Starch from wrinkles instead of botox: mask recipes, reviews and results

Women tend to pay attention to their skin, trying to keep it elastic and attractive for as long as possible. However, each has its own little secrets.

Everybody wants to maximize skin rejuvenation individually, as the services offered by the

in cosmetology offices are quite expensive and not every woman is at a pocket. For example, botox injections. It is very tempting to get a smooth young skin with just one injection. But for a lot of money, unfortunately, not always able to achieve the desired effect. Therefore, more and more women are trying to achieve the desired result at home, which is less costly and safer. For example, a home mask made of starch, may well replace the new-body procedures, moreover, did our grandmothers.

Starch from wrinkles instead of botox: mask recipes, reviews and results

Properties that Uses

Normal Starch Unfortunately, starch is quite commonly used in home cosmetics, which is completely unfair. By the number of useful elements and vitamins in its composition, starch can compete with many other products. Here and vitamins C, E, P, and iron, and folic acid, thiamine, and a number of other useful substances.

I especially like to mention choline. It helps reduce the intensity of skin development, making the skin look healthy and freshnessy. Vitamins C and P contribute to cell regeneration, which makes the skin look younger for several years. There is nothing surprising that masks from potato starch are widely used by women at home, as well as in cosmetology offices.

Condition of the skin after the application of the mask

The result from constant use of starch-based facial masks can surprise you. First, the wrinkles will become less deep, and the skin becomes younger and more healthy. Secondly, there will be an unpleasant feeling of contraction and dryness. Potato starch perfectly protects the skin from external influences. The person acquires a healthy color, and the pores become virtually invisible. This mask is simply irreplaceable for fading skin. But even for young ladies who do not yet think about wrinkles, starch will be very useful. Its main advantage is the versatility. It works gently, but effectively, softens dry and refreshing oily skin.

How to apply a mask correctly?

Any cosmetic procedure requires compliance with a number of rules. In the case of masked potato starch, they look like this:

  • - the mask should be tried to apply as evenly as possible, while it is desirable to use a special brush for masks.
  • - the starch mask should not be applied with a thick layer. It is better to do this in several stages, causing each subsequent layer after the drying of the previous one;
  • - after a mask it is desirable to refresh the face with the help of contrasting washing( it is necessary to start with warm water);
  • - One should not expect a quick effect, as it would, for example, in the case of injection procedures. The result will be noticeable after a full fifteen-day course of masks;
  • - do not have to make a backup mask. It is better that the remedy is fresh every time;
  • - Despite the fact that the starch acts very softly, masks based on it is better not to put on damaged skin, so as not to cause allergies and irritation.

Starch from wrinkles instead of botox: mask recipes, reviews and results

Mask Recipe

The preparation of a rejuvenating starch mask consists of several steps:

  • - in half a glass of boiled water, carefully dissolve a tablespoon of starch, then add to the resulting mixture a pound of boiling water;
  • - the vessel with a mixture should be placed on a low fire and cooked until the mass begins to thicken;
  • - when the mixture is cooled, it needs to add a tablespoon of sour cream( the fat is selected depending on the type of skin), as well as 5 tablespoons of fresh carrot juice. Now the mask is ready for use.
  • Hold the face mask for up to 25 minutes, after which it is removed with warm water. If you still have a lot of money left, then you can leave it in the fridge. But no more than three days, otherwise the mask will simply lose all its useful properties.

    Of course, any woman wants a lightning-fast effect, especially when it comes to wrinkle control. Nevertheless, patience is always rewarded. Before resorting to expensive and dangerous injections, it is better to turn to old good folk recipes. Starch is one of the most affordable and most effective products, which, unfortunately, is underestimated in home and traditional cosmetology. However, with regular use of it you just do not know your skin.