La Sotto Vaccine for Pigeons: Instructions for Use and Recommendations

Newcastle disease is quite contagious and affects both farm birds and pigeons. In order to prevent the disease and death, the vaccine is used. To date, the most effective use of La Sota for pigeons, an instruction which will help

understand the methods of administration and dosage.

Vaccine La Cella for Pigeons: Instructions for use and recommendations A dry LA-SOTA vaccine helps prevent pigeon diseases Newcastle disease.

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choosing a drug for its poultryPreference is given to vaccines from the La Sota strain of both imported and domestic production:

  • AviNova ND LASOTA( Germany);
  • "AVIVAK-NB"( Russia);
  • "La Sota"( Russia FDM "VNIIZZH").

However, studies have been conducted on chickens of pedigree and egg) showed that 100% immunity is unconditionally given only by domestic drugs.

Whichever biopestic medicine you prefer, the pigeon vaccine provides good immunity, provided that it is used correctly and on time.

Characteristics of the preparation

For the production of the vaccine, a pre-embryonal fluid of chicken embryos previously infected with the Newcastle disease virus is used. As a stabilizing agent, use skimmed milk.

After the industrial treatment, the already prepared vaccine becomes similar to the porous dry white and yellow mass. The structure of the drug is homogeneous and fine-grained. When dissolved in water, a high-quality vaccine does not form flakes and does not precipitate.

Vaccine La Cella for Pigeons: Instructions for use and recommendations In dry form, the vaccine is a fine, homogeneous powder of yellow color.

Indications for use of

The fact that La-Sot's vaccine is intended for pigeons is not indicated by the instructions. However, it should be understood that for the acquisition of immunity, there is no difference between the species variation of the birds.

The vaccine is applied to both well-off and dysfunctional farms. Immunity is formed within 6 - 8 days after treatment and is stored for three months. At the end of this period, a revaccination is required.

Vaccination of pigeons is a preventive measure and is not used for therapeutic purposes.

Vaccinate clinically healthy bird. Age and breed do not matter. For 4-5 days before using the vaccine, and within a week after immunization, antibiotics, nitrofuran and sulfanilamide preparations are not used.

Vaccine La Cella for Pigeons: Instructions for use and recommendations Only healthy pigeons need to be vaccinated, after which the formed immunity is maintained for 3 months.

In large farms and those with high-grade pigeons, laboratory tests of blood for immunity are made after immunization. If the titre of antibodies is low based on the results of the study, re-vaccination is carried out.

Form release

The drug is released in glass ampoules and vials in a volume of 0.5 to 4 cm3.However, depending on the manufacturer, the number of doses may vary. Each ampoule or bottle should be labeled with the following:

  • name of the drug;
  • number of doses;
  • date of manufacture;
  • series number;
  • control number.

Vaccine La Cella for Pigeons: Instructions for use and recommendations The drug is packed in hermetically sealed glass vials.


Immunization is not allowed simultaneously with the use of medicinal and biological preparations.

Pigeon with signs of illness, weakened and ghastly, not vaccinated. Immunization of pigeons from other diseases is only possible in seven days.

Preserving the drug

Because the vaccine is live, special requirements are imposed on the storage conditions.

Storage of the vaccine should be carried out at a temperature of 4 to 80 C. Therefore, it is unacceptable to buy a drug in pharmacy kiosks that can not provide the appropriate temperature regime during transportation and sale.

Methods for Injecting


If the number of pigeons is small, you can use the intranasal method, that is, the introduction of the vaccine by digesting it in the nasal hole.

In order to conduct immunization in this way, it is necessary to dissolve the preparation at the rate of one dose of 0.1 ml of physiological solution or boiled water. Each bird carries two drops( 0.1 ml) into one nostril. When performing the manipulation, the other nostril should be closed with a finger. In this way, the vaccine penetrates more deeply into the nasal cavity. Vaccination is carried out with the help of a pharmacy pipette.

Vaccine La Cella for Pigeons: Instructions for use and recommendations The vaccine of pigeons with La-Sot may be done by swallowing the nasal holes.


The method of dying is used with a large number or in the case when there is no possibility to fix the bird.

Vaccine breeding is carried out immediately before use. If the precipitate or flakes appeared during dilution, then such a vaccine is not suitable for use. It is better to carry out the procedure early in the morning, when the bird is hungry and thirsty. In the evening, all the water pours out, the drinkers are washed thoroughly without disinfectants, and in the morning they are poured in the prepared solution.

For vaccination, the vaccine is diluted, counting 10 nasal doses per pigeon, that is 1 ml. Solubility is used with boiled and chilled potable water. To stabilize the vaccine, you can add skimmed milk to a solution in the amount of 5% of the total.

A prepared solution of a pigeon should be taken for four hours. After this time the drug loses its effectiveness. The remainder of the vaccine should be boiled for 30 minutes. Drinkers are washed thoroughly, and drinking water is poured into them.

Feeding of pigeons is carried out in 1,5-2 hours after vaccination.

Vaccine La Cella for Pigeons: Instructions for use and recommendations The vaccine can be dissolved in water and beverage it.

Pigeon Experience As the vaccine guidance does not indicate how to handle the pigeons, experienced dandelions, who have no problems with nb from year to year, are eager to share their experiences with beginners.

They recommend:

  • start vaccination of young animals from the age of 15 days and better by the method of digestion in the nasal hole;
  • if the pigeons do not drink the whole prepared solution of the vaccine for 4 hours, then the next day the procedure should be repeated in the same dose;
  • revaccinate every three months.

Before using the vaccine, consult with a veterinarian. If you do this for the first time, it will be superfluous to consult with experienced golubovami.

Do not neglect the vaccination, prevention prevents the onset of the disease and the death of the bird.

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