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Dog hugging: pills at home, cost of procedure, process, video

Dog hugging: pills at home, cost of procedure, process, video

It's no secret that home pets live far less in their hosts. Sometimes resorting to the euthanasia procedure will be quite humane. This does not mean that weeping dogs is mandatory for the elderly.

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clinics In fact, this procedure needs to be dealt with only when your pet has an incurable illness, and his condition is deteriorating with each passing day.

If a dog feels unbearable pain, has lost its full capacity, then it is necessary to apply immediately to the veterinary clinic. The suffering of a pet - a sight is not pleasant, and your duty, as a master, to prevent the torment of a four-legged friend. Certainly, to resort to the procedure of weeping, if your pet has a chance to recover, it is not worth it.

You need to fight for the life of a pet to the last and treat it in all possible ways. Also, it is not worth thinking about euthanasia, if the dog does not qualify for training, this is not the case when this procedure is urgently needed.

Some people believe that if the animal is aggressive and there is no way to control it, then this is one of the reasons why you can go to sleep. But this is in the root of the wrong belief. If the dog is exposed to uncontrolled aggressive attacks, then before deciding on such a step, it is worth trying a lot of ways to find a common language with the pupil and try to understand the reasons for his behavior.

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Lameness Process For today, each veterinary clinic provides pain relief for dogs. The process of euthanasia passes through two main stages. At first, the inmates make an injection that will immerse him in a dream. As a rule, for this purpose such preparations as "Zoetilyl", "Vetrankliv" are used. After the injection, the dog disappears painful reflexes, she ceases to feel anything. At the second stage of asphyxiation, the injection that stops breathing and the cardiovascular system is formed. To do this, use the drugs "Ditylin", "Listenon", etc.

Dog hugging: pills at home, cost of procedure, process, video

In the free sale it is quite difficult to find pills for keeping dogs at home. In no case should you try to independently carry out this procedure. If the dosage of a particular drug is incorrectly calculated, the risk of anxious withdrawal from the dog may be at risk. There is also no need to resort to dubious specialists and unknown organizations. The likelihood that you will not get a clean man in hand is very high. As a rule, such "experts" can use low-quality drugs to save. The worst thing is for a lack of knowledge to give the pet in the hands of the organization, which is engaged in the catch of homeless animals in a part-time. Such "specialists" will not allow you to control the entire care process and may not conduct an anesthetic procedure, as a result, your pet will suffer from convulsions and pain in his death.

Dog hugging: pills at home, cost of procedure, process, video

All these terrible consequences can be avoided. For this, it's enough to apply to a specialized veterinary clinic with many years of practice. Such organizations will not spoil their reputation of dubious quality of services and drugs. Many clinics have a home departure service. Your favorite will be able to get out of life in the familiar environment, along with your favorite people.

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The cost of this procedure in clinics

The cost of humane care services depends on many factors such as:

  • of your location;
  • weight and growth of the pet;
  • availability of additional services.

Dog hugging: pills at home, cost of procedure, process, video
Location is of great importance in pricing animal burial services. The larger the city and the more significant, the higher the cost for this procedure.

Average price per country is from 1500 to 4000 rubles. A huge role in the final value is played by the size of the dog and its mass. Depending on the weight, the required dosage of drugs and their number is calculated.

If it is important to conduct a home-based procedure, then the doctor's call will be required to be paid. Some veterinary clinics offer comprehensive services, which include, in addition to euthanasia itself, cremation and subsequent burial.