Instruction for reproduction of geranium cuttings from photo and video

Geranium( translated from the Greek language - "Crane") is a common abbreviation for pelargonium - perennial flowers that are similar to noble roses. This is a very popular indoor plant, the number of which in the home collections of horticulturist horoscope

is large in comparison with other types of flowers. It was widely known in the 19th century in the European country of England, where prominent women walked with his fragrant bouquet in his hands. All this thanks to the incredibly dazzling blossom and the charmingly fragrant smell of the flower coming from its brightly colored inflorescences containing essential oils that cheer and have a positive effect on all households;as well as - simple care. He, incidentally, must necessarily include the timely reproduction of geranium cuttings, because if it does not do it once in a few years, it will grow very ugly, stretched out and practically cease to please flowers.

This method is very easy and effective in use and, in my opinion, it will be much easier than having seeds of new geraniums, waiting for the result of which will take much longer. About how it is necessary to cut the geranium, will be discussed below.

Table of Contents

  • 1 General Harvesting Rules
  • 2 Preparation of Cuttings
  • 3 Planting
  • 4 Rooting of
    • 4.1 Video "Propagation of Geranium by Cuttings"

General Harvesting Rules

So, let's start a home gardening lesson in order to propagate the desired geranium.

A vegetative renewal of the pelargonium I spend once in 2-3 years by the method of nailing geraniums. I take the staple of this flower in the period when winter has almost ended( last decade of February) or from the first month of spring to the beginning of autumn. But you can later - from August to October. It is the most optimal and favorable for chopping, the time that promotes intensive growth, development and flowering of your favorite home plant.

Instruction for reproduction of geranium cuttings from photo and video

In March, the planting of geraniums will blossom already in the middle of summer. After all, it is in the spring that juice is actively moving, which affects the rapid appearance of the fruits of labor. But later, the cultivation will be delayed a couple of times, so that the geranium can bloom only next year.

I draw attention to the length of the stalk of this flower: for mini plants it is 2.5 cm, and for ordinary plants it is 5 cm. I save myself for future work with plastic or paper cups, which I make and myself from bottles, and buy ready. To breed geranium really correct and perfectly, in the soil I pour one third of the sand.

I remember that much more effective is the rooting of geraniums in the case when the ground is not a weak manganese liquid or an alternative - boiling water. Such manipulation destroys all unnecessary bacteria and organisms that can damage the flower.

Instruction for reproduction of geranium cuttings from photo and video

In order to multiply the flower that is considered, it is worthwhile to act differently than with other representatives of the garden flora. Geranium is not covered by anything, so as not to damage the cuttings. Irrigation is done untidy and unpolluted.

Preparation of cuttings

To start the cuttings of geranium, I take an acutely sharpened tool - a knife, disinfect it with medical alcohol. Then carefully cut the resident( escape from the top) in the length of 5-7 cm, which contains live-growing 3 leaves, at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the stem. Compliance with such rules is necessary for the successful adoption and strengthening of the stalk in the ground, as well as the robustness of the flower on the stalk. In no way do I leave the arrow of flowers and buds, because they can prevent the quality of the rooting of the roots.

Put each got a geranium stack for a couple of hours to where the rays of the sun will not fall on them. I look forward to their drying up and squatting. This will be noticeable on the newly created film on the flower. When I see that it's time - sprinkle them with the tool "Kornevin", and if such a hand was not found, then then coal dust.

Instruction for reproduction of geranium cuttings from photo and video


Having taken pre-prepared cups, I work at their bottom hole-holes for water to drain, and the earth - to breathe. I fill them with a damp( as above - with water boiling water or manganese) universal ground with a mixture of vermiculite and sand.

To plant flowers, not hot earth in a cigar I hold on a pair of centimeters of a gun, released from unnecessary leaves below. I clean it first in a place where it is dark. And after 3-4 days, when, probably, the plants slightly slipped, I put on the window, but so that the sun on them still did not shine. I stick with the temperature of the air temperature up to 15 degrees Celsius. By means of watering through the tray, I supply the water with moisture, remembering the simple rule that the water on the leaves of the flower should not fall.

I do not cover the cuttings. Only in the case of sluggish or twilight leaves I put a plant under the covers of cans, so that it came to life in a few days in such a homemade greenhouse environment.

Instruction for reproduction of geranium cuttings from photo and video

Rooting of

In order to find out in the past few weeks, whether geranium is rooted, I look into a transparent glass of plastic, through which thin walls should be clearly visible newly created roots. Another elementary and understandable thing, even for teapots, is to find out if the previously planted plant could take root, there is a rapid education on it of young green leaves.

Depending on the reproduction of a kind of geraniums, I take into account the different lengths of the strengthening of the roots. For example, royal geraniums should be expected up to four weeks, pliuschistnye and zonal - for two, but the fragrant geraniums - the longest: the whole six.

I'm looking forward to the flowering of geraniums. It directly depends on the variety of the flower. For example, "zoonelki" will reveal its magnificent nature somewhere in 2-3 months. The smell of the pelargonium is an unpredictable phenomenon, as it is not in the street conditions that such plants are overly fussy. Angels and queens are slower flowering ladies who will be able to reveal their beauty about a year after landing.

Instruction for reproduction of geranium cuttings from photo and video

Thus, by following the available and understandable step-by-step instructions, feel free to cut, plant and grow beautiful flowers that grow in your usual home conditions: on window sills, balconies, and so on. Do not be afraid of anything! Take it! Awesome! Experiment with the views of these miracle flowers! The paradise pleasure of admiring the bright decorations of your room will exceed all possible expectations! Always believe in my experience of cultivating geraniums!

Video "Propagation of geranium by cuttings"

This video shows the process of cutting pelargonium: from cutting cuttings to the development of a new plant.