Correct training of the rabbit to the tray and to the hands


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Correct training of the rabbit to the tray and to the hands Many home pet enthusiasts worry about how to train a rabbit to the tray, and how to adjust contact with it and not to scare the

to what you have decidedtake it on the pens.

Let's teach your pet to go to the

Correct training of the rabbit to the tray and to the hands tray. Little rabbits can walk fast into the tray rather quickly, but you must take into account that in a completely new environment the child may get lost and do not understand where his new toilet is. It is best to install a lot in the corner of the cell, where the rabbit goes to cope with their need. If you pour sawdust on the bottom of the cell itself, then the toilet will be correct to put a little sawdust, which is soaked to the animals. But it is best to replace the general litter with a straw, and in the same tray to spill a special filler. So the pet may clearly distinguish between his dining room and the toilet.

How to bring a rabbit to the toilet? To do this is worth every day, gathering in the evening and in the morning throughout the cage wetted straw, and translate it into a tray. As soon as you notice that the baby is making the pellet outside his toilet, immediately transplant it and say some specific phrase. You can not scold your animal. If he succeeds, you can be encouraged to have delicacies.

Before you let your pet go for a walk through a large apartment, you need to teach him to find his tray. Otherwise, the baby will begin to mark the territory everywhere and leave you "surprises."

How to teach a rabbit to a tray in a large room? First, shade a little space with your pet, showing that his toilet is located there. Gradually increase the area for walks, leaving the lot in the zone of full visibility, and you can also add temporary toilets. Soon, the animal is accustomed to walking only in one place, and you can safely let him walk all over the house without much control and supervision.

There are various problems with how to train a rabbit to the toilet:

  • A star can sleep in a tray if he likes the place very much.
  • A pupil simply does not want to approach a special tray - hang next to fresh hay.
  • A rabbit can make a puddle by the toilet - a lot of filler or low trays near the tray.
  • Rabbit simply refused to walk on the tray - seasonal hormonal rearrangements.

The correct rabbit tray

Correct training of the rabbit to the tray and to the hands What is the best pick for a rabbit lot? It should be angular and do not occupy much free space, so that the pupil feels as free as possible. The filler of the toilet should be filled directly into the container, but not all over the place of his residence. Lay the bottom of the cellar with hay. The animal must clearly know where and what territory.

From the very beginning of the difficult learning process, it is not necessary to wash the pot. The ear must get used to this designated place. Then you can clean the toilet every day.

Learning the decorative rabbit in the hands of

How to tame a rabbit? To make the kid quicker and more comfortable to you and truly acknowledges you, you should deal with him very carefully and gently. The main thing is to remember that you have exactly decided to choose a rabbit home pet - he is drowsy and fragile.

If you have just brought a pet in the house, it is not recommended immediately to take it to your hands - put in a prepared cage. Give it a little time to look around, come in and get used to a completely new and yet terrible environment for him. Go to the cell carefully, let your pet sniff his hand with some delicacies. If the rabbit has no signs of anxiety, try to patch it carefully.
Correct training of the rabbit to the tray and to the hands

If you want to get a decorative pet from a cage, remember that it can not be kept behind the eardrum: in this position it will damage the diaphragm.

It is also not advisable to raise it upside down, like a puppy or kitten, to hold it down: its resistance attempts will not lead to the best.

There are a few more tips on how to tame a rabbit. If the pet showed aggression when trying to get it from home, it's best to leave this idea. To gently remove a baby, it is worth one hand to carefully deploy it with a fluffy tail to the door, slightly pressed to the bottom. Slip the other hand under the abdomen so that your index finger is placed between the forearms. So you gently, but quite resolutely achieve that it will lie as calm as possible on your palm.

Hold rabbit firmly but gently. Remember that it can certainly start to break out sharply and unexpectedly. After you have successfully pulled a beast from the cell, without letting your arm beneath your abdomen, gently squeeze it to your chest.

Gently rotate the rabbit in place: if it breaks out, there may be a sharp movement that will cause the baby to hit a spout, which is very undesirable and leads to negative consequences.

Do not keep the decorative pet in your hands when he does not want this. If he has not yet become accustomed to you in his life, he can certainly flee and become crippled. Bring your pet to yourself gradually. Never make sharp sounds, as they lead to stress. Sometimes it takes several days to get accustomed to the hands, but there are cases of weekly adjustment of the contact. If you show patience and patience, you will find the passion for the rabbit who trusts you.

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