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Why clogging the skin on your fingers: reasons

There are a lot of reasons why the skin is on your fingers. Therefore, before you start treatment, you need to find the source of the problem and try to eliminate it. If there is no positive result, then you should think about a visit to a dermatologist.


  • 1 Root of skin problems on the hands
  • 2 In the fight against skin peeling
  • 3 Preventive measures

1 Root of skin problems on hands

Skin upset can occur under the influence of many factors, for example, when using home-based household chemicals. It can also be seasonal and appear because of the lack of certain vitamins in the body.

The main causes of skin peeling:

  • diseases caused by bacteria( streptococci) - the infection provokes inflammatory processes on the skin, after which there is a rash, and later there is peeling;
  • dermatosis, psoriasis;
  • irradiation of the body;
  • prolonged therapy with antibacterial drugs;
  • long course of taking hormonal drugs;
  • effects of viruses on the skin;
  • effect of low temperature, cold on hands;
  • neurological causes associated with prolonged stress, experiences;
  • presence of worms in the body( they most often affect children);
  • aggressive chemicals;
  • problems in the work of the pancreas;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • manifestation of allergy to the skin;
  • fungal diseases.

Why clogging the skin on your fingers: reasons

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Most often, the reasons that the skin on the fingers, lie in the last threefactors. Often, people suffer from fungal skin lesions that are noticed by both children and adults. In infected cases, infected skin is difficult to treat. Practice shows that folk medicine is doing it badly. Therefore, in order to avoid complications, at the first manifestations of the disease it is necessary to act immediately and as soon as possible consult a specialist.

Surveys and related analyzes will help your doctor find the right treatment. In mild form of the disease, creams and ointments are recommended against fungi, and in more difficult cases - medicines. The course of treatment depends on the duration and neglect of the disease. It happens that with intensive treatment in a couple of weeks, the skin on the pads of fingers ceases to peel.

One of the main causes of skin peeling is allergy. If after the use of cosmetics or any means of household chemistry the skin is laced in hands, then this indicates a strong stimulus that has fallen into the body. Skin problems sometimes occur when using hygiene, cosmetics or household fluids of a new brand. In the event of a negative reaction, it is necessary to stop their use and think about a visit to a specialist. The condition of the skin will improve and come into order already after a short course of therapy.

If you peel your skin on your fingers, your body may lack vitamins, especially the A and E groups. Because they control the health and condition of the skin, maintain its elasticity and youth, making it soft and pleasant. In addition, for the condition of the skin is responsible for vitamin C. This is especially important to remember in the cold season, when the diet is almost not included in fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, in winter and autumn, it is recommended to take medicinal complexes of vitamins, which include all the necessary elements of the body. Vitamin C can be taken in combination with other drugs, as well as in tablets of ascorbic acid.

Some foods may be sources of all necessary vitamins. When there is a lack of necessary elements, the state of the fingers will improve. But this should be expected not earlier than in 1-2 weeks of the vitamin course. If the skin condition has not changed, you should go to the doctor. In this case, the reason that the skin around your fingers may have been that drugs were taken in the wrong dose, or the source of the problem was initially not associated with lack of vitamins.

2 In the fight against skin peeling

The first thing to do is to pay attention to the rules of hygiene and take care of your hands. Replace cute, pick up a new one - for example, take a baby. All work at home, during which it is necessary to contact with water and household chemicals( washing, wet cleaning), it is better to perform in household gloves. This will reduce the likelihood of developing allergic and inflammatory reactions. Do not expose your hands to the effects of cold, protect them, use gloves, preferably cotton or wool. Let your hands always have a high-quality moisturizing hand cream, and if the problem in the cream, try to pick up the other. If you follow these rules, the result will be noticeable in a week.

Proper and nutrition can be the key to success as it helps to fight skin problems and maintain health in general. Remember that we are what we eat. In the course of treatment with vitamins, try to eat more of the various oils of vegetable and animal origin, dairy products( kefir, sour cream).This will positively affect the condition of the skin of hands. However, if the problem is lack of vitamins, then it's difficult to determine which elements of the body are lacking, it is necessary to help the specialist.

Why clogging the skin on your fingers: reasons

Periodically, use a solid micro-particle creme to remove the upper coarse layer of the dermis and cleanse the skin, and apply clay masks to the hands. When the skin is folded on the fingers, the baths with different herbs are well-helping. Nourishes, softens and restores the skin of a bath of broth of oat flakes, which can be done even for little kids. If there is peeling, then you need to do these procedures every day. After masks or scrubs, it is possible to moisten hands with peach and flaxseed oil, and the most affected areas of the skin is to grease the wheat germ extract well, which will help both children and adults. Lubricate the sick spot on the fingertips can vitamin A in the form of an oil mixture. It is useful to add this solution to hand creams.

3 Preventive Measures

  • First and foremost, a good and healthy nutrition is the key to a beautiful and healthy skin on your hands. Eating fruits in red, dairy products, vegetable oil and eggs can replenish your body with vitamins A and E. When you eat onions, apples, citrus fruits, cabbage and berries, you can get vitamin C. In order to avoid the situation when the skin is flattened,you need to eat more fresh fruits and fruits, which contain a lot of vitamins. It is important to include different portions in the diet, which makes the skin beautiful, elastic and gives it a matte shade. It is good to drink vegetable juices. And to make vitamins better assimilated, it is possible to add vegetable oil to juice, literally a couple of drops.
  • Remember rubber gloves when it comes to contact with chemistry when working on the street, on the ground, or doing repairs. Even proven chemicals can provoke skin reactions and cause allergies.
  • Follow the drinking regime. When there is a lack of moisture in the body, then the skin is wrinkled on the pads of the hands, suffering from nails and hair. The skin becomes dry, rough, begins to burst, and as a result - peels. To avoid this, it is recommended to drink a lot of fluids. At least 2 liters per day should be drunk.
  • At least once a day moisturize the skin with a cream or mask.
  • Teach the child to carry out daily hygiene procedures. Pay attention to his nails to avoid infection, cut them regularly. Remember that baby's pens should always be clean.
  • Do not neglect simple, but effective rules, remember the causes of the problem, and the question of why the skin will cling to your fingers will not disturb you anymore.