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Catarrhal colitis of the intestine( superficial, chronic): what is it like to treat?

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The acute and chronic catarrhal colitis is characterized by inflammation of the mucous membrane of the large intestine, especially the iliac part.

Correct work of the large intestine is important for the functioning of the entire digestive system. Any violation can significantly affect the body's condition. In the thick part there are more than 500 types of bacteria that take an active part in the digestive process: produce enzymes, amino acids, hormones, and fight against pathogenic microorganisms.

The main function of the colon is digestion with the help of the enzymes of substances derived from the subtle part, and the further promotion of the food mass.


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Treatment and Prevention 1 Types and Causes of

Arthritis distinguishes acute and chronic catarrhal colitis of the intestine. The main causes of the disease are:

  • infection of the intestines;
  • use of drugs that irritate the mucous membrane;
  • is a low-quality food and frequent use of alcoholic, carbonated drinks.

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Catarrhal colitis of the intestine( superficial, chronic): what is it like to treat?

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The mucous membrane of the intestine has the properties long to withstand negative factors. With systematic, long-lasting irritation with herbs, the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria in the conditions perfect for them( moisture, heat) is a reduction in the protective properties of the intestinal mucosa and, as a consequence, the onset of the disease.

Acute colitis develops through intestinal infections, food poisoning, as a manifestation of allergy and intolerance to drugs, with poor nutrition, frequent stress. May be due to common infectious diseases( influenza, acute respiratory infections, measles).Sometimes the disease may be caused by violations of the rules of hygiene and sanitation.

Chronic colitis occurs due to dysbiosis, pancreatitis, severe intestinal infections, parasitic infections( worms).Poisoning, malnutrition, misuse of some medications( antibiotics), untimely treatment of diseases of the digestive system also contribute to the development of catarrhal colitis.

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Catalytic colitis is one of the forms of digestive tract disease. Surface colitis distinguishes swelling and redness of the intestinal mucosa with abundant purulent fluid formation.

The acute course of the disease begins suddenly, manifested by the following signs:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • reminiscent abdominal pain;
  • increase in temperature;
  • diarrhea.

Catarrhal colitis of the intestine( superficial, chronic): what is it like to treat?

Patients often complain about general weakness, a sharp deterioration of well-being. Diarrhea and vomiting - a protective reaction of an organism that thus tries to get rid of toxic substances. A similar course of illness can last from several days to weeks, passing to a chronic form.

Chronic catarrhal colitis is characterized by:

  • alternating diarrhea with constipation;
  • abdominal pain( mostly lower);
  • gas accumulation, rumbling.

The pain is often aching, aggravated after eating. Patients report fatigue.

In the diagnosis of colitis, the doctor-gastroenterologist first takes into account the manifestation of symptoms in the patient, assigns laboratory tests( general clinical and biochemical blood tests, calcium for the presence of eggs of worms).The exact method for assessing the condition of the intestine is colonoscopy.

Catarrhal colitis of the intestine( superficial, chronic): what is it like to treat?

Due to a number of symptoms, colitis is similar to diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, enteritis, inflammation of the liver and pancreas. On the basis of the examination, data analysis and accurate diagnosis, the specialist prescribes treatment.

3 Treatment and prevention of


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There is a correlation between diseases of thick and thin divisions. For example, in the case of rectal infection, the disease spreads to the above-mentioned areas and vice versa. This should be taken into account in the process of pathology therapy.

Colitis treatment includes:

  • Fasting for 1-2 days, followed by a strict diet until symptoms disappear. Contraindicated roasted, pickled, fatty foods, sweet dishes, canned food, alcohol. Bread, vegetables and fruits in the diet are introduced as the condition of the patient improves. Food is often consumed( up to 6 times a day in small portions.) Products that are good for the intestinal mucosa are recommended: soup soup, stewed vegetables, steamed cutlets and meatballs, vinegar, rice and oatmeal porridges, wiped cheese
  • It is necessary to drink plentiful drinking as slightly boiledtea, mineral water without gas, boiled water with the addition of salt and sugar. This helps to replenish the body's lost liquids.
  • For severe pain, appoint anesthetic agents( No-sp, Revalgin). It is better to stab them intramuscularly for a quicker effect
  • ApplicationThe use of enzymes( Pancreatin, Festal, Pansinorm) stimulates, improves the digestive process,
  • The use of enveloping agents( Almagel, Phosphatilugel). This method of treatment helps to remove the active ingredient( Active Activated Carbon, Polifepane, Smecta) - to reduce the effects of toxic substances
  • .inflammation, reduce pain
  • Anti-helminthic drugs are indicated for colitis caused by helminth infestation.
  • Probiotics( Bifidumbacterin, Linex) are used to normalize the beneficial microflora of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • In colitis caused by infection, prescribe antibacterial and sulfanilamide preparations, pre-test for the sensitivity of microorganisms to them.
  • Physiotherapy - massage, acupuncture, compresses - shown only under the conditions of a hospital or under the supervision of a medical specialist.
  • Treatment of folk methods involves the use of infusions and decoctions of herbs. To reduce the gas formation and rotting processes, the infusion of mash, mint and nettles taken in equal quantities helps to help.

    Prevention of catarrhal colitis consists of the following factors:

    • proper nutrition;
    • timely therapy for acute intestinal diseases;
    • maintains a healthy lifestyle;
    • compliance with the rules of personal hygiene;
    • treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, teeth;
    • when working in hazardous conditions of safety precautions.

    Active lifestyle, abandonment of alcohol, periodic examination by the doctor are a guarantee of the absence of problems associated with disorders of the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.