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Recipe of cranberries with honey: useful properties of soaked berries


  • Useful properties of cranberries with honey
  • Preparation of cranberries with honey
  • Preparation of jellyfish and honey
  • Preserved cranberries with honey
  • Contraindications of cranberries with honey
  • Treatment of various diseases with honey and cranberries

Tasty and useful

wild berries are cranberries. From it cook jam and add honey, so you can cure various colds. This is a delicious mix that has beneficial properties. Jam can be cured and protected from various diseases.

Recipe of cranberries with honey: useful properties of soaked berries

Useful properties of cranberries with honey

Red and juicy berries are a healing remedy for the whole body. With it you can cure various diseases. Cranberries in combination with honey strengthens the immune system, cures colds.

Berry is one of the best antiseptic drugs, it can overcome infectious diseases, prevent rotting, stop the inflammatory process. Cranberries and honey in combination are a useful medicinal product for the vascular system. They remove from the body slags and toxic substances. So you can normalize the exchange processes.

Brusnytsia has a diuretic, choleretic effect on the body. Brings blood pressure to normal. So you can improve urine output. Sometimes medicinal plants are used for plant leaves. Broth with honey and cranberries will help cure gout, hypertension, rheumatism.

Used cranberries, honey as a diuretic, antimicrobial. It will help to lower the temperature, cure the cold, sore throat. It is advised to use in the event that a person is poisoned with carbon monoxide, to remove joint pain. In no case can sugar be replaced by honey.

The benefits of cranberries are due to its rich chemical composition:

  • Vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system.
  • Carotin, B2.
  • Organic acid, mineral salt, catechin, tannin.

Recipe of cranberries with honey: useful properties of soaked berries

Fresh, cooked, soaked cranberries with a bee product is used to treat pyelonephritis, gout, and removes stones from the kidneys. Berries have the same effect as sulfanilamides. They need to be taken with fever, various injuries, if you have suffered a serious illness. The mixture will remove pathogenic microflora from the body, toxic substances. Morse is useful for oncology, it slows down the development of malignant tumors.

Honey drinks with berries improves the digestive process, saliva and gastric juice out faster way to treat gastritis who have low acidity, stop inflammation of the pancreas. This is one of the best medicines for hypertension.

Berries and leaves of the plant have copper in their composition, therefore a medicinal product can cure diabetes mellitus, remove heavy metals from the body.

Recipe of cranberries with honey: useful properties of soaked berries

Honey-brusnychnaya water is used, if a person vchadiv, overheated in the sun, pain in the joints, is also useful gargle. Diluted water is used for cold compresses, washed wounds with varicose veins. The cranberries are recommended to use a breastfeeding mother to protect themselves from the mastitis, an inflammatory process that often occurs after childbirth. Men recommend this remedy for the treatment of prostatitis. Externally use a mixture of juice and nectar, so you can cure scabies, lichen.

cooking cranberries with honey

Recipe of cranberries with honey: useful properties of soaked berries

cooking cranberries with honey

take kilo cranberries, half a liter of honey. Berries are thoroughly washed, cleaned of the affected. Wait until it has dried up, pour nectar, simmer for a short period of 10 minutes. Cool, put in a dry container. It is necessary to keep the jam in a cold place so that it is not forbidden.

You can use this recipe for jam. It will require:

  • Half a cup of water.
  • kilo of cranberries.
  • 700 ml nectar.
  • To add cinnamon, cloves, flowers to linden.
  • Clean berries, thoroughly wash them.
  • Take an enameled pan, pour water, boil it. Then blanch berries in boiling water. So cranberries can soften, lose their bitterness. After preparing syrup. Stuff everything in a bowl, cook syrup, add spices.
  • Preheated syrup, stir, add berries. Boil everything for half an hour, do not forget to remove the foam.
  • 5 minutes before the jam add flowers of linden, pre-clean from sprigs.
  • Wait until the jam cools down, transfer it to a dry jar, close it. Put in a refrigerator for storage. Jam is not only tasty, it has healing properties.
  • Preparation of

    Cranberries and Honey To preserve the benefits of cranberries and honey, use the following recipe.1 kilo of berries, 200 g of apples, pears, half a cup of water, 400 ml of honey. First, the berries are cleaned, after washing them and churning with boiling water. Clean the pears, apples, cut into small pieces, the core is removed and thrown away. On the basis of water, syrup is prepared for honey. In the enamel dishes lay the cranberries, the rest of the fruit, after all you need to pour syrup. The fruit should be transparent, soft. Take clay packaging and put a jam there, cover it with polyethylene.

    Recipe for overgrown cranberries with honey

    Recipe of cranberries with honey: useful properties of soaked berries

    Need a kilogram of berries, a little honey. The following recipe is effective: cranberries are cleaned, washed, after water is mixed, everything is put in the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees, we leave the juice, prepare it. Berries must be worn, cowberry purees must leave, add a little honey. The mass is mixed to use a wooden spoon, wait until the honey melts.

    Contraindications of cranberries with honey

  • Can not be used if a person has a stomach ulcer.
  • The device is forbidden if the patient has gastritis and high acidity.
  • It is not recommended to use with such diagnoses as cholecystitis, hypotension, berries can reduce the pressure.
  • Contraindicated in allergic reactions, despite all useful properties, if a person individually does not tolerate honey or cranberries.
  • During lactation, the pregnancy needs to be treated with extreme caution to the medicinal and healing mixture.
  • Treatment of various diseases with honey and cranberries

    Recipe of cranberries with honey: useful properties of soaked berries

  • To get rid of extra pounds will help such a recipe: you need to take a frozen cranberries, add honey. Use in the morning on a hungry stomach a teaspoon.
  • In liver, kidney diseases, inflammatory process in the biliary and urinary bladder. Use this recipe: you need to take 100 juvenile cranberries, it has anti-inflammatory properties, add honey. Use broth 30 minutes before eating.
  • To get rid of constipation you can use this recipe for drink: it will require berries, cold water - 250 ml, honey - a tablespoon.
  • A cold can be cured with a donkey, it has beneficial properties, it will require 200 grams of berries of water, to insist for about 4 hours. After strain, add nectar. Drink in the event of a flu, respiratory viral infection. You can use morse to treat rheumatism, kidney disease, inflammation in the gall bladder, the liver, if long disturbed by a sense of discomfort. Brushnitsa will help to strengthen the body.
  • For the treatment of sore throats, a wet berry is used. To cook it, you need to use the following recipe: take a kilo of berries, wash them thoroughly, then take 150 grams of honey. Cleaned berries are converted into glass containers
  • An effective medicinal product is honey filling with cranberries. Recipe: need to take a liter of water, add a little honey, a pinch of salt, boil everything, remove the foam. Cool and add berries. Mochana cranberries, which are in a jar, should be covered with parchment, to insist in a cool place for about a month, so it will have beneficial properties. Drink is recommended when the first symptoms of a virus-respiratory infection appear.
  • Mocha cowberry with honey is one of the best medicines to quickly cure a cold.

    It is also recommended to use for weight loss, you need to take daily 100 grams, add a spoon of honey. Berry has a diuretic effect, so you can get rid of thirst, hunger. Berries are a low-calorie product. They perfectly strengthen the body.

    Recipe of cranberries with honey: useful properties of soaked berries

    In cosmetology, a mixture of honey and cranberries also has beneficial properties, will help clear, moisturize and tone the skin, prevent wrinkles from appearing. To prepare facial masks, it is necessary to shred the berries in a blender and fill them in an enameled bowl, mix everything with honey. Use as a mask, hold for about 10 minutes, then rinse. Cranberries with honey are valued both in medicine and cosmetology, its benefit has long been proven.