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Ectima - causes, diagnostics, treatment, prevention, photo

Echitam common is a deep skin damage caused by a streptococcus( a less common cause of the disease is staphylococci).It manifests itself as ectima with the appearance of one or more purulent ulcers. After healing in places lesions of the skin remain scars, pigmented by the edge.

Distinguish the primary ecchymosis that develops on the places of the microtrauma of the skin, and the secondary form of the disease appears as a complication of itchy dermatoses.


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Causes of

Eczema causes, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, photo

disease Avitaminosis may be the cause of ecchymosis.

The cause of the development of eczema is the infection with streptococcus. A prerequisite for the development of eczema is the general weakening of the body, due to chronic diseases. These depleting diseases include avitaminosis, tuberculosis, diabetes, HIV, and others.

Another factor that leads to the development of ecchymosis on the shins are local violations of blood and lymph circulation. For example, thrombophlebitis.

The most common cause of eczema is the itchy dermatosis. Places of scratch are becoming an entrance gate for infection. Similarly, the cause of the disease may be an insect bite, a trauma associated with skin damage.

Clinical manifestations of

In most cases, ecthema appears on the shin, however, the ulcer can also occur on any other part of the body. The lesions are exposed not only to the surface layer of the skin( epidermis), but also to deeper layers( derma).

The main symptom of eczema is the formation of ulcers. There are two stages of development of eczema. The first one is called pustular, the second one is ulcerative.

First there is a dermal node that has a dense structure and is quite painful. At the top of the site, a small bubble forms, which eventually turns into a flat blister filled with bloody contents. The diameter of the bladder with this disease may reach the size of the walnut. The base of the site when ectime acquires a cyanotic or a bright red color.

Over time, the contents of the bubble and its tire crumbling with the formation of a dense crust of brown. After 2 weeks the crust spontaneously disappears, and in its place there is a scar, often pigmented. If the crust is severely punctured, a deep ulcer will open. The bottom of the ulcer is covered with purulent inflammation, its edges are inflamed, soft, slightly rising above the area of ​​intact skin.

In most cases, from one to five ulcers appears at the same time with ectime, but in severe cases there are multiple eruptions. In weakened ectomy people can take a long run, stretching for many months. With a severe course of the disease on the background of scarring ulcers all new pustules are formed.

In ectitis, a small increase in near-located lymph nodes can be observed. The rash with this disease is very painful, ecthema may be accompanied by an increase in temperature, weakness and other common symptoms.

Diagnostic Methods

Eczema causes, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, photo

A histopathologic study of biopsy is performed to determine the exact diagnosis.

Preliminary diagnosis of eczema is based on the study of clinical manifestations of the disease. To determine the infectious agent that provokes the disease, bacterial cultures of purulent secreted ulcers are produced. At the same time, as a rule, the sensitivity of the causative agent causing ectime to various antibiotics is determined. This analysis is needed to select the most effective treatment for the disease.

During histological examination of biopsy samples taken from the area of ​​ulceration, scars from fibrin, epithelial cells, hornfels, leukocytes and microorganisms are detected. Under the crust can be found necrotic tissue, thrombotic and dilated vessels.

When diagnosis is made, it is necessary to distinguish vulgar ectimas, from impetigo, trophic ulcer, sporotrichosis, scrofuloderm. To exclude the syphilitic origin of ecchymosis, which manifests itself in the secondary stage of syphilis, blood test is required for RW.As with other pyodermias, when ectomy is necessary to appoint a blood test for sugar.

Patients with ectomy should be sent to the survey specialists to identify the causes of weakening the body. It may be necessary to consult a phthisiator, an endocrinologist, a therapist.

Possible complications of

As with other pustular diseases, ectinomy may be complicated. First of all, it is the penetration of the infectious agent into the lymphatic vessels and nodes, that is, the development of lymphangitis and lymphadenitis.

It is possible against the background of ectimes of the development of beeches. The most severe complication is sepsis - blood poisoning.

The long-term complications of eczema include the appearance of large scars after healing of ulcers, which create visible cosmetic effects.

In children under the age of three, as well as in the elderly, sometimes a special form of eczema develops, which is called drilling or penetrating. In this case, infection with the intestinal or Pseudomonas aeruginosa is connected to the main inflammatory process. When scrubbing ectomy ulcers, most often located on the skin of the posterior surface of the hips or buttocks, but another localization is possible.

With this form of ectimes, first, dense pink knots are formed. As the disease develops on the site of the nodes, deep ulcers are formed that have clearly defined edges. The bottom of the ulcer has a greenish-gray color.

Treatment of

The effective treatment of eczema is necessarily tailored individually, preferably, the treatment is complex.

  • With single ulcers limited to local treatments and use of firming agents. For abundant rashes, systemic antibiotics should be used.
  • Locally, when applying ectime to treat ulcers, apply bandages and emulsions of streptocide, syntomycin, furatsilina or other disinfectant solutions.
  • Good results in ectime gives the ulcer on the scabies of Shestakovsky's balm.
  • For long healing of ulcers, it is possible to use frying with a 20% slap, followed by pasting the ulcer with a plaster.
  • When ectime is used and physiotherapeutic treatment - UF, UHF, laser therapy
  • If multiple ecchymoses are observed, an intensive treatment with antibiotics is required. As a rule, prescribe cefalexin, lincomycin, dicloxacillin.
  • Treatment of the eruptive form of ecchymosis is carried out in the same way with the obligatory application of antibiotics systemically and locally.
  • The overall treatment of the disease is to carry out general measures. Vitamin therapy is recommended, a full-fledged meal with restriction of sugar and sweets. It is forbidden to use alcoholic beverages because alcohol reduces the effectiveness of the antibiotic. Rash and ulcers are not recommended to water with water.

As a rule, in case of single ectima, the patient's performance is not disturbed. Outpatient treatment is recommended. However, in multiple ulcers of patients with ectomy need to be hospitalized, the treatment of the disease in the hospital takes, as a rule, 10-15 days.

Treatment of folk remedies

Eczema causes, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, photo

For the treatment of eczema use raw potatoes in the form of compresses.

In addition to dermatologist treatment, home remedies can be used for ectitism.

In ectitis, it is recommended to apply compresses made from raw potatoes or beets to ulcers. Vegetables should be cleaned and washed. Then grate on a small grater. The crushed mass is superimposed on a piece of bandage, folded in 5 layers, the compress is superimposed on knots or ulcers and nipples. Keep the compress should be 2 hours.

For compresses with ectomy, you can use fresh grass rocks. It is necessary to collect the grass, wash it well, scald with boiling water and dry it on a paper towel. Then grind in a blender. Make the compress from the resulting mug, as described above. If there is no fresh herb, dry rubbers can be used to treat ulcers. The raw material should be crushed into powder and mixed with a tablespoon of grass with 50 grams of cosmetic vaseline.

Before making a compress it is recommended to wipe the location of the ulcer with an antiseptic solution, for example, a light pink solution of manganese.

Help with skin diseases and a healing oilseed of celandine. You need to take 10 grams of dry or 30 grams of fresh herb celandine. Raw chop and pour boiled vegetable oil. Insist in a dark place for two weeks, then strain and use to clean places of rash when ectomy.

In order to inject inside with ectime, you can prepare a decoction of a dandelion. For its preparation it is necessary to use dry leaves and roots of the plant. Take two teaspoons of shredded roots and leaves and brew two cups of boiling water. Boil for 5 minutes, then insist for 8 hours, wrapped in a blanket. Drink half a glass, before each meal.

For the treatment of eczema, it is recommended to use a collection: burdock root, walnut leaf, root of deception. A glass of boiling water should take a spoon of a mixture of these plants, boil the broth for 10 minutes, then immediately strain.

Forecast and prevention of

Prognosis for ectitism is generally favorable, but it may be that lesions will remain scarred on the ground.

Prevention of eczema is the following:

  • Compliance with hygiene norms.
  • When receiving the microtrauma, it is necessary to immediately process the places of damage with antiseptic solutions - hydrogen peroxide, iodine solution, etc.
  • To prevent the disease by ectomy, it is necessary to treat the itchy dermatoses in a timely and persistent manner.
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    Eczema causes, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, photo Eczema causes, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, photo Eczema causes, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, photo Eczema causes, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, photo Eczema causes, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, photo