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American Shorthaired Cat - the character, history and features of the breed

An American Shorthair Cat appeared in America in 1965.More than 300 years ago, the first representatives of this breed were brought from Europe to the United States, where the beautiful ones gave rise to some breeds: Maine Coon, Ozikat, Bombay, etc.

As the American Shorthair cats

appeared, the representatives of this breed are of the heavy type, which is especially noticeableIn males - a well-developed chest of round form, thick, large, resembling a forest predator, but not a domestic goat. Very quickly representatives of the breed of the American Shorthair cats spread across the continent, they even began to be called an aboriginal cat.

American Shorthair cat character, history and features of the breed

The beginning of the twentieth century for America was characterized by the importation of a huge number of different breeds of cats from Europe and Asia. Amateur lovers began to conduct more systematic breeding. Breeders sought to get bright and clearer colors, while retaining a broad head, a strong constitution and an unusual pleasant appearance of this breed. It is noteworthy, but this particular breed is considered to be the property of America, and various breeders from the United States do not cease to be proud of it.

At first these cats were named domestic shortshirts. Only in the 70 years of the twentieth century it was renamed. Today, the cat of this breed has about 80 recognized colors of wool.

American Shorthair cat character, history and features of the breed

About breed

Undoubtedly, every owner will say that his cat is the best, it is different then something, then something. This is understandable, after all, it would be desirable that this beauty was the best. Having conducted several surveys, it was possible to find out the distinctive features of this cat.

Strong health, courage, endurance, sensuality, jumping is just a small part of the inherent rice. American Shorthair is considered a good hunter, she is gentle and smart enough. Americana easily adapts to different environments( finds a common language with the animals and birds that are in the house with her) and living conditions. The cat is easy to cultivate, it is distinguished by intelligence and obedience. This breed has a fairly gentle voice, loves to loudly mumble, fall down on the hands or on the knees of the owner. It is distinguished by intelligence, is one of the finest breeds, and is also inclined to independence and will not do anything, if it does not like it. In addition, the American is an excellent guard, she is fast, smart and tireless.

American Shorthair cat character, history and features of the breed

Distinctive Features

Sometimes it seems that American Shorthair is just a dog in a cat's face. The American is absolutely not afraid of water. And this applies not only to adults, but also to teens, and even kittens. The cat will gladly plunge into any water body, from its own drinking bowl and ending with the pool. This reminds us of the raccoon-poloskun, producing characteristic movements in a bowl or bathtub with water. Sometimes an American can just put his foot in the water, soak it well, and then melt this water with a paw. Representatives of the American Shorthair breed calmly delivered to bathing. Some individuals will gladly put their bodies under water pressure.

The second distinctive feature or plush to the fact that the American is just a dressed dog, is a unique feature of making supplies. Yes, yes, it's reserves. Hide the remnants of the unfinished food, try to digest carefully what is left in the dish. This habit begins to appear in babies from one month. Some breeders assume that this habit is associated with a not quite healthy life in the past. Adult cats and cats, as well as little kittens - everyone will be very diligent to bury the remnants of food in a bowl. Some non-educated people think that the cat just did something like a tray. So you need to know in advance about the features of the breed representatives, so as not to be afraid of the future. In addition, in American shorthaired cats there is a small fat stomach that should save them in difficult circumstances and lack of food.

The representatives of the breed have a very well-developed sense of self-preservation. For example, if a mom-cat feels that she does not have enough milk to feed all the kids, she starts quietly pulling food from the host's desk, even if the owner had not noticed this before.

American Shorthair cat character, history and features of the breed


A great friend for children, a tender and affectionate companion, a full member of the family - it's all about American Shorthair Cat. Strong health and longevity, beautiful appearance and calm nours will allow an American to take the above listed positions with pride. Representatives of this breed easily go to contact, people are not afraid, bound to the family, and not to an individual person. Sometimes they react quite strongly to the relocation of a family member and miss him for a long time. Even under the action of an irritant, virtually no aggression, differ in adequate behavior. The cat of this breed easily fits into the regime in which the family lives, and also easily accepts it.

American Shorthair easily resorts to other animals, being very smart, unpretentious and balanced. They will easily get along with the children, even if the child is not distinguished by elegant manners and good education. The cat is easy to cultivate, it forgets the offenses from the beloved person, unlike the representatives of another breed.