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Atopic dermatitis of the palm - causes, symptoms, treatment

Atopic dermatitis is a fairly common skin condition that manifests itself as a rash and itchy rash. The disease has an allergic nature, a chronic course and is extremely difficult to be treated. According to statistics, from the manifestations of allergic asthma

the nature affects about 12% of the population, and among children the percentage of morbidity is twice as high.

Despite the widespread prevalence of the disease, there is currently no effective treatment that could help once and for all to get rid of atopic dermatitis. In order to obtain a positive result in the treatment, a long and painful joint work of the doctor, the patient, and all the family members of the patient is required.

Atopic dermatitis develops, as a rule, at an early age. Over time, the disease can spontaneously pass, but in some patients the disease evolves and continues to manifest itself throughout adult life.

In most cases, the manifestations of atopic dermatitis affect various areas of the skin, including the skin of the palms. Cases when the disease affects only the skin of the hands is quite rare. More often, atopic dermatitis of the skin of the foot and atopic dermatitis in the chest child are observed.


  • 1 Causes of development of
  • 2 Clinical picture
    • 2.1 Symptoms of infant form of the disease
    • 2.2 Symptoms of childhood form of the disease
    • 2.3 Symptoms of the disease in adolescents and adults
  • 3 Methods of diagnosis
  • 4 Treatment of
    • 4.1 Treatment of folk methods
  • 5 Forecast and prevention of

Causes of development

Atopic dermatitis palms causes, symptoms, treatment The main reason for the development of atopic dermatitis is the individual tendency to allergy. This predisposition is transmitted hereditively, that is, in patients with dermatitis there is a gene that provokes a high level of production of immune cells that cause an allergic reaction and its skin manifestations.

In most cases, families in patients suffering from atopic dermatitis have relatives who have asthma, have food allergies or other allergic diseases( allergic dermatitis on the metal, allergic dermatitis on shoes, allergy to cosmetics, allergy tolatex, etc.).

Factors that increase the likelihood of allergic dermatitis include:

  • Fetal infection;
  • Toxicoids Developing in Late Pregnancy;
  • The presence of bad habits in the mother. The reason causing allergic dermatitis may be smoking( even passive) or taking alcohol( including low alcohol drinks) during pregnancy.
  • Congenital malformation of the nervous system( central and autonomic,
  • Congenital or acquired disturbances of the digestive system functions One of the factors of the development of allergic dermatitis may be the absence or lack of breastfeeding duration, as well as factors such as untimely administration of supplements, the intake of products thatage-appropriate, unreasonable antibiotic use
  • The cause of allergic dermatitis may be reduced immunity due to chronic infections, including parasite-inducedAMD

Clinical picture of

Symptoms of atopic dermatitis depend on the age group of the patient, and in many cases the disease occurs in all three forms, evolving as the patient grows older

Symptoms of infant form of the disease

Atopic dermatitis palms causes, symptoms, treatment Children's form of allergic dermatitisis diagnosed in infants below the age of 2. The lesions of the skin are manifested in the form of red itchy spots. Dermatitis manifests itself in infants, usually acute. Cells are characterized by swelling, wet surfaces, the formation of crust. The most commonly seen in diapers is a diaper dermatitis.

Skin palm at this stage of dermatitis is rarely affected. Often the foci are located on the face, on the skin of the buttocks and legs, on the head in the area of ​​hair growth. Dermatitis is characterized by chronic course, acute periods vary with subacute flow. In the podostey period, the skin in the foci of defeat is covered with red papules( hollows).

Symptoms of childhood disease form

In children, recurrent atopic dermatitis gives a different symptomatology. The disease is accompanied by rashes in the form of papules. In children, the focal lesions are located in the skin folds, behind the ears, can affect the skin of the hands and hands.

On the palms the skin becomes very dry, peeling is noted, the skin pattern becomes clearer. Patients are often affected by the skin of the face. There is even such a symptom as "an atopic person."In patients dull face skin, around the eyes noticeable increased pigmentation, under the lower century forms a characteristic fold.

In children, exacerbation of dermatitis often appears with increased dryness of the skin palms and brushes. The skin may even crack, in this case, the development of secondary infections may occur.

Symptoms of Adult and Adult Disorders

In adult patients, atopic dermatitis causes skin lesions of a widespread nature. In most patients, changes in the torso, face, neck, palms and feet are noticeable on the skin. Aggravation is accompanied by redness and inflammation of the skin, but it is relatively rare.

In the undercurrent, allergic dermatitis manifests itself in dry skin. On the palms the skin thickens, the skin pattern becomes clearer, cracks may appear.

Depending on the degree of severity of symptoms, it is taken to distinguish heavy, medium or mild dermatitis.

Diagnostic Methods

Diagnosis and further treatment of patients with atopic dermatitis is performed jointly by specialists of dermatologists and allergists. The diagnosis is established after evaluating clinical parameters and collecting history. A patient who has been diagnosed with atopic dermatitis should be referred to an additional examination to identify factors that may be causing dermatitis.

Compulsory examination of the state of the UTI, recommended:

  • Conduct ultrasound;
  • Make an analysis for dysbiosis and transfer the coprogram.
  • It is very important to exclude infection by parasites, therefore an analysis is provided for the detection of antibodies to the main parasitic infections in the blood( lamblia, toxoplasma, toxocaram, etc.).
  • It is recommended that an endocrinologist be screened for the elimination of hormonal abnormalities.
  • If acute exacerbation of dermatitis occurs after catarrhal diseases, it is recommended that the immune system be given. This will allow us to assess the state of the patient's immune system.

Thus, in the diagnosis process, it is important not only to establish the correct diagnosis, but also to try to identify the causes that caused the disease.

Treatment for

Atopic dermatitis palms causes, symptoms, treatment Treatment for allergic dermatitis should be strictly individualized, taking into account the results of the examination. As a rule, patients, in addition to medical treatment, recommend to make adjustments to nutrition, physical therapy procedures may be prescribed.

Usually, antihistamines are prescribed to patients, especially if severe dermatitis is accompanied by severe itching. Selection of the drug and the determination of the dose is strictly individual. In addition, the use of membrane stabilizers - substances that mitigate the response of the immune system to stimuli may be prescribed.

Anti-inflammatory agents containing glucocorticosteroids are used as external therapy. The selection of the drug is also carried out individually. In the event that during dermatitis complicated by the associated infections, additional antibacterial or antifungal agents are selected, depending on the nature of the infection.

For the treatment of allergic dermatitis, physioprocesses are used, for example, magnetotherapy, phototherapy, acupuncture, etc. When the allergic reaction to drugs is detected, homeopathic remedies may be prescribed for the treatment of patients with atopic dermatitis.

Treatment by folk methods

Treatment of manifestations of allergic dermatitis can also be used in phytotherapy:

  • When it comes to dermatitis it is useful to take decoctions of herbs that have a sedative effect - a grass of tree-like peony, root of valerian and others.
  • Skin affected by dermatitis is often useful for tincture of veronica grass.
  • In dry, skin-affected skin dermatitis it is useful to make compresses made from raw grated potatoes. Such compresses are recommended to be done at night.
  • For acne skin dermatitis, you can make therapeutic baths with broth of oak bark.

Forecast and prevention of

Atopic dermatitis palms causes, symptoms, treatment Preventive measures are divided into primary and secondary measures. Primary prophylaxis of onset of atopic dermatitis begins even before the baby is born. A future mother should avoid contact with allergens, do not take medication without a doctor's appointment, eliminate bad habits. Must be registered in the early stages of pregnancy, take timely screenings and follow the recommendations of the doctor. If the first manifestation of dermatitis in the mother has already been seen, then it's best not to give in to vaccinations, but read about it here.

After the birth of a child, one should try to establish breastfeeding, to make lactation in a timely and accurate manner, observing the reaction of the baby to new products.

Secondary prophylaxis is a measure aimed at preventing exacerbations of the disease. Patients are advised to observe the diet, avoid synthetic clothing, and use less household chemicals. The house should reduce the number of upholstered furniture and toys, as well as carpets.

Atopic dermatitis is characterized by chronic course and extremely poorly treated. In many patients, the illness involves up to 18 years of age, but in one third of patients, dermatitis is manifest throughout life. The earlier the manifestations of dermatitis appeared, the more likely it is that the disease will go hard and go into a recurring form.

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