The left side of the head is affected: causes and prevention

Headache can be expressed in various manifestations. Sometimes an attack begins in one place and gradually moves across the head area. Otherwise, pain is felt in one area.

The left side of the head is affected: causes and prevention

Characteristic symptoms of headache attacks may indicate the causes of its

occurrence. Many diseases of the brain, injuries, disruption of the vessels lead to headache attacks.


  • Why does headache arise to the right?
  • What measures to take?
  • Prevention of

Why Does Headache Occur To The Right?

In order to be permanently cured of attacks it is necessary to go to a hospital and undergo a survey. For such purposes, the tomogram of the brain, the blood test, and vessels are examined very often. The decision on the need for an analysis can be taken by a doctor.

Treating a headache yourself is not recommended, you can steer the attack by taking anesthetics, but you can often not use it. With pain that occurs more often than three times a week you can talk about chronic headaches.

Migraine is very common in this form. Doctors have come to the unanimous opinion that the propensity to migraine attacks can be inherited. Most women are prone to this disease.

Doctors believe that the pain that occurs on one side of the head suggests the presence of migraines. Pain sensations may increase gradually and medications cease to help in stopping the attack. If the illness starts to appear unexpectedly and the feeling of pain is strong, go to the hospital.

Usually, pain in one part of the head may indicate a disruption of the brain. Men can suffer from a stroke, although this disease is rare in them.

Headache appears on the right side of the head almost always strong and can be given to the right eye, temple and forehead. Before such an attack, certain signs might appear.

- the stars may get worse, flying stars or flies will fly;

- hearing dull, may feel a tingling ears;

- very bright light, loud sound, a sharp smell will increase the pain, and can even provoke attack on the attack;

- Very often, attacks with vomiting, nausea, which may noticeably interfere with the normal course of life, may continue to occur, may continue such an attack for about 24 hours;

- severe pain is felt on the one hand. It can be felt, then to the left, then to the right, but if it occurs during one attack - it is not migraine;

- Pain in the right side of the head may indicate the development of a serious illness or after an injury.

In paroxysmal hemicrhinia, pain attacks occur every day and feel very acute. Ill be not only the right side of the head, but also the eye, ear, neck, forehead and temporal. The right side will be the epicenter of the attack. The pain will be drilling or cutting. Feeling of ripple appears rarely, but it may seem that all the teeth on the right side are sore.

Attacks may be short-term, but start more than fifteen times a day. With such an attack, redness of the eyes may occur, the pupils narrow, there is a severe lacrimation, lining the nose to the right side. Causes of pain attacks on the right side of the head:

  • glaucoma;
  • various eye inflammatory diseases;
  • inflammation of the frontal sinus;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • tumor education on the right side;
  • any head injuries;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • internal bleeding;
  • violations of the mandible.

What measures to take?

It is recommended to relax, ventilate the room and exclude any stimuli to remove the headache attack. You need to muffle the bright light, turn off the music or the TV.

One of the stimuli may be either a sharp nasty smell, if it threatens you to try not to use these spirits, deodorant or other things that can reproduce this stimulus.

If the pain is very severe - take an analgesic tablet, but it is often not recommended to do so. Drug treatment can only be prescribed by the doctor.

For the treatment of migraines, you can take "No-Shpa", "Paracetamol" or "Acetylsalicylic acid."When choosing a drug yourself, be sure to read the instructions and pay attention to the dosage.

To treat headache attacks on the right side, you must necessarily undergo a medical examination and find out the root cause, and only after choosing the treatment methods. To do this, you need to examine the brain and exclude the presence of any education, then you can go to other procedures.

If the cause of migraine attacks is a hanging pressure, be sure to pick up a medicine that can stabilize it. This measure will help relieve headache attacks.

You can use folk remedies or aromatherapy to avoid taking medication. In this case, it is possible to use herbal teas that you need to drink instead of coffee and strong black tea. Try to drink tea of ​​mint, chamomile with the addition of lemon, lie down, try to fall asleep. After awakening the attack must pass.

A very good way to relieve an attack is to massage. You can do it yourself. To do this, sit in the chair and try to relax, then massage your head with your fingertips.

You can start from the place where pain is felt most strongly, then move on to the whole head, forehead, whiskey. This should be done within ten minutes. Relief should come in twenty minutes. It should be remembered that when injuries and tumors massage is prohibited.

If headaches are very strong and at the same time nauseous, dizzy head - urgently call the hospital, call for ambulance. Because such symptoms may indicate stroke or hemorrhage. In some cases, surgery may be required, but only a doctor can do this.

Prevention of

Preventive measures should be taken in the complex. It is very important at the same time to lead a healthy lifestyle. Adhere to the day's regime, sleep at least six to eight hours a day. Do not overdo it and learn how to relieve stress both physical and mental. It is very important to be in the fresh air every day. A migraine attack can cause a strong smell of needles.

Very good preventive effect doing yoga or meditation. It helps to relieve fatigue and maintain the nervous system in the right tone. Learning to deal with stressful situations is a very important point in preventing headache attacks.

Must be properly eaten. Enter fruits and vegetables in the diet. Avoid greasy, salty and smoked foods as well as food containing nutritional supplements and preservatives. This approach to nutrition can significantly reduce the risk of migraine attacks.

At day it is necessary to drink about two liters of water, this measure normalizes the work of vessels and maintains the level of fluid in the body. If you start to feel that headaches can start, try to eat an orange or mandarin, perhaps the attack will retreat. Preventive measures become effective if they are used for a long time.

Aromatherapy may be very useful. You can have a peppermint or eucalyptus oil with you and, at the initial attack, wipe one drop in the temple, walk along the street or ventilate the room. An attack may not start or be timid.

You can get the habit of not using the elevator or walking on foot. This physical load is strong for everyone, and the benefit from it is very large. In the first place - it is a physical exercise and a walk through the fresh air. If possible, you can visit the swimming pool, in order to heal.

If you have a serious illness or injury, please coordinate all your actions with your doctor and make an individual program of preventive measures. Be sure to find out if you have an allergy, if so, who provokes it and how it is expressed.

It is necessary for you to choose components from aromatherapy or medicinal herbs for sure. Allergies can be manifested as migraine attacks and headaches. Headaches on the right side may indicate migraine headaches. Such a disease is more often exposed to women and can be genetically predisposed to it.

You need to go to a hospital for treatment, but when you stop, you can take an analgesic pill. Self-treatment is strictly prohibited. If necessary, complete the survey and keep a diary of attacks. This can help to make the correct diagnosis.

Drug treatment can be combined with folk remedies, but the permission for such a complex should be given by your doctor. An integrated approach can affect the duration of treatment and the quality of the result.

Headache attacks can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, dizziness. Such signs may indicate a serious illness and the root cause must be treated.

It is important to learn how to cope with stressful situations, because this reason is the most common and can go into the disease of the central nervous system or bring the body to exhaustion.

Use the relaxation method and maintain your immunity in the right tone, such simple prevention measures can help you reduce the number of headaches to the right side to a minimum.