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Demodecas of the eyelids in the person: symptoms and treatment

Demodekosis of the century is a parasitic disorder of the skin, pathology provoked by microscopic ticks - demodexes. Parasites can multiply in the layers of the epidermis of many people, while being harmless, since their nutrition is the products of half-loss of the

of the upper layer of the skin, which helps in the removal of slags from the body. In the event of a malfunction of the immune system and other factors, ticks begin to penetrate deeper into the skin, due to which they begin to show unpleasant symptoms. Prevailing pathology develops in the autumn-spring period at the most weakened state of the organism.


  • 1 Causes of pathology
  • 2 Clinical picture of
  • 3 Diagnostic measures
  • Therapeutic therapy 4
  • 5 Effective drugs
  • 6 Healing effects of flavor
  • 7 Diet and massage procedures
  • 8 Preventive measures
  • 9 Forecast disease

1 Causes of pathology

As previously mentioned, demodexis of the eye appears due to microscopic mites - demodexes. They penetrate the epidermis layer in case of violations of various systems of the body, prolonged nerve surges, chronic diseases that lead to a malfunction in the gastrointestinal tract, frequent bathing in public places, and also work in a high temperature room.

Demodecas of the eyelids in the person: symptoms and treatment

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The risk group includes white women and adolescents. However, this does not mean that the pathology can not develop in a person older than age. In young people, the disease appears due to changes in the hormonal background and increased function of the sweat glands during maturation. In addition, as the cause of the demodicosis of human eyes advocates banal non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene: the use of someone else's towels, bed linen, contaminated instruments in beauty salons, as well as the use of one mascara or shadows. Pathology is also transmitted from pets.

2 Clinical picture of

The first symptoms that can be judged by the demodicosis of the eye are manifested in the form of swelling, redness, itching. In addition, the active increase in the number of ticks causes the selection of viscous mucus, through which the eyelashes appear and pustules appear, covered with a yellow crust.

Demodecas of the eyelids in the person: symptoms and treatment

Skin is strongly drying for ages and begins to peel off. Mostly after waking on the lash, the mucus casts a yellowish tint of viscous consistency, which is why they are glued together. In addition, there are pain symptoms that are localized in the affected century.

When eye demodicosis progresses, the mucous membranes begin to ignite and dry. In addition, the eyes quickly get tired. Strengthening of itching is possible due to the use of some creams that contribute to parasitic reproduction, so it is allowed to use in the case of a demodex of the century only the funds prescribed by the doctor. The parasitic spread of demodicosis leads to the onset of inflammation over the ages, the cornea of ​​the eye, tumor-like tumors may appear.

Poisons release toxic products that increase the risk of developing allergies. If demodexis of the eye is not treated for a long time or has frequent relapses, it affects the nervous system and psychological state. So, the appearance of psycho-emotional disorders, a depressive state, and a decrease in self-esteem may be possible.

3 Diagnostic measures

With this pathology you should contact an ophthalmologist. In the initial external examination of a patient, a diagnosis may be confirmed by laboratory tests, which do not take much time - on the freshly removed eyelashes of the patient under the microscope is the presence of demodexes. Before examining the eyelashes, the material is poured into kerosene, glycerol and a solution of caustic alkali.

Demodecas of the eyelids in the person: symptoms and treatment

Therapeutic Therapy 4

How to treat demodicosis? Pathology therapy has a positive effect in the case of early detection of the disease and the strict observance of all medical recommendations. An important point is to adhere to the terms of treatment, otherwise the disease becomes chronic and demodicosis will be difficult to get rid of.

Tweezers can greatly aggravate the appearance, which affects the psycho-emotional state. The treatment of demodex takes a long period of time, on average, from 3 to 5 months. In this case, everything will depend on the type of mite and the degree of progression of the disease.

Demodecas of the eyelids in the person: symptoms and treatment

The result of therapy is noticeable in a few weeks from the start of treatment, but the important point is not the cessation of therapeutic measures, but the completion of the full course. If demodicosis is severely triggered and complications began to develop due to concomitant illnesses, individual intolerance to drugs that were prescribed by a treating physician, treatment for a disease in humans takes more than 8 months.

The longer the treatment of demodicosis in eyes is not performed, the greater the progression of the disease, that is, the pathology will be more difficult to undergo therapy, which leads to:

  • Infection.
  • Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye.
  • Thickening of fibrous nasal tissue.
  • Hair Loss.
  • Defeats other parts of the body.
  • Treatment is needed to kill the mite and normalize the immune system, increase skin resistance to external aggressive environments, and improve digestive tract. Demodekosis of the century is evidence of violations in the functioning of the organism, therefore, first of all, it is necessary to eliminate the root causes of the disease, that is, factors that could awaken the activity of the tick.

    In the process of treatment, an important point is the observance of a specialized diet, the exclusion of alcohol, products that contain caffeine and tobacco, special attention should be paid to personal hygiene( more often to replace bed linen, towels, etc.).In addition, during therapy, you must abandon hiking in the sauna, solarium, taking hot baths and stop visiting places where the skin is affected by hot air.

    Self-medication for demodicosis of the century is prohibited, and if you want to use the recipes of folk medicine, you should first consult a doctor for advice. The treatment schedule is based on the degree of disease development, concomitant diseases and other factors. The therapy includes the use of antibiotics, a means that helps to normalize the activity of the immune system and digestion, for overseas use ointments. Treatment for demodicosis takes at least 1.5 months, and in severe cases, the course of treatment takes from 10 to 12 months.

    5 Effective Formulations

    In the case of demodexis, Demelan has an external ointment for good eyelid. Before applying the remedy, the lashes are cleaned from the dry peel and rubbed with a solution of alcohol. It is best to apply tincture of calendula to alcohol, applied several times with an interval of a quarter of an hour. Demelan should be applied on the eyelids with moderate massage movements several times a day. The course of therapy is 1.5 months and more.

    Demodecas of the eyelids in the person: symptoms and treatment

    For the care of skin for eyelids it is permitted to use Blepharogel. This ointment should be used by all family members for preventive purposes.

    In the case of demodicosis, the use of hormonal external funds is not allowed, they promote the proliferation of ticks.

    If the course of the disease is severe( when the infection comes in and there are pronounced symptoms), antibiotics may be prescribed.

    Often, in the Democdog of the century trichopolum ointment is prescribed, it is convenient to use - it's easy to apply it to the affected area. It can be used even during lactation. Good oil-based ointments, such as clotrimazole or tetracycline, have a low risk of allergy and increase the resistance of the skin to parasitic activity.

    In some cases, a faster-acting benzylbenzonate may be prescribed, but because of the content of alcohol and sulfur, the upper layer of the epithelium is destroyed, thereby causing dryness and peeling.

    6 Curative action of tansy

    Pisces has a large number of therapeutic applications - it is antiscuff, antispasmodic, soothing, diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory, well-fighting parasites. Tasting infusion removes inflammation and stops the parasite breeding. The infusion is used differently: compresses, wiping, washing. It is worth remembering that tansy is a poisonous plant, therefore, it is not recommended to exceed the prescribed dosage.

    To prepare an infusion, 15 g of flowers should be poured in a glass of boiling water, then left for infusion for 1-1,5 hours. The resulting infusion can be used to swell a few times a day for 2 drops in the eye, and before bed, compresses are made for half an hour. A fresh infusion is prepared daily. Therapy should last for 1.5 months.

    Demodecas of the eyelids in the person: symptoms and treatment

    You can make a great ointment on your own. You need to take fresh flowers of tansy and grass wormwood. Rinse well and dry, then grind. The raw material is put in a saucepan, poured on melted fat( on a consistency the mixture should be similar to sour cream), after which it remains in a water bath for about half an hour. The resulting mass is cooled and used as a mask. Apply 20 minutes on the area of ​​the affected areas of the skin. It is recommended that the skin be applied on top of the skin with a cosmetic napkin. After carrying out such procedure, the skin is washed with tincture of alcohol.

    7 Diet and massage procedures

    Massage in case of mites - a very important part of complex therapy. To achieve the greatest effect, massage should be done with special tools prescribed by the doctor. The most simple massage is the circular motion of the finger pads.

    Demodecas of the eyelids in the person: symptoms and treatment

    Special creams such as Kang or Sinsheng are used to enhance the healing effect, helping to destroy parasites. Before proceeding with the procedure it is necessary to treat the edges of eyelids of eucalyptus alcohol tincture, and after drying the cream should be carefully applied to the closed affected eyelid. The procedure is performed after awakening and before bedtime.

    Treatment of demodicosis in the century requires adherence to a special diet to normalize digestion and protective functions of the body. It is recommended to use boiled meat, sour milk products, fresh vegetables, cereals, unsalted fruit, grain bread, cooked potatoes, nuts, raisins and freesia. At the same time, sharp, salty, smoked dishes, honey are subject to a complete exclusion.

    8 Preventive Measures

    It is difficult to treat the demodicus of the age, so it is best to prevent the onset of pathology. Tears can be moved from the patient's personal belongings, so it's worth keeping simple rules of personal hygiene. If a person's illness has been detected, it is advisable to boil all the things that he used.

    9 Prognosis of

    Disease The demodex treatment of the eyelids will be successful if a person has a strong immune system and there are no co-morbid illnesses. In this case, unpleasant signs of infection will occur after a course of therapy lasting 3-4 months.

    With demodexis, an important aspect is the medical control of the patient's condition, so you can observe the effectiveness of therapy and make appropriate adjustments. It is easier to cure a pathology if it is detected at an early stage and does not have a chronic course. If you do not follow the recommendations of the doctor, do not follow the treatment regimen, stop treatment, stop the treatment, then there will be recurrence, with the forecast is disappointing.