Why can not I suffer headache?

Headache can make a lot of negative emotions and disappointments in your life. If attacks occur frequently or practically every day, a violation of the normal rhythm of life may occur. Therefore, with pain, more often two to three times a week, contact a specialist.

Such measures are necessary to establish the diagnosis and appointment of a course of treatment.

Why can not I suffer headache?

Self-medication and the use of drugs in large quantities, without the appointment of a doctor, harms your health. Treatment of headache can be medication and with the use of folk remedies and phytotherapy. Preventive measures should be used for a long period of time. With migraine attacks with aura it is recommended to completely exclude possible stimuli.


  • Causes not to be tolerated
  • What to drink with headache?

Causes not to be tolerated by

A medical examination may be required to establish the cause. Particular attention is paid to the brain and the vascular system. Be sure to listen to the doctor's recommendations and do all of them. Getting rid of pain, you can improve the quality of your life, increase your ability to work, and will be able to enjoy everything that is happening around.

Painful feelings in any form are inconvenient and limit your ability. The peculiarities of headache are that they can last a long time - one attack for several days. Pump an attack can be when taking analgesic drugs. Long-term approval of which may be dangerous. Therefore, they should be used in urgent cases and no more than three days in a row. If the attack lasts more than three days, you should urgently apply to the hospital.

Headache accompanies all colds, but after they recover they pass. In other cases, an attack may indicate a complicated disease that requires special treatment.

Very often the examination should be done in the hospital. This is necessary to create a complete picture of the course of the disease. In the background of frequent headaches, depression develops. Such a condition can adversely affect the psycho-emotional state of a person. He ceases to perceive the surrounding world and enjoy life. A depressive condition can progress and lead to complicated diseases.

Frequent headaches can occur due to fatigue and stress. In such a state, the exhaustion of the body may occur and the consequences can be very severe. Therefore, headache can not be tolerated in any of its manifestations. Migraine attacks with and without aura are being treated. You can get professional and qualitative help at the hospital.

Attacks can occur because of your susceptibility to sudden changes in weather conditions, atmospheric pressure changes and climate change. In this case, it is possible to take painkillers, but the amount should be limited. It will help you reverse the attack and go through the period of adaptation to the new conditions.

If the pain does not go away within a few days, pay attention to blood pressure, the general condition. Depending on your health status, your body can be rebuilt from several days to weeks. In elderly people it can last a long time.

To select medicines for relief of an attack is recommended on the advice of a doctor. If you have chronic illness or congenital pathology, you should only take medications after consulting a specialist. If you do not accept medication you can use massage, contrast shower, compresses. Regular physical training will help to relieve headaches.

Reasons Why You Can not Suffer From Headache:

  • may develop complicated diseases;
  • aggravates overall health;
  • develops a depressive state that can change the quality of life.

Very often headaches are caused due to head injury, concussion of the brain. Therefore, it is recommended to undergo an inspection after a car accident or a fall. The consequences of an injury may begin to appear after a while and the earlier the cause will be detected, the more effective the treatment will be.

Treatment for post-traumatic headaches may involve surgical intervention. Such a need arises in the formation of hematoma within the skull. The treatment will be long and complicated. In such a situation, headaches can be quite strong and last forever. If you do not turn to the doctor, it is difficult to predict the consequences. Practical any disease is curable, but only if diagnosed at an early stage of development.

What to drink with headache?

In the treatment of headache attacks, different means are used and a comprehensive approach is very effective. He usually includes:

  • drugs;
  • phytotherapy;
  • folk remedies;
  • preventive measures.

Medicines can be used to relieve an attack and treat the cause of its occurrence. They need to be selected individually in each case.

Usually used:

  • "Acetylsalicylic acid";
  • "Analgin";
  • "Amidoprin";
  • Paracetamol.

The cause of the attack must be taken into account. In the case of inflammation, colds, give preference to drugs containing paracetamol or aspirin. They will help relieve pain and will treat their cause. Mandatory consultation of the doctor regarding the duration of administration, dosage and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Chemical substances can accumulate in the body, therefore, the duration of admission should not exceed the recommended terms.

It is recommended to give preference to preparations based on natural ingredients. These include "No-Shpa", but it is not suitable for everyone. When he receives, the expected effect may not come, and the pain will not deviate.

"Analgin" is developed on a synthetic basis. It can be used to relieve an attack. Take the medication after eating, the maximum of three pills a day.

"Citramon" belongs to a group of combined medications. It is able to relieve pain and affect the inflammation process. Usually taken in one tablet, the doctor may prescribe a dose may be increased.

"Tempalgin" is made on a synthetic basis and belongs to combined preparations. He is able to anesthetize and reverse the attack. It is used not only for headaches.

A very effective means for removing headache attacks is "Solpadein".Its main component is paracetamol, with added caffeine and codeine. You can take it in one tablet up to four times a day.

"Pentalgin" consists of analginum, codeine, caffeine, amidopyrine, phenobarbital. He is able to take a pain attack and influence the inflammatory process.

Be sure to visit your doctor before taking any medicines. Here are some of the most popular drugs. Please read the instructions for use, dosage, contraindications and storage before you buy any.

In order to get rid of pain, you can take medicinal herbs. Of them, tea, tincture and decoctions are cooked. Good qualities include mint, camomile, linden, rosemary, melissa, St. John's wort.

Before choosing a method and method of treatment, be sure to pay attention to your blood pressure. Many phyto drugs and drugs have the ability to increase or decrease its performance. It is therefore very important to choose the remedy you need to avoid the reverse effect.

For example, a hipster that can lower pressure and, at constant use, stabilizes performance. A broth from it can be drunk instead of ordinary tea. To brew hips is recommended for people with high pressure, and take tincture on an alcohol basis - with a lowered. With this simple example you can understand how important it is to get a specialist's advice and not engage in self-medication.

For preventive purposes it is necessary to drink about two liters of water per day. This will help improve the general condition and cleanse the body. With a small amount of fluid used, blood pressure can be elevated.

In summary, we recall once again that taking large quantities of drugs is dangerous.

There are times when you need to take a pain attack and the choice of tools is not very large. It is acceptable to take an anesthetic, but more than allowed dosage in the instructions. Pay special attention to the use of medicines by children and pregnant women.

Well, now let's answer the main question: can a headache be tolerated? Pain can not be tolerated in any of its manifestations. Headaches can change your life for the better. Therefore, see your doctor and determine the cause of the attacks. Medical examination will be conducted on the recommendation of the doctor.

Headache is being treated, first of all, after exposure to the root cause. The course may take several months, depending on the individual characteristics of the patient. Very often, attacks arise from previously injured injuries.

In such cases, it is imperative to use preventive measures, conduct a mobile lifestyle, and engage in physical education. The load should match your age and physical abilities. Any pain needs to be treated to live a full life.