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Pain Relief Pain With Hemorrhoids

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  • "Chemoroidin"
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Pain Relief Pain With Hemorrhoids

A disease such as hemorrhoidscan cause rather strong pain, in essence, this disease prevents the live of its

owner. And the first thing that interests a patient how to get rid of pain with hemorrhoids?

At first glance, this disease does not come from nowhere, and the risk zone includes people with sedentary work;people by the nature of the weight lifting or athlete weightlifters, pregnant women, people suffering from prolonged constipation. Most often, adult and elderly people suffer from hemorrhoids. That is, absolutely everyone has a great chance to get acquainted with this insidious illness. And to the doctor with such a delicate problem do not want to, hemorrhoids gradually develops and as a result begins to deliver too much trouble and almost unbearable pain, especially during a walk to the toilet.

How To Fight Hemorrhoids?

Today, hemorrhoids of any form and complexity can be treated with tablets that are not rarely used for this purpose and preparations in the form of ointments, creams and candles. If you start to worry about problems at the very beginning of its appearance, then most of the proposed hemorrhoids will handle it perfectly.

Pain Relief Pain With Hemorrhoids

Anesthetics, for the most part, have a composition of natural ingredients that allows them to be used by women during pregnancy and even after the birth of a baby when he takes breast milk. Periods of exacerbation of hemorrhoids, of course, do not pass without painkillers. What pills for hemorrhoids( list) best help to remove pain?


Probably the most popular pills for hemorrhoids. They are taken internally, and the expected relief comes within an hour after taking the drug. Active drug components act directly to relieve pain. In addition, the "Detralex" tablets can be taken to increase the tone of the veins, so that the blood withdrawal from the anus is stopped. Blood is no longer stagnant in the pelvic region, and capillary permeability is significantly improved. Almost all the unpleasant sensations associated with hemorrhoids disappear after the first use of the drug.


From hemorrhoids, the pill can be used not only as an analgesic, but also as a drug with excellent therapeutic properties. Due to herbal extracts in the formulation, the capillary and vascular walls are significantly strengthened. These drugs are effective at bloody discharge from the anus and with significant inflammatory processes of the anus. The drug instantly eliminates pain syndrome, which detects during bowel movements, itching and burning. In addition, pills are very effective in improper digestion. Drinking drugs should be at least three weeks, but it is possible to increase the rate to six months, then about hemorrhoids can be forgotten.


Pain Relief Pain With Hemorrhoids

This is a fairly strong drug, which includes venotonizing agents. The main trend is to reduce the stagnation of blood in the veins of the pelvis and increase the vascular tone. In addition, the pills are effective in inflammatory processes of the rectum and perfectly remove the pain. The action of the drug is observed only five hours after receiving.

It should be noted yet another feature of the drug - side effects are extremely rare and do not require withdrawal of admission or special treatment. The drug is discontinued only in cases of individual intolerance of its components.

"Litovit B"

These pills consist of bran, zeolite and rodoika. The main direction of the drug is to relieve the patient from the bleeding from the anus. However, the medicine is able to remove and other symptoms inherent in hemorrhoids - pain during bowel movements, burning, itching and discomfort. Also, the drug has a positive effect on human immunity and strengthens the walls of capillaries.


These are pill combinations that eliminate inflammation of the rectum and a pain symptom, stop bloody discharge, perfectly disinfect the affected area."Pylex", thanks to the plant components in its composition, has a good effect on the walls of the vessels and cleanses swelling. Already after several applications, relief comes and it seems that the disease has retreated. The drug is harmless, with the exception of the individual intolerance of the components. It can be taken by pregnant women, but first you should consult your doctor.

"Asclasan A"

The capsule data can be taken as a biological additive. The drug normalizes blood circulation and improves venous tone .The main component is an extract of walnut. The medicine is absolutely harmless, which allows you to take it for a long time."Asclasan A" can be used as a medical preparation for hemorrhoids, as well as for the prevention of the disease.


Pain Relief Pain With Hemorrhoids

This is a combined analgesic with five active ingredients. The drug perfectly relieves pain, calms, holds such effect for at least five hours. Prolonged use of the drug may cause side effects - dizziness, drowsiness, decreased psychomotor response. Drinking a medicine for hemorrhoids should be from strong pains during bowel movements.


This is an anti-inflammatory drug that neutralizes pain, lowers body temperature, and actively affects inflammation.


The main direction of the drug - analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory. In case of hemorrhoids, the use of data from tablets as an effective remedy against pain is possible.

Narcotic anesthesia is not used even in the most active variants of hemorrhoids. Drug substances cause sphincter muscles to intensively strain, which complicates the passage of fecal mass during defecation, only exacerbating the disease.

What medications should be taken in those or other situations, should be solved only by a specialist, depending on the symptoms of the disease, its progression and taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient's body.

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