remove the hematoma under the plate. Failure to do so will result in an increasing hematoma, which will disrupt the plate's nutrition and its rejection.

Removal of the hematoma is done by pricking the nail in the place of blood clotting. Through the hole the blood will come out, and the nail will be saved. This operation is recommended to be conducted in a polyclinic or an injured post. But, in extreme cases, it can be done and independently.

Take a needle or paper clip for this and force it on the fire. Then a hot needle needs to burn a small hole in the damaged nail( the plate before the operation should be disinfected).Exercise should be extremely careful not to cause the victim even more serious injury and not cause the development of the pathology of the nail plate( melanonichiya longitudinal).

Then, lightly pressing the nail, remove the blood. After that, a patch should be applied to the finger or sealed with a bactericidal patch.

It should be remembered that conducting an independent removal of the submandibular hematoma should only be done in the extreme case when there is no way to go to a medical facility. As in the course of an operation in inappropriate conditions, there is a risk of infection, which can lead to very serious consequences.

In case of an injury associated with the opening of the nail, it is usually necessary to remove the entire nail, or part of it. This is a very serious operation, which requires further skin retention, it is conducted in a medical facility, otherwise the nail in the future may grow incorrectly. Sometimes nail cutting is the cause of onychophytic development.

Forecast and prevention of

Forearm with a nail injury is usually good. If all the necessary therapeutic measures have been taken, then complete healing will occur within 2-4 weeks. In that case, there is a detachment of the nail plate, then the recovery will come after the new nail grows. This can take 2-4 months, since the nails( especially on the legs) grow quite slowly.

Prevention of nail injury is to ensure safety at workplaces and at home. When performing nail care procedures, use only a special tool and act very neatly.


Nail injury causes, types, first aid, treatment, photo Nail injury causes, types, first aid, treatment, photo Nail injury causes, types, first aid, treatment, photo Nail injury causes, types, first aid, treatment, photo Nail injury causes, types, first aid, treatment, photo Nail injury causes, types, first aid, treatment, photo