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Coffee for hair: recipes for masks and composition for painting

Coffee is not just a hot drink, which has a unique flavor and taste, tones and invigorates. He has been recognized by many nutrition experts who are increasingly recommending coffee in their diet. Its amazing properties, able to revive the hair and

to cure the scalp, have not left indifferent and beauticians. All kinds of recipes for masks, lotions and other cosmetic preparations made on the basis of coffee beans are no longer a rarity.

Coffee for hair: recipes for masks and composition for painting

Coffee-based cosmetics at home

For hair care, use natural coffee( no flavors and additives) of medium or fine grinding. You can also take coffee( coffee grounds remaining after cooking), but it must be fresh and without sugar. Means cooked on the basis of sleeping coffee, less intensively dye the hair and act on them much softer.

How to use coffee for hair?

Coffee as a hair care product works great in conjunction with essential oils. One of these oils, which is especially useful for thin, dry and fragile hair, is an ylang-ylang oil. Ilang-ylang is the strongest aphrodisiac. Its aroma excites the pituitary glands that produce endorphin, which in turn causes desire and euphoria.

  • A recipe for a brittle, dry hair

You will need: 1 item.lcoffee( if you have long hair) and 0.5 pc.lcoffee( if you have short hair), 10 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil, 1 liter chamomile decoction.

Mix coffee with essential oil, then dissolve in chamomile broth. Rinse the hair with a ready-made solution. This recipe carries a lot of beneficial properties: coffee adds a shine and silky hair, chamomile heals the scalp, and the combination of essential oil and coffee gives the hair an unforgettable fragrance.

  • Mask for the onion and coffee basis

You will need: 1 item.lChopped onion, 1 tbsp.lhoney, 1 tbsp.lraspberry oil, 1 tbsp.lcognac, 1 tablespooncoffee.

Mix all the ingredients, rub the resulting mixture into the scalp. Then cover with polyethylene and hold for 20-30 minutes. Then wash your hair. The mask perfectly affects the hair, but it has a significant disadvantage - it has a very sharp odor. To kill it, add your favorite essential oils or a tablespoon of coffee to it.

  • Hairdresser "Coffee for milk with milk"

This recipe is recommended for owners of dark hair, blondes will not fit.

you will need: 2 items.lsoluble coffee, 100 g milk, 1 egg, 1 tbsp.lhoney, be essential oil( for example, tea tree oil).

Pour coffee in milk, put on fire and heat, stirring constantly. Then add egg, honey and essential oil. Make sure that the mixture is not very hot, otherwise the egg will boil. Ready rinse aid on hair and hold for 15 minutes. If you add tea tree oil, rinse your hair with a fragrant solution, for example, a mixture of essential oil of rose and any rinse balm. This is reflected in the sharp smell of tea tree.

  • Another recipe for brunettes

You will need: 2 tbsp.lnatural coffee, 1 glass of water.

Make coffee with boiling water and strain. Wash your head and apply warm coffee throughout the length of your hair. Cover your head with a hat or towel. Hold for 30 minutes and then wash your head with a soft shampoo.

This recipe will give your hair a unique luster.

Hope you will pick up the recipe that will taste your hair!