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Overview of Nokia Normandy

Overview of Nokia Normandy

Following a global deal with Microsoft, Nokia has been able to independently choose platforms for future mobile devices. Moreover, the Finns are not at all against trying their hand on Android territory. Therefore, their new smartphone was Nokia Normandy, which is based on the operating system

from Google.

Overview Nokia Normandy. Designed by

With great reflection, Nokia designers decided not to go from a relatively successful tile. They also added the appearance of the Asha series phones, which are distinguished by their brightness and individuality. As a result, Nokia Normandy came out as a good mix of Asha and Lumia. As for the colors of Nokia Normandy, they are as follows: red, black, white, yellow, blue and green.

Overview Nokia Normandy. Screen

This time the display turned out to be small. It is 4-inch and the resolution is 854 by 480 dots. This fact means that Nokia Normandy will definitely fit almost anywhere. But to rely on excellent image quality is not worth it. This touch screen is not impressive with its features at all, but it saves energy of the smartphone.

Overview Nokia Normandy. Operating System

Works by Nokia Normandy running the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. However, it looks odd that Normandy has access to the usual online Google Play service. But do not despair, because Nokia has built its own virtual Store Store, which has all the major applications. In the future, the situation will improve for the better, and Nokia Normandy owners will receive a complete Play store.

Separately, you need to highlight the interesting shell of Nokia Normandy. It has remade much of the Android 4.4 OS, which has become like a well-known Windows Phone. There are familiar tiles that scroll down. These tiles can be converted into widgets as well as multi-functional shortcuts.

Overview of Nokia Normandy

Overview Nokia Normandy. Processor

To optimize the work of Nokia Normandy, the smartphone features a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It works well with interface processing and the launch of simple programs. For games, this chip will be frankly weak, since low frequencies and a very simple graphic accelerator can not "pull" complex three-dimensional elements.

Overview Nokia Normandy. Camera

Nokia Normandy also has a camera. It's just 5-megapixel, and there's no flash. The 5-megapixel cameras received photos are very good, but the overall quality of photos is below the average. Still, there is not enough LED flash, as well as high-quality optics.

Overview Nokia Normandy. Conclusion

Nokia Normandy is the first smartphone for a Finnish manufacturer using the Android platform. The Mlynets did not come out with a breast, but did not succeed in getting it. The Nokia Normandy smartphone is an interesting budget solution for an inexperienced user, as well as for someone who wants to try something new.

Overview of Nokia Normandy

Overview of Nokia Normandy

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