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Interior arches with your own hands: the way of decorating the space

The interior hole does not always imply the presence of a door unit. Modern design offers to decorate holes with arches. It is worth considering how to make an arch in the apartment with their own hands.

  • Selection of
  • style Selection of the corresponding material
  • Stages of works

Selection of style

Interior arches with your own hands: the way of decorating the space The arch is a decorative element that provides any contemporary interior of the room elegance, visual space and comfort once. In recent years, the refinement of the aperture with the use of arches is gaining in popularity( numerous photo arches are presented on the Internet).One can not but agree that the cavities of the interior space are not blocked by door blocks, but are treated with the use of arches, which are the leading decorative element of the room. And so special pride of the owner of the structure, especially if they are created by own hands of the owner.

An arch as a particle of medieval stylistics used in palace interiors. In the retail sentence construction market, arch arches are offered in a wide assortment of proposals, ready for installation.

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Created arch arches of cavities on their own design will become a stylish decoration of a country-type structure or apartment. Many sites feature photo arch arches in the classical style. The cost of arched products in the finished form is not cheap. So, if you really want to create a stylistically interesting interior in the apartment, and the funds laid down for repair work are limited, you should read the contents of the article below.

Interior arches with your own hands: the way of decorating the space When designing the creation of arches in the living and not only the premises, consider the popular variants of arched interior vaults. Moving away the practical side of the issue for later, one should consider the shape of the arches:

  • The classic form of enveloping the slots is the most popular among consumer demand( the photo of classical arches in the interior are presented on many sites).The radius of the arched lumen in the classical style is about ½ part of the width of the entire opening. With low ceiling arrangement, the choice of typical arches is not recommended. Classic shapes of arched openings are more suitable for rooms with high ceilings.
  • For arches in the Art Nouveau style, the radii of rounding exceed the size of the opening. The arch in the style of modern art harmoniously fits in rooms with a fairly low ceiling arrangement( photos on the Internet sites).
  • The most primitive is an arch called "portal".In fact, the arched vault, decorated with stylistics portal, virtually repeats the doorway in the form of the letter "P".The only feature of a typical arched vault is the beautiful design of the doorway bezel without the door leaf door leaf.
  • Extremely wide hole is better to ennoble by means of easy mowing of corners, with the observance of a large horizontal line of the hole. The typical reception of the improvement of the interior passage is called decorative design in a romantic style( photo on the sites of the Internet).
  • The arched vault, designed by the type of "Ellipse", is similar to the forms of the modern style. An ellipse-shaped arc is an excellent solution when arranging a passage in a low-ceilinged room. The arched hole, created by the type of ellipse, allows you to depart from the standard rounds of the hole.

Even among a few stylistic solutions of arched designs, let's pick a harmonious shape that is appropriate for a particular design type, putting into action the most daring idea.

Selection of the corresponding material

Interior arches with your own hands: the way of decorating the space The form for interior arches has already been selected, it is worthwhile to go to the selection of acceptable material for the construction of an arched product. The selected material for creating an archway should not only emphasize the advantages of interior design in a favorable light, but also serve long enough without requiring careful care.

Today, when constructing arches, the following materials are used more:

  • Brick;
  • Wood;
  • Gypsum board;
  • MDF.

Created arches by brickwork are the most difficult option, since the typical hole is subject to processing:

  • The arch is laid out of a brick;
  • Finishes;
  • zaps;
  • Dyed.

The size of labor and time losses on a typical process exceeds the size of cash expenses, which, in turn, do not turn out to be small. So as a result, the arch may not come out in the style of the original idea. Brick for unprofessional masters is a complex material that is difficult to create by artistic forms of bends.

Wooden arch apertures, of course, endowed with a number of advantages:

  • Durability, with proper care and when using natural wood, not laminated raw MDF or particle board;
  • Sophistication, inherent exclusively in a wooded array.

Wooden arches are endowed with drawbacks:

Interior arches with your own hands: the way of decorating the space

  • An arc, made of solid wood, has a fairly large weight. The fineness of the walls will subsequently cease to withstand the load of the products, turning a beautiful structure into a potentially dangerous structure.
  • Wooden products have the property of cracking and drying, getting insects, and then, even the processed array of natural wood, begins to smolder. So a wooden design requires a lot of attention to proper care.

Artificial products made of MDF without finishing work are the cheapest designs. However, the MDF material is a semi-finished product, requiring a mandatory surface painting or decorative treatment:

  • Arched MDF construction, decorated with PVC film, presented in retail with different types of surface and color solutions, will make the hole nobler;
  • Treated arches with natural or artificial veneer, not covered with varnish mixtures, will visually create the impression of a product made of natural wood. The consumable part on typical arch designs will exceed even the bricks in the processing of the hole.

The most suitable option for labor costs, cash, and acquired skills is the drywall material used to create the arch. From sheets of drywall it is permissible to cut out completely different forms. Due to the ease of the raw material, the arch from the hyposcarton will not create excessive pressure on the wall surface.

Stages of works

Interior arches with your own hands: the way of decorating the space For works it is desirable to acquire or borrow tools:

  • drill or hammer drill - drill screws;
  • Knife - for sawing sheets of drywall;
  • Construction knife - for adjusting the edges of the sheets;
  • Roulette - shoot sizes;
  • Building level;
  • Pencil.

It is also worth picking up and the method of arch construction:

  • At narrow hole, drywall allowed to stick to the walls of the walls using a special glue;
  • With a wide aperture - it is worth using metal profiles.

Step-by-step works( video and photo works submitted on the Internet):

  • Calculates the radius of the future rounding of the arch.
  • The door structure is formed from the hyposcarton( saturated video portals and photos of the correct construction of structures).
  • The product is fixed in a hole and framed by a perforated plastic corner; on all seams of the cloths an reinforced tape under the putty is applied.
  • The door structure is plastered and decorated with dyeing, adhesive film, etc.