Each breeder must be able to determine the age of a rabbit


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Each breeder must be able to determine the age of a rabbit

Before purchasing an animal, it is always necessary to know in advance its exact or estimated age. How to determine the age of a rabbit should know every potential breeder, because it depends on the whole

a further process of their life, which needs to be built correctly.

Define the age of the

Each breeder must be able to determine the age of a rabbit

To begin with, you need to find out in advance that there is no accurate way to determine the age of a rabbit, so a special set of activities has been developed:

  • Palpation of ribs. Up to 6 months they are quite soft, which is easily palpable with your fingers. If the edges are soft, then you can not continue to look, because the rabbit of any breed will be younger than the floor of the year.
  • Color of teeth. The rabbit's age is higher, the more yellow it will have teeth. The process becomes noticeable only from 1 year, and over time the number of points is only increasing.
  • Length of claws. As in any living creature, the rabbits claws grow all their lives, and in the cells they begin to bend and bend. Some rabbits cut them to hide the age, but the trimming places are quite visible. When contained in pits or special enclosures, the claws themselves are wasted. Here you need to be extremely attentive to all the details.
  • Eyelids. The older the ears, the more it will swell forever, droop, and also get an uneven surface.
  • Before you can find the age of a rabbit by its size, you need to get acquainted with its breed and all the crosses, and along with all the brothers from the litter. No experienced rabbit is engaged in similar things, since this method has repeatedly proved its inefficiency. Thus, it is practically impossible to determine age by size.

    Time for pairing

    Each breeder must be able to determine the age of a rabbit Each rabbit should familiarize themselves with the breed's characteristics in advance in order to know the age at which the rabbits are brought into contact, because in each individual case the situations vary. Males and females usually reach this age by 3-4 months, although in fact it will still have to wait some time for the young to get stronger.

    Males are usually allowed to bite for 4-5 months, while females are desirable to hold until 8. Most rabbits do not even try to determine the age of rabbits when cats begin, but they are still watching the situation. Usually in the summer it occurs once a week, while in the winter time of the year 1 times in 10 days. The cycle time is about 4 days, but may vary depending on a number of individual characteristics and breed.

    The animals will not be allowed to come into contact with the following characteristics:

    • presence of illness and malaise( checked visually prior to subsistence);
    • female eaten their cubs;
    • female did not feed their cubs;
    • is an aggressive behavior to a potential partner( rather an exception than a rule).

    All of the above factors are not age-dependent, so nothing needs to be defined here. And in order to determine the age of females' readiness, there is one easy way - in the manifestation of emotional behavior it is enough to scratch the crops just above the tail, to which it immediately reacts.

    The determination of the age of rabies is always individual, since in some breeds it is 5 and 8 months in males and females, while in other 8 and 11( Rizen).Specialists recommend not to allow for this process individuals who have not reached 60% of the average mass of their breed, that is, in most cases, 2.5 kg. With such an approach, you can significantly save rabbit's health resources, but will have to wait for it to reach a certain age.

    But age, after all, needs to be correctly defined, not only in the process of gaining, because best females are to be accommodated to older males. From the season only the frequency of the stomachs and the temperature outside the premises depend, therefore, they can give the support for at least a whole year.

    On average, one male has up to 8 rabbits, despite the fact that it can fertilize up to 2 rabbits per day. Here it is necessary to always be attentive to the process, because the moment of mating in them is fast enough, and the control is better not to conduct, so as not to hurt the ears.

    In the process of joining, it is important not only, at which age rabbits spin, but who to whom they are planted. The male cell is completely cleared of the edible, after which the female crosses. There are 2 potential errors that can be tolerated by inexperience:

  • Food stays in the cage, after which the rabbit and the rabbit mutually begin to dine.
  • The male is sown to a female, after which the unexpected guest begins to protect their territory, which may cause the animal to suffer.
  • Summarizing

    Each breeder must be able to determine the age of a rabbit

    Determine which age a rabbit always needs to be able to, because it will allow you to buy a young and healthy animal first, and then properly manage the farm.

    In cells it is desirable to always have a plate with a nickname, breed, time of birth and all the data that may be in demand. If there is no way to accurately determine the age, then you need to write approximate with the difference in a few months. The more accurate the approach, the more fruitful it will be to work with rabbits.