Hair Care

Tar for hair. Masks for hair with tar


  • Hair treatment with toxin
  • Means from the pharmacy
  • Aromatic mask with birch tar
  • Aseptic shampoo formula
  • Aromatic water for dry hair
  • Avoidance of excessive fatty acids

Tar for hair. Masks for hair with tar If one spoon of this substance can change the quality of the whole barrel of

honey, you canimagine what force it is in it. It is about ordinary tar, thick, dark, butter, stinking mass, which peasants lubricated carriages or birch boots. And this applies to the health of the human body? Imagine that.

Therapeutic properties of

taro From the depths of the ages there is knowledge of the miraculous properties of tar. They come in two types - carbon black and birch.

With the help of tar, at all times, I successfully cured various skin diseases - dry seborrhea, scabies of eczema, and even difficult to treat psoriasis.

At present, the popularity of the money has not diminished, rather the opposite. Is that it began to be used with wisdom - in the form of ointments, creams, shampoos and balms.

A special place is the care and treatment of hair and scalp with the help of the above mentioned means. A hair spray is used in certain warehouses and proportions, although it has been proven that the natural origin of raw materials eliminates harm to health. In exceptional cases, allergic reactions may occur in the form of itching, redness of the skin. In this case, the remedy is better to refuse.

There is one strong argument against the use of rubbish funds - it is a persistent, unpleasant smell for most people. Frequent application, of course, leads to the "accumulation" of tar spirit. But if you do it from time to time, for example, masks for the hair with tar, then carefully wash and ventilate the hair, there will be only a slight hint of the smell of birch tar.

Tar for hair. Masks for hair with tar

Drugs containing

Contemporary pharmaceutical and cosmetic products are synthesized taking into account the specifics of the raw materials and in the majority of them contain flavors and other active ingredients.

Yes, the shampoo-balm of the Revivor line with zinc and tar is easily washed away and practically does not leave a smell, and thanks to its extract, birch leaves and kidneys, castor oil and rosemary gives good results for seborrhea and itching of the scalp.

In pharmacies you can buy inexpensive shampoos with birch tar, an extract of the reptile root and panthenol. Many generally prefer pure puffy soap. Hair does not immediately get used to such an extreme turn and at first make the impression not washed, but after 4-5th washing, the skin and hair change and become healthy.

Home masks with tar

At home, applying hair spray is easier than ever before. If, of course, there is a chemist's spit. It can be added to any mask at an arbitrary concentration, from a few drops to a teaspoon. The longer the mask holds on the hair, the better.

  • From dandruff and itch it will deprive masks for the hair with tar: a pharmacy birch tar in a mixture of castor oil or rapeseed oil 1: 2 and 2-3 tablespoons of alcohol. Carefully wiped out the contents of the scalp, close the polyethylene hat, wrap a towel, hold for at least two hours and rinse. It's even easier: dilute the spit of warm stomach into the warm water and rub it into the scalp. This procedure literally revitalizes the hair, they begin to grow intensively and thickens at the expense of new hair.
  • Unfortunately, there are problems that are much more serious than dandruff and itching. For the treatment of eczema and psoriasis on the scalp, folk medicine recommends the use of the tar in its pure form.
  • With focal hair loss and excessive seborrhea, the tar is diluted with alcohol or glycerin in equal proportions and applied to problem areas using a special brush for painting. At the same time, it is not recommended to wash the tar, it is enough to remove the surplus funds with cotton discs. On the second day, the head can be washed, on the third - again mask, and so on a day to complete recovery.

Tar for hair. Masks for hair with tar

Deodorant Shampoo

Deodorant Shampoo

The basis of such a remedy is better to take shampoos on a natural basis with plant extracts. The most useful for hair are nettles and burdock. Synthetic and silicone shampoos are not suitable for the reason that it is difficult to predict their reaction when in contact with the stomach.

In a glass or ceramic container, pour 100 ml of shampoo( about half a glass).It is worth adding about 2 tablespoons of birch tar( freely sold at the pharmacy).It is necessary to mix the mass until it becomes completely homogeneous. If desired, you can add up to 15 drops of your favorite essential oil to the shampoo, which will serve as an extra diet for the hair. This component will also help to disguise a bit the smell of bitter odor.

If you have done everything correctly, the shampoo's texture will completely change. It will not resemble a gel, as it was at first, but an ordinary dense liquid. If this effect can not be achieved, then try to take as a basis for any other shampoo. Of course, gel-like mass should not be thrown at all, but keep in mind that it's much harder to wash your hair. A liquid taro shampoo is easily removed from the curls.

Deodorant shampoo is used in almost the same way as usual, but with one feature: it takes approximately 2 minutes to massage the head so that the tar will better get into the skin. Wash off the stock with plain water. But if you are in doubt that the tar was washed completely, you can use even the usual shampoo. To finish the procedure it is necessary to apply an air conditioner or balm.

Tar for hair. Masks for hair with tar

Tarot will help you get rid of dandruff and turn your hair back on!

Degassa water

Unfortunately, the tar in its pure form is too aggressive and can dry up the scalp and hair. It is therefore advisable to use tar water. So, for dry hair it is great to use a remedy consisting of 50 ml of such water, a glass of kefir and two eggs. This is not just a great mask for strengthening the curls, but also a full-fledged natural substitute for synthetic shampoo. After you wash the hair product, be sure to rinse your head with a herbal broth.


High fatty hair is an unpleasant problem that brings a lot of discomfort to girls. Dealing with excessive sebum secretion can be done with the help of tarry wraps. This procedure also provides a cushioning effect. Warm up with grease oil, grease the scalp and hair, wrap it with polyethylene and wrap it with a warm towel. After a few hours wash your head only with water and tar soap( do not use shampoo).Allow only the use of balsam to moisturize the tips.

The beauty of Slavic girls has always been associated with a dense long skew. It is safe to say that this is in many ways the merit of birch tar, which beauties are widely used in hair care.

And what about barrels of honey and spoons of tar? Something in any mask these two natural products do not meet together. Is it really a complete incompatibility? Probably worth a try. Maybe it will manage to overcome a persistent stereotype and appreciate the miracle tool, prepared by nature itself. ..