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Olive oil with hemorrhoids - application and treatment

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Olive oil for hemorrhoids use and treatment

Many of us, having heard the diagnosis of "hemorrhoids," begin to panic, feel shame and discomfort. In fact, hemorrhoids are not a sentence. Each of us has hemorrhoidal nodes, but what is commonly called hemorrhoids manifests itself only when they are inflamed. Thus, in order to combat the disease it is necessary first of all to remove inflammation and take measures to prevent it.

Some people often prefer to fight inflammation of hemorrhoids with folk remedies. One of these products is the olive oil and seaweed oil for hemorrhoids.


Olive oil for hemorrhoids use and treatment

Olive etherol is a vegetable oil obtained from olive oil. It is a very common product in Italy, Spain, Greece, Montenegro and other countries. Olive oil has long been a part of many Mediterranean cuisine. In addition, it is used to treat various diseases, for example, the cardiovascular system, hemorrhoids, and others.

Application of

Olive oil for hemorrhoids use and treatment

In olive oil contains vitamin E, various organic acids, antioxidants.

Efilor greatly affects blood pressure, normalizes it.

If the oil is used externally, it can heal wounds, reduce inflammation, as well as various damage to the anus, which is especially relevant for hemorrhoids.

In addition, due to substances contained in it, etherol in external use for cosmetic purposes can help prevent wrinkles, as well as smooth out existing ones. Effilor is able to soften the skin. Also, olive oil is recommended for sensitive and dry skin.

When used internally, olive oil can cause a mild laxative effect, which will be very useful to those who suffer from constipation and hemorrhoidal inflammation. In addition, due to its choleretic properties, it can provide a curative effect for cholelithiasis, as well as other diseases of the gall bladder. Also, olive oil can strengthen bone tissue, which is very fluid for the human body.


The healing properties of olive oil for the treatment of hemorrhoids are difficult to underestimate. As a means of constipation it is recommended to use it as an enema or inside. For an enema you need to take four teaspoons of etherol and mix with one raw egg yolk, then add one glass of warm water to this mixture. In addition, it can be used internally, enough to drink one - two tablespoons on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning, with a few drops of lemon and a glass of warm water. After that doctors strongly recommend lying down.

You can also lubricate the ether of the oil of the oil back after each bowel movement, which will help remove irritation and inflammation.

One more proven means of self-massage is the abdomen. Just simply grease your hands with ether and slowly push on different areas of the abdomen, making massage movements.

In addition, olive oil can be mixed with honey in equal proportions, after which it is soaked cotton swab and applied to the inflamed area for about ten minutes. If the pain is pronounced then it is recommended to apply this compress at least three times a day.

How to choose

Olive oil for hemorrhoids use and treatment

Before you buy etherol it is recommended to decide what it will be used for. Since oils created for external use can not be used internally. While those varieties that are suitable for cooking, including salads, can be safely used for clogs, lotions and just outside use.

Speaking of the color or taste of the product of the fruit of the oil, there is no single standard, since everything depends on the variety of fruits from which it was made.


Olive oil for hemorrhoids use and treatment

Thus, olive oil is not only a natural antioxidant, but also an excellent anti-inflammatory agent that helps to heal wounds.

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