2017 Year

The new 2017 year in the Crimea. Prices

The new 2017 year in the Crimea. Prices

A large stream of tourists is sent every summer in the Crimea, but winter does not lag behind. So the new 2017 year in the Crimea will also be a pleasant memorial, as well as summer holidays spent here. But many do not understand what can be done here on New Year's holidays and what to take. And entertainment

here is enough throughout the year.

In winter, you can visit natural and architectural monuments. The hotels offer their guests a wonderful New Year program and fun holidays. Many holiday homes and in the winter time of the year provide tourists with a variety of health programs.

In the winter, many hotels continue to operate, so tourists can enjoy a wide range of tours. But the booking of a trip to the Crimea should be worried in advance, as recently he began to gain increasing popularity every year.
The new 2017 year in the Crimea. Prices

Tour prices depend on hotel selection and entertainment programs. The cost of permits starts from 6800 rubles.

New Year holiday in a sanatorium.

There are quite a few sanatoriums in the Crimea, so many tourists come here to improve their health and have a good time. Many tourists go here with whole families, because, in fact, the sanatorium - this is the same hotel with only a number of additional health services.

Rest in the mountains of the Crimea.

The advent of winter is not a reason for refusal to rest in the mountains. Fresh mountain air can not only raise the mood, but also improve the overall state of the organism. You can stop your choice in the village of New World, where you can have a good time not only in the mountains, but also get acquainted with the local very interesting sights.
The new 2017 year in the Crimea. Prices

Excursions around the Crimea.

Those who are not used to sitting in one place can go on a sightseeing tour. Just a few days you can visit the main attractions of the Crimea. Such tours include excursions to Yalta, Sevastopol and Feodosia. Having chosen such a variant of the celebration of the New 2017, you will not have to sit in the hotel in one place and look for a way to entertain yourself. Excursion tours have prepared an interesting New Year program for adults as well as for children.

Meeting New Year 2017 in such a beautiful land, the tourists will be able to bring not only a lot of photos, but also the sea of ​​positive emotions and bright memories.