Face cleaning from black dots: masks and folk remedies( cleansing masks)

Only pure, smooth and fresh skin can be beautiful. Unfortunately, unfavorable natural conditions, polluted atmosphere of large cities and general bad ecology, as well as the use of inappropriate or non-high-quality cosmetic products leads to a change in the skin condition. It makes

very oily or very dry, there are irritations and rashes, pores are enlarged and stuffed with seagulls. So there are so-called black dots, or comedones.

Face cleaning from black dots: masks and folk remedies( cleansing masks)

What are the "black points" of the health and beauty "

"? This is not just a cosmetic defect, although it is reflected negatively by the external appeal of the skin. Each such "black dot" is a potential source of ignition. If the infection is infected during the time it is infected, it will become inflamed and ulceration is formed, which may be spot or become a real disaster - acne. In addition, the "black dot" in the so-called T-zone is very dangerous to the possibility of deeply infected extensive areas. There are a lot of small blood vessels, and the infection with a blood stream can be wide-spread throughout the body, and it threatens serious consequences, up to sepsis - the infection of blood.

The skin, covered with a large amount of comedones, has a slippery appearance, it seems gray, thick and oily. Often, "black dots" populate the nose, chin and forehead, much less often and in smaller quantities are on the cheeks, as well as on the chest and back. A simple cracking of comedones will not bring any benefit, only a shame - to get rid of this way from unpleasant tracks will not succeed, but it is easy to achieve the appearance of inflammation and the formation of coarse traces. To bring out the consequences of home experiments on their appearance and health will be extremely difficult, scars can remain for life.

Methods of fighting black dots

To deal with unpleasant and unethical "black dots", it is necessary to treat them in a complex way.

Comedones are formed as a result of several factors:

  • Increased skin paralysis.
  • Advanced Pores
  • Insufficient cleaning.
  • Abuse of fatty and heavy cosmetic products that cause blockage of pores.
  • Based on these reasons, the following methods will be used to combat dots:

    • Regular multi-step skin cleansing.
    • Fighting High Fat.
    • Mechanical Cleaning Pair.
    • Clearing the pore using masks.
    • Drying and disinfection of inflamed areas.
    • Blushing small black dots with special lotions.

    Face cleaning from black dots: masks and folk remedies( cleansing masks)

    Methods and Tools for

    Pores Straightforward It should be pointed out that manual cleaning at home, especially when not in hygiene, can lead to inflammation and even acne, as well as to provoke a steady expansion of pores. Only individual areas can be cleaned after they are well-steamed or treated with special preparations, which promote loosening of sebum and easy removal of traffic jams.

    At home, it's easiest to use two main tools to combat black dots - tonics and masks.

    Tonics for cleaning and discoloration of black dots

    Dark and noticeable oily cork in pores only if their "top" is oxidized under the action of oxygen and stained with traces of cosmetics and contaminants. Consequently, if they succeed in illuminating the traffic jams, they will be practically imperceptible on the skin of the face and body. Especially good this method is suitable for people with narrow and deep pores, as well as fine, dry skin. By mechanical means it is practically impossible to clean such pores, it is very damaging to the skin; such people are best placed to do ultrasonic cleaning in the beauty salon. At home, the beauty of the face can be maintained with special lotions and tonics.

    There are many ready-made dermatological preparations that help to illuminate the skin. They also help make comedones less noticeable. Illuminating drugs do not eliminate the problem itself, they only mask it and reduce it. From home remedies it is possible to recommend facial cleansing with a solution of lemon juice, natural vinegar, ancient methods of milk serum washing, masks of sour cream and yogurt, as well as effective rejuvenating and illuminating skin wipes with dry white wine. This way our great-grandfather-aristocrats used to keep the matte and linen of their fine and delicate porcelain skin.

    Acid-based tonics are more radical. At home, it is possible to use means with fruit acids, glycolic acid and salicylic acid. Their use helps to eliminate hyperkeratosis, that is, increased rhubarb formation, which is often the basis for the appearance of sebaceous tubes. Acid soften the cork and facilitate the rapid purification of the pores, gently squeezing dead cells from the surface of the skin. The face becomes fresh, the skin rejuvenates and cleanses.

    It is dangerous to use acids with acids during the active sun, and in the winter after use, the skin must be protected by special means.

    Face cleaning from black dots: masks and folk remedies( cleansing masks)

    Scrubs and peels

    If the skin is greasy and porous, very dirty, some tonics and lotions will be clearly not enough. Here you will come to the rescue scrubs and peels. These agents act mechanically, with fine solid particles, removing the layer of dead cells and the content of clogged pores, and chemically dissolving dead tissues and echinoderms.

    Home scrubs are often made on the basis of salt or sugar, ground coffee. For gentle skin, these funds can be rough, so use them should be careful, do not need to vigorously rub the skin. A good remedy for very dirty, greasy and porous skin can be ordinary baking soda. It is both a soft scrub and a degreasing agent at the same time. After soda, it is necessary to properly moisturize the face, otherwise the skin may begin to peel.

    An example of a soft home peel can be an apple mask. The apple contains a low percentage of fruit acids that act on the skin very gently, imperceptibly removing contaminants and dead cells. With regular use of such a mask, the skin not only brightens and becomes cleaner, but also effectively rejuvenates.

    Home masks

    One of the most effective and simple home masks from black spots is yeast. It deeply cleanses the skin, leaving it soft and tender, without overdrying and peeling. Depending on the type of skin, the usual baking yeast is diluted to the density of sour cream with milk, olive or any other oil, 3% hydrogen peroxide or a solution of lemon juice. The addition of peroxide and lemon enhances the whitening properties of the mask, but can greatly dry the skin, so it can be recommended only for very oily, rough and porous skin.

    Mask is applied in several layers, avoiding areas around the eyes and mouth. Hold it for 20 minutes, soak it in water and gently rinse it with cotton swab, trying not to stretch the skin. Masks need to apply a course 2-3 times a week until you get the desired effect. They can be imposed locally, for example, if you have problems only on the forehead, nose and chin, do not lubricate the weight of the chewing yeast, so as not to dry them.

    Suckling masks contain lactic acid, therefore, they contribute to the illumination and soft cleansing of black dots. For dry skin, an effective mask of oily sour cream or cream, it also nourishes the skin well. Fat is better to treat with yogurt or sour milk.

    Masks on the basis of clay perfectly absorb excess fat, but can dry the skin, so they are better to use locally or alternate with moisturizers. For oily skin, these masks can be salvation from greasiness.

    Any masks will show a good and noticeable result only if they are applied regularly, by courses, and accompanied by thorough cleaning and skin care. In this case, the "black dots" will not have any chance of survival.