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New Philips S307

New Philips S307

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    Characteristics Philips S307

    The Philips S307 is a bright representative of budget smartphones. This device has a 4-inch

    screen with a resolution of 480 by 800 pixels. Performs the proper performance of the Spreadtrum SC7731 quad-core processor, which has a clock speed of 1,300 MHz. The internal storage is limited to 4GB, so there's a need for a memory card. RAM has a capacity of 512 MB, which is the minimum for today.

    The Philips S307 smartphone is powered by the Android 4.4.2 platform with some modifications. Inside the device there is a battery with a capacity of 1630 magician. You can take pictures of this device with a 2-megapixel main flash camera, as well as a simple front-facing 0.3-megapixel module.

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    Prices Philips S307

    The price issue is very relevant in our time. Therefore, Philips immediately announced the cost of a new and extremely budget smartphone. So, the S307 will cost the domestic buyer 5 thousand rubles at the start of sales. This is quite a significant amount, considering the class of the machine. In Russia, the Philips S307 has been officially available since October 2015.It is noteworthy that this price refers specifically to the Russian market.

    New Philips S307

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    Latest News Philips S307

    With a huge influx of facets, many people began to miss out on compact smartphones. Just for this reason, some manufacturers still do not refuse to create small gadgets for those who like to remember past times. This device has become Philips S307, with a fairly small 4-inch display. The technical parameters in it are quite usual and standard for smartphones of the lower price category. However, the quad-core chip has a fairly good performance. It is worth noting and a beautiful rear cover sold under carbon. The manufacturer promises autonomy of up to 6 hours with continuous conversations. In the standby mode, the gadget can hold around 355 hours of non-stop.

    Inexpensive Philips S370 looks beautiful and modern. This can not be said about other devices in this segment. However, the technical side of the device raises some issues, as the manufacturer could fit into a beautiful body more interesting components. With all of this, the S370 seems to be a good option for users who prefer small mobile devices.

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    Photo Philips S307

    New Philips S307

    Philips S307 smartphone for beginners

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    Video Philips S307

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