Ointment relief from wrinkles: how to use, reviews and contraindications

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Inevitable with age, every woman faces a facial problem. The skin becomes dull and sluggish, wrinkles appear. For many, such troubles become a real

disaster. Therefore, in the struggle with this problem, women are ready to use absolutely any means, even not quite ordinary. One of these is the use of Ointment Relief. This tool can now be easily purchased at any pharmacy. Its main medical purpose is the treatment of various stages of hemorrhoids. But during long observations and experiments on themselves, women came to the conclusion that the ointment is quite effective in the fight against wrinkles. And it operates quickly enough, so it can be used in emergency cases, going to some event.

Ointment relief from wrinkles: how to use, reviews and contraindications

What is the ointment and how does it work?

The main active ingredient of this product is butter of shark liver. It is obtained by treating fatty liver of deep-water sharks. This product is truly valuable. It contains a complete set of vitamins and trace elements. The use of shark liver promotes tissue cell regeneration, protects against the onset of inflammatory processes and stimulates the body's immune system.

In the composition of the ointment Relief also contains phenylephrine hydrochloride, corn oil, glycerin, vitamin E and thyme. These components have a softening effect, help to keep moisture in the skin cells for a long time and heal. Due to this even even deep wrinkles are smooth, the existing inflammation is removed, the correct water balance of the skin is restored. In addition, the use of ointment helps to get rid of edema and dark circles under the eyes.

Natural ingredients are used to make this money. Therefore, it can safely be called safe. But this is only the case if you do not observe the individual intolerance of any of its ingredients. The advantages of Ointment Relief can also be attributed to its high efficiency at low cost. All such a tool can be allowed by every woman. And this is very important, since most specialized cosmetics are expensive. Thus it is not always possible to get the effect from them. In addition, the Relief Ointment is quite easy to apply, since the tube is provided with a special applicator. During application, you may feel a slight burn. The ointment does not have a very pleasant smell, but it is a very small fee for beauty.

Contraindications and some Side Effects

If you decide to deal with wrinkles using Relief Ointment, remember that you can not use it for more than three months. If you exceed this term, you can get the opposite effect. Prolonged application of the ointment can cause the skin to become dull, tired and pale. In addition, this tool strongly drying the skin. After an incorrect treatment, a long and complicated process of restoring skin health may be required.

Some women may experience redness or a pronounced burning sensation after applying Relief Ointment. Most often, these symptoms disappear after some time on their own, without the use of any means. But if such a reaction is observed every time after using the ointment, then it is likely to be an allergy manifestation. In this case, to avoid negative health effects, it is better to pick up another, more harmless means for yourself.

The main contraindications for ointment include:

  • 1. Diabetes mellitus.
  • 2. Various blood diseases.
  • 3. Pregnancy and breastfeeding period.
  • 4. Thromboembolism.

Before you start using ointment to fight wrinkles, you need to test for the appearance of allergic reactions. To do this, a small amount of remedy to put on the earlobe or imperceptible area of ​​skin on the face. Observe the body's reaction during the day. If you have not noticed any negative consequences then you can safely use the ointment.

Remember that Relief is not officially a wrinkle remedy. Manufacturers do not guarantee its safety when applied to the skin. The ointment did not undergo any clinical trials in this regard. In this regard, you need to think carefully about whether to take risks.

Ointment relief from wrinkles: how to use, reviews and contraindications

How To Use Relief For Wrinkles?

You can achieve a noticeable effect only if the ointment is properly used. To do this, you should be guided by the following simple rules:

1. It is best to apply ointment locally. That is, you do not need to distribute it all over the face. Lubricate only problematic areas. The ointment can be applied both with your fingers and with a cotton swab. At the same time do precise massaging and stroking. Try to fill each wrinkle with the tool. Only the components of the ointment can penetrate the deepest layers of the skin.

2. Apply Relief is required only once during the day. It is better to do it in the evening before bedtime. Despite the fact that the ointment has a fairly light texture, it absorbs a very long time. Therefore, excessive funds may remain on the skin. In this regard, applying after her decorative cosmetics is undesirable. If there is too much excess on the skin, then it must be carefully removed using a soft napkin.

3. Before applying the product, the person should be thoroughly cleaned. It is necessary to wash off with the use of special cosmetic cleansing agents. Make sure there is no alcohol in them. It will promote dry skin, which can be increased by ointment.

4. Without a break, the ointment can be used no more than one, at most two weeks. After that you have to take a long break. Only this way you can get the desired effect without compromising skin health.

5. If you want to get the maximum effect in the minimum time, then you need to use this technique. Apply the agent to each wrinkle with a thick layer. Then gently fix it with a patch and leave it for a while. So you can provide a deeper penetration into the skin.

Ointment Relief can also be used to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes and lips. Only in this case it is necessary to apply it especially cautiously. Make sure that the product does not get into the mucous membranes because it can cause irritation. Lubricating the ointment area around the eyes can not only get rid of fine wrinkles, but also remove puffiness and remove dark circles.

In modern pharmacies you can find not only ointment, but also Relief candles. They have a similar composition, so they can be completely used to fight wrinkles. But before they will have to melt. To do this, prepare a water bath and put the necessary number of candles in it. Heat until the medium becomes creamy. After that, it can be applied to problem areas and even under the eyes. If you do not want to spend extra time on cooking, then when you arrive at a pharmacy, specify the pharmacist that you need the Relief ointment.

Ointment relief from wrinkles: how to use, reviews and contraindications

Review of Ointment Relief

Recently, the use of various means of hemorrhoids in the fight against wrinkles has become very popular. Try them on a lot of brave women. On the Internet it is easy to find a large number of different reviews on this subject. Moreover, not all of them are positive. Some argue that after applying ointment, they almost instantly experienced a visible effect. Already after several procedures they managed to completely smooth out even deep and outdated wrinkles. In addition, bruises disappear under the eyes and swelling decreases. Thus, it will be possible to forget about sacks under the eyes in general.

At the same time, some women say that the use of Ointment Relief was not completely in vain. The maximum effect they managed to achieve is to smooth out slight mimic wrinkles. But they were not very noticeable before. In this case, the risk of an allergic reaction after using this remedy is large enough. Therefore, every woman should independently decide on the need to use such an ointment not for its direct purpose.