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Reviews LG G Pro 2

Reviews LG G Pro 2

LG G Pro 2 is a very large and very powerful smartphone. This is probably one of the most productive tablet pods in 2014.A distinctive feature of the LG G Pro 2 is not only the huge 5.9-inch screen, but also the rear navigation buttons.

Reviews LG G Pro 2. Denis, 29 years old. A stunning

phone that has met all of my expectations! I'll start with an incredible display: the colors are very juicy and bright, the density of pixels is good, the resolution of Full HD.The sound is chic( like a stereo speaker, and when talking).Filling - Top 3: 3 gigabytes of RAM, the processor cope with all the games with the best graphics. The camera was surprised by its quality, quietly replacing the camera. There is not enough battery( but this is a problem for all mobile devices).You can also cling to a virtual keyboard that is not very comfortable( you can replace it with another Google Play).Here's a guy, LG G Pro 2. I advise everyone!

Reviews LG G Pro 2. Arthur, 25 years old. The advantage of this device is the new Android 4.4 shell as well as the screen. Personally, I was pleased with the 13-megapixel camera and battery. The device looks like Note 3 from Samsung. If someone is interested in speed, then I note that the toys I have installed without problems and difficulties. There are no disadvantages in the device. A great model has come out.

Reviews LG G Pro 2. Alexander, 31 years old. The LG G Pro 2 is very positive. The collection of the smartphone is great, as well as design. The sensor is very responsive and attentive, and the screen is great. The battery is solid and holds up a couple of days. Very good rear camera. I liked LG's proprietary interface. Well, already built-in software is generally above all praise. Memory is both operational and basic, a lot. About the lags and brakes can be forgotten at all, there is no such thing in the mind. Separately, you need to highlight the sound of a smartphone, which is not transmitted words, it is fantastic. The LG G Pro 2 is only available for a plastic case, awkward back keys and small font due to the high resolution of the display. This smartphone provides everything you want, and maybe even more.

Reviews LG G Pro 2. Hope, 28 years old. The phone exactly justifies the price. The disadvantages, of course, are, but quite small. For example, poor equipment or lack of branded covers. Something bad about the phone tongue does not come back to say. I would like to note a huge screen, but its size can be on the fan. There are a lot of settings and themes in the phone. What I used, since I am a fashionable girl and I love everything beautiful. Thanks to the screen, you need to use the LG phone constantly and without interruption. Surprisingly, but going out to the street, I set the brightness to zero, and still it is perfectly visible.

Reviews LG G Pro 2. Valery, 34 years old. Still, there is some flaw in the firmware. In other claims no, the gadget is productive and stylish. The camera with stabilization produces decent photos, and the display is just cool. Exclusive utilities can delight in their efficiency. Exactly speaking, take it and you will not be sorry!

Reviews LG G Pro 2

Reviews LG G Pro 2

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