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Human Papillomavirus( HPV): What is it, Symptoms in Women

Human Papillom - a type of virus group that has more than 70 members. In its prevalence, it takes a little or not the first position.

A human papillomavirus can affect any body of the human body, but most of its victims are skin and genitals.


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prevention measures 1 General information

Papilloma is a virus known to doctors already verylong. Still, the inhabitants of ancient Greece had to face this infection, but in those days the disease was called a different name - warts, and it is precisely it that is the main cause of the formation of warts on the human skin. However, the virus attracted the attention of itself when it was discovered that this hater was the culprit for the emergence of cancer in humans.

Human Papillomavirus( HPV): What is it, Symptoms in Women

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Everyday people come in contact with different microorganisms that can cause a variety of infectious diseases and the papillomavirus is no exception. The main defender of a person from this ailment is his own immunity.

2 Causes of the Disease

Virtually every person is a carrier of the papillomavirus. According to statistics, this virus is found in the body of about 70% of people, but more often than not, this woman is more likely to face the disease than men.

Human Papillomavirus( HPV): What is it, Symptoms in Women

If a person can boast of his strong immunity, then there is nothing to be afraid of in this case. He can and live until the end of his days, without knowing about this disease. The only danger to him is the strains of a virus that provokes oncology( cancer of the cervix, skin cancer).

But if a human immune system fails, it may well be that the virus will declare its existence on the skin or mucous membrane, but it is not necessary to panic. The virus may turn out to be the formation of normal warts, which, thanks to the advances in modern medicine, are completely painless and fast.

3 Ways of Transmission of

Human papilloma is a contagious disease, and the main transmission pathway is sexual. Over the past decade, it has been noted that the main place of the infection of the virus is:

  • skin covering of the anal area;
  • rectal mucosa.

Human Papillomavirus( HPV): What is it, Symptoms in Women

Viral particles of the papillomas are so small that such a method of protection, like a condom, can not protect a person from infection by all 100%.It was found that newborns are not insured from this disease. There are many cases when a child becomes infected with HPV during childbirth, and the papillomas thus settle on the larynx.

A virus of papilloma can be infected and in a household way. The disease can be transmitted from person to person through the touch. This is understandable, because the papillomas can be present on the hands of man, soles, and normal handshake, the use of strangers towels can lead to the fact that a person pick up an IDP.From this it follows that nobody is immune from this disease, and if a person has a papilloma, one should not immediately blame him for his sexual partner.

4 Varieties

The human papillomavirus is subdivided into the following categories:

  • virus, manifested by the formation of multiple warts on the human body( sore, flat and normal warts);
  • HPV that affects female genital organs, cervix, and respiratory tract;
  • HPV with high oncogenic risk.

Human Papillomavirus( HPV): What is it, Symptoms in Women

5 Clinical picture of

Human papilloma is a very insidious disease that can spread very quickly in a short time and cause new foci. And there is still a very important point: infection with this type of virus is not a confirmation that it happened recently. In humans, this virus can be from the very beginning, but intensify through an indefinite number of years.

Currently, an HPV virus is a very common disease. A person can live with this virus without realizing it, but the worst thing is that healthy people can get it from it.

As already mentioned above, people with strong immunity are afraid of nothing. However, in a person with weakened immunity, human papillomavirus, the symptoms of which will be described below, may appear on the skin in the form of various rashes.

Human Papillomavirus( HPV): What is it, Symptoms in Women

Papillomas are newborns that appear on human skin. Their shape is round, but in their color they are no different from the color of the skin. This type of tumor may appear as a result of a subject of intense excitement, stress. The reasons for their occurrence may also be in some changes in the hormonal background or a banal lack of vitamins. No worries these human papillomas are not delivered, unless it becomes unpleasant and very uneasy in front of people around them. In general, it can be said that the papilloma is a benign tumor, and the likelihood that it will grow into something more serious and threatening human life is very small. If there are a lot of this type of rash on the human body, this may indicate that something is wrong with the body. This case requires medical intervention.

Condylomas are acute convex education in the human body. The edges of these warts are uneven. Externally, these rashes resemble cauliflower. By size, these tumors are so small that it is virtually impossible to immediately mark them. The place of their localization is most often genital organs. For women, it is the mucous cervix and the vagina, and in men, the head of the penis and the foreskin. If condylomas are affected by mucus, then it becomes rough to the touch. Condylomas can also appear on organs such as the urethra, the bladder, and even the oral cavity.

Though in most cases the human papillomavirus manifests itself in normal warts, it still needs to be feared about the onset of this type of disease. Apart from the fact that HPV is a discomfort and inconvenience, it is also terrible, because there are cases where papilloma has caused cancer in humans. If the viral papilloma affects the mucus, then possible bleeding that breaks breath and voice.


RISK FACTORS Many people are likely to wonder whether there are any risk factors for infection with this type of disease. These include:

  • weak immunity;
  • strong feelings, stresses;
  • early puberty;
  • Disordered Sexual Life( Change of Sexual Partners);
  • receiving hormonal medications for a long time;
  • infections sexually transmitted( chlamydia, candidi, trichomonads);
  • Pregnancy;
  • chronic chronic diseases;
  • is a long-term treatment for influenza, gastrointestinal or intestinal diseases.

Human Papillomavirus( HPV): What is it, Symptoms in Women

7 Diagnosis of

Papillomaviruses in women are completely asymptomatic in women. The only way to find out about his presence is to take a gynecologist's examination.

In order to begin successful treatment of HPV, it is necessary to put the exact and correct diagnosis. A true diagnosis without proper diagnosis is impossible. Diagnosis consists of several stages. As a rule, everything starts with a complaint and a patient's review of a doctor. The physician must necessarily inspect all skin coverings where warts appear most likely. Surveillance is also subject to all mucous membranes.

Human Papillomavirus( HPV): What is it, Symptoms in Women

Representatives of the weak sex necessarily look around the gynecological armchair using mirrors. Colposcopy and cytological examination are also conducted. In addition, an analysis of a piece of tissue of the cervix is ‚Äč‚Äčtaken to conduct a biopsy to detect oncological diseases.

8 Therapeutic measures

A viral papilloma is a disease that can not be prevented but can be cured. However, the clear scheme of treatment, to my regret, to date, does not yet exist, and the question of how to treat the human papillomavirus, nobody knows the exact answer. The established method of treatment simply does not exist. If a viral papilloma falls into the human body, it remains there forever. But unpleasant symptoms can still be bypassed.

Many people are somewhat confident that warts are not terrible and they are not necessarily treated, they themselves will pass. Even if warts do not cause any anxiety, you should pay attention to them. It is still recommended to treat them. Among the most effective and effective therapies are cryotherapy and electrocoagulation.

A good result is given by the laser method in which the tissue of tumors is destroyed by the influence of a laser beam. Although this method is not expensive, but it is quite effective.

Human Papillomavirus( HPV): What is it, Symptoms in Women

Currently, there is a surgical method for removing papillomas, but it is used to remove malignant warts.

After treating papillomavirus infection, it still remains in the human body, so there is a high risk of relapse. To prevent this, mechanical methods for combating papilloma are added and commonly used, that is, various medical products are used. There are no special means to fight the papilloma virus, but there are some drugs and remedies whose main purpose is to strengthen the human immune system. This is:

  • Interferon;
  • Amixin;
  • Cyclopherone.

A viral papilloma is a disease that should not be treated on its own. As for folk remedies, recommended by close friends or friends, it is better to consult a doctor.


prevention measures In order to at least somewhat reduce the risk of infection with the papillomavirus, some rules should be observed during their lifetime. Consequently, these rules are as follows:

  • with adolescents need to hold conversations about contraceptives and the correct treatment of the number of partners;
  • study a large amount of information that tells about the risk factors for HPV;
  • studying information on the possibility of spreading the disease;
  • undergo frequent gynecological examinations.

In addition to the above measures, you need to follow your lifestyle. Particular attention should be paid to the diet. Do not interfere with a complete sleep, physical exercise. It is very important to control your emotional state.

Improving your body is an important measure that helps to cope with many diseases, including viral papilloma.

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