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Philips W3500 Review

Philips W3500 Review

The Philips W3500 Smartphone is a new middle class player. For 7,500 rubles the user receives a full set of technical characteristics, which will be accepted both for a wide range of entertainments, and for everyday tasks. How high-quality was the Philips W3500?

Overview Philips W3500.Processor

The Philips

W3500 features a quad-core MediaTek chip. This processor runs at 1300 MHz. In this way, the performance of the Philips W3500 is at an average level.

Overview Philips W3500.The

display The Philips W3500 has a large enough 5-inch display for its class. TFT technology. However, the biggest disappointment is the small resolution of the screen, which is 854 by 480 pixels. It is worth noting that the screen is not the strength of this smartphone. Its only plus is the size.

Overview Philips W3500.Memory

The device is equipped with 1 GB of RAM for the operation of programs. Also available to the user 4 GB of free space, which can be filled out at your discretion. Of course, after a while you will need extra memory that can be obtained from microSD cards.

Overview Philips W3500.

Camera The Philips W3500 rear camera comes with a 5-megapixel flash unit. There is a front-facing 2-megapixel camera for video calls in the smartphone. In general, both cameras cause mixed feelings. The additional camera produces a good picture, but the main camera does not always cope with its responsibilities.

Philips W3500 Review

Overview Philips W3500.

Battery A good tradition has been to place high capacity batteries in smartphones Philips. As for the Philips W3500, there is a battery with a capacity of 2200 mAh. This is quite enough for the smartphone to work without recharging for several consecutive days. And if not often use the device, then its charge is enough and much longer.

Overview Philips W3500.Operating System

The popular Android 4.2 operating system has taken its place in the Philips W3500.It is on this platform that the smartphone is based. This is a good option for an inexpensive mobile device.

Overview Philips W3500.Other

From other interesting moments in the Philips W3500 it is worth allocating support for two SIM cards in 3G and GSM mode. With Smart TV and Miracast, the user can transfer images from a smartphone to a big screen in real time. Dimensions of Philips W3500: height - 142.2 mm, width - 73.6 mm, thickness - 9.65 mm, weight - 170 g.

Overview Philips W3500.Conclusion

The Philips W3500 is a solid average for all parameters. Slightly disappointing with the main camera and touch screen. But the obvious advantage of the device is a high-quality battery, support for 2 SIM, as well as a good economic processor.

Philips W3500 Review

Philips W3500 Review

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